The True Meaning Of Loyalty From Life Experience

Meaning of Loyalty:

The true meaning of loyalty is to gain life experience and value. However, without disappointment there can’t be value, which is the true meaning of loyalty.
Being loyal is a way of showing truthfulness, faithfulness, honesty, discipline, humility, kindness and more. Loyalty is very essential in every man’s life, as it defines who a person really is, by his words and actions.

A person can show his true meaning of loyalty by his character and attitude towards a thing, which is a great sign of a noble person.
Loyalty is good in our daily life, be it at the place of work, with family, friends, society or anywhere we find ourselves. It a sign that show how well trained we are.

Benefits Of Loyalty

Many people have seen the great benefit of being loyal in their life experiences, because a loyal person will always show a sign of great promise to who ever is around them.
Loyalty has made many gain good life experience, and maintain a better standard life. Many have been promoted in their place of work, respected in their organization, favoured, praised, become and regarded as hero’s as a result of their loyalty.
This is how far being loyal can take a person. Infact loyalty could be so valuable that it could be inherited from one generation to another, as people keep remembering the loyal ones through their linage.s
You will hear them say that he is the son of that generous man, this is the daughter of that honest man, those are the children of that humble and faithful woman and more. 

These are great values, and the reward that defines the true meaning of loyalty. This shows that life experience is the true meaning of loyalty. You will be honored in everything you find yourself doing, but all this will not just happen on a platter of gold.

 The True meaning of loyalty

These values and attributes are good but will never happen just like that, NO. Values are not soured for free, it comes with a challenge and this challenge is what makes up life experience as it shows you the true meaning of loyalty.

Despite the fact that loyalty could bring forth such a good and promising future, The true value of loyalty will show in its true character as to know how much you can handle challenges from life experience.
Experiencing the good side of loyalty as to the credit and honor, respect and dignity you could get from being loyal could always want you to do more without looking at the challenges forthcoming.
Life can not produce good results without letting you have a taste of some horrible life experience. You might be lucky not to face many of these terrible life experiences, but I bet you, it is very hard to avoid or bypass those tough times.
You have to understand that the major reason why loyalty comes with some challenging life experiences, is because it has its own unique value it offers to everyone who can withstand this pressure.


The first life experience to encounter is disappointment. Among others, disappointment is the true meaning of loyalty, it is sad to know that disappointment serves as one of the life experiences to the true meaning of loyalty.
That being loyal does not mean that you will not be challenged or face challenges which disappoint is one of them.
“The more loyal you are the more disappointment you encounter and experience” – Fact
Loyalty is a good way to gain self worth, which is value but it does come with a price to pay. Nothing comes for free, only the grace of God does. In this world we live in, we will always in some way pay for what we want.
When you feel disappointed by people, it may not mean that those
people who disappointed us meant it, but it seems to be a natural way nature teaches us to learn and “sometimes to gain life experience is to gain it the hard way”.
It is so painful to put so much trust, being honest, loyal, faithful and possess more moral lifestyle in people. We love but at the end we end up being disappointed by the same people we choose to be loyal too.
Everybody faces disappointment and feels hurt when being disappointed, especially by the people they loved. On the other hand, it is more painful and hurtful to be disappointed out of loyalty, it does seem they take us for granted.

Taking You for granted

Being taken for granted is one of the ways people fail to keep to their words. when they see you are a loyal person who is diligent at what he does, people will try to take advantage of you and at the end take you for granted.
People will use you: They will always use you to their own advantage, as they will always show they love and care for you. But within them, what you offer and the value you value to them is more greater than what they will offer you.
They will not let you leave even if you think of leaving, instead they will always find a way to hold you down so they can use you to achieve their own dreams while they hold you down from achieving your own dream, they will take your time. This is why you have to know how to build a career for yourself, become your own boss even when education fails.

 Should you stop being loyal?

The value derived from being loyal is greater than to stop being loyal to people. With all the disadvantages and challenges loyalty could lead too, the true meaning of loyalty comes from the value we could acquire.
They will take advantage of you but you don’t have to care, they will hurt you, take you for granted, even gossip, and mock your good works but you do not need to care or give up being loyal, because the value loyalty possesses is great that the disappointment one could get from loyalty.


What is the value derived from loyalty?

Will you be loyal and work under people, you in some way gain more life experience as it teaches you to be self confident against humiliation, peer pressure and also enhance your skills and make you advance in many ways.

Loyalty is an asset

One lesson to learn is that loyalty is an asset, a property that not everyone can possess or acquire, so if you are a loyal person, you should think of your stars as making you loyal. Because not everyone can handle what a loyal person can.
Patience is one great value for the true meaning of loyalty, if you have patience in you, loyalty will always make you understand that patience is limitless because everyday you keep learning as people keep testing your level of patience, be it directly or indirectly your level of patience will be tested. And as the old ones once say “ he who has patience has everything”. Patience is everything in life.

Inpatient And Fast Pace Life

It is hard for a person who is patient to give up easily on whatever they do, even if it is not yielding a positive result, a patient person will not mind to wait. Due to the pace of life, people have learned to be inpatient with whatever they do, which makes the leave of crime and poverty rise.
Everybody wants quick success just because they see someone doing something and exhaling, they believe they can also do the same thing within a short period of time and come out great.
Though sometimes, life could make us a fool to understand that hard work, consistency and patience do not have much to do with becoming successful when luck can make you successful within a short period of time.
But I tell you, it is not about when you became successful, it is about how you became successful. Defining how you became successful is to know how long such success will last and how well you can manage the resources you have.
A loyal person who is patient enough, to learn from life experiences while facing disappointment and other challenges, will understand the need for patience, as patience makes good times come around again, whereas a person who became success by luck or chance will never have enough or no life experience to guide them through the journey of life.
Yes! The more loyal you are the more disappointment you encounter, and experience, but the more valuable you become, this is the true meaning of loyalty.

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