The Good in Being Curious and How To Be Inquisitive

How To Be Inquisitive:

Being inquisitive, asking too much, knowing too much is the true meaning of curiosity. Being too curious can be of great good and could also lead to bad experiences. Those who are inquisitive are always curious to know more.
The more you know, the more you understand and the more you understand the more you get hurt says Ecclesiastes . This is as a result of being too curious. By nature we humans are meant to be curious but being too curious can be harmful.

Curiosity will always make you feel you can do the impossible.

Curiosity kills, and there is no doubt about it. When you want to know more and even much more about a thing, then you should be prepared to face the good and the bad side of being too curious.

The young and Curiosity:  

Every young adult wants to know more, but they usually ignore the fact that curiosity kills young.
You want to know any, many and everything. Being curious is good, as it exposes a person to the new knowledge of what he/she might not know before.
However, being too curious can be harmful to a person’s existence. The desire to know everything, could lead an individual to his/her early grave. The truth is that you can not know everything as you will never stop learning everyday. however, one has to be careful about it.
The more you know the more your heart get troubled
While being curious is good, you can know many things from being curious, as knowing many things will always give you better and more experience about things. It in some ways teaches you a great lesson about life, and how you can walk and work around success without much failure.

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Curiosity, the urge to be known more, has led many young adults to disaster, because they let their mind take charge and control them, without using their brain. Do not forget that curiosity is a mental state of mind as it keeps telling you how good a thing is without considering the damage it could cause.

 Fast pace life

Many young adults want to become rich and famous, they are in haste to make money in life without considering the danger ahead. Due to fast pace life, people are impatient to work hard, while craving for success, they ignore the fact that it is not about how fast but how well.
It is not about who first got to the top, it is about who stays at the top till the end. This is a function of character. Being curious can lead you to natural wealth and make you become successful.
On the other hand, being so curious could mislead a person to endless disaster and regret later in life. This is because you rushed to know, you didn’t wait for the right time, and if you rush in, you will surely rush out,when it comes to success.

 Is being so curious Good Or Bad 

Just as curiosity has led many to become great people, while it keeps pushing them toward success, being too curious on the other hand has led others with great potential to their early graves. 

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There is no doubt that curiosity is rampant among young people and that is why curiosity has killed many young adults. Most adults and old people escape the wrath of being so curious, because they have gained experience about life and the good and bad side of being too curious.
It is good to be curious as it pushes you greatly towards your achievement in life, in fact the curious people have an upper edge above everyone else.
Curiosity and wonder bore philosophy give rise to philosophers, this philosopher are people who invented everything in the world today, they are curious about having a great change in the world, to know more. People like Thomas Edision, Steve Jobs and other great inventors of all time.
Since life is a race, then we have to keep running. As we run we realise new things, the things we get to realise make us see more realities and gain new experiences and on and on.
It may be a good or bad experience, it doesn’t matter. However since we humans are hungry for success, it is natural to be driven by the force of curiosity which keeps us striving to know more about life and to achieve more.
The eyes can not abstain from what is pleasant, just as curiosity is a driving force to wanting more, by what we see to be pleasant to the eyes.
To this end, curiosity could lead to satisfaction of the mind, as the mind seems not to be contented with what is pleasant to the eyes. Curiosity to this end keeps calling human attention to knowing more, even without considering the danger ahead.
While being too curious might damage you, it is important to use your brain while your mind is in control of you.

 Using Both Your Mind And Brain 

The problem of the world started from being too curious. This can be traced back to the history of God’s creation of man , according to the holy book. When God created Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, it was written that god created everything and it was Good and pleasant.
However, one thing was forbidden, which was an instruction given by God for no one to eat from a specific tree, “you can eat from all but not of this, because it is the tree of life”- God said. But the curiosity of man made him fall short of this instruction, as they went ahead as a result of being so curious to know more about the tree.
Being curious about a thing is good, but when it has gone to being so curious then we may be left with no chance of good than to face life challenges as a result.
When your mind makes you curious, it is best to use your brain so you won’t be led to destruction.Your mind can not only lead you through the part of success from the desire of being so curious, but with the use of your brain you can navigate with little or no damage caused.

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When Adam and Eve were tested by the devil according to the holy scripture, they failed to apply wisdom, by making good use of their mind.This led to their fall.

 Difference Between Well Known And Too Know

There is a great difference between well known and too known. You can always be curious to know and know things well, as a result of being curious and applying great use of the brain to lead you through the path against failure. 

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On the other hand, being so curious about a thing could lead to a habit of showing to know too much, which is not in any way good. You may think you know so much, but in reality you can never know too much as you will later realise you are fooling yourself.
As life keeps evolving, new things and discovery are revealed. Also, knowledge and experiences keep growing. Being curious could make you achieve more, by knowing more about life time after time with consistency.

On the other hand, being so curious could lead to destruction. when we want to know everything, we will realise we get to know nothing, and when we think we know little we will realise we know many things. It is good to be curious,but being too curious is not good enough.

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