How Being Open Minded With Positive Mind Set Works Against Depression

Being Open Minded:
Being open minded is like setting oneself free from its own troubles, Being open minded with a positive mind set could save you from depression. 

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keeping your problems to yourself is like fighting a war with yourself, as your mind starts to play tricky games on you, which lead to depression. Depression of the mind can tell you to do unreasonable things, it can make a person go insane. To avoid the havoc of the mind is to learn to be open minded.

“We can never live a positive life with a negative mindset” What this phrase implies, is that without being open minded and continuously focusing our mind on the positives, we can never live a positive life.

So many people have lost their lives and the lives of their loved ones mainly because the victims are not open minded. Being open minded could help against so many things, especially in the aspect of growth. It is normal for us to face challenges but it is better to share with people who could help.

Speak with people and share your thoughts, ’a problem shared is half solved’ so why not reach out to people who can help. However it may feel uncomfortable to meet with people as to share your problem, as to avoid people who are not of our own interest but their own interest to mock us, more reason why we should know how to avoid fake friends and how they mislead.

In the quest to attain our dreams and become successful in life, we are constantly faced with a whole lot of challenges. However, we have the capacity to fulfill our dreams and become successful, only when we focus our mindset on the positives.


Positive Mindset

Focusing our minds on the positives, is the key to overcoming the fear and depression, that comes with the challenges that we often encounter in the journey to the fulfilment of dreams.

Everybody has the tendency to be depressed, anyone can feel depressed irrespective of age, it is a mental state and natural occurrence.

According to the research carried out by the World health Organization (WHO), Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression.

If you are experiencing the bright side and everything is turning out rosy for you, it doesn’t mean that there are no people around experiencing the difficult side of life; You are just privileged.

Sometimes in life we have to find happiness, though some claim that happiness is free but it requires some techniques to get it. Happiness is not actually free as it is often said. our hunger for more in life makes us unsatisfied, which means more problems, more worries.


What is depression? Depression is a state of being deprived of your own happiness due to the absence of a positive mind set to tackle negative thoughts.
Depression could be caused by self humiliation, a way of being humiliated by your own self. It is one thing to be humiliated, it is another thing to feel humiliated by your own self, this is called self humiliation.

Self humiliation can easily lead to depression as a result of not being open minded to people who can help. When self humiliation sets in, it is important to speak out to people who can help, being open minded is a way of fighting against self humiliation before it results or triggers depression.

Self humiliation can also result in mood swing if one is not open minded. Being open minded is to know how to communicate with people as to share your thoughts, problems, ideas and view about the challenges of life you might be facing.


The more you keep things to yourself the more you accommodate depression. Being open minded could set you free from being depressed.

Depression could also be as a result of anxiety, the act of expectancy. Anxiety mostly affects our daily life and most importantly in relationships, Anxiety is the act of expecting too much from something. It is normal for a person to expect or put hope on something but when it is too much, anxiety results in emotional disorderliness.

To expect and put hope on something is good but without positive mind set toward such a thing could result in depression.

When you are expecting something as a way of being anxious, when you notice anxiety is about to set in, it is best to meet with people and share your thoughts with them. When you keep things to yourself without considering being open minded so as to get help, then it means you are directly inviting depression. Being open minded greatly fights against anxiety and could help before depression sets in.

Mood swing:

When we expect too much as a result of anxiety it could trigger mood swing to set in. Mood swing can also be as a result of self humiliation because self humiliation is an indirect way that calls for sadness. Self humiliation could steal your happiness and could replace happiness with mood swings.

As a result of this,

Some people think depression is trivial and not a genuine health condition. They’re wrong – it is a real illness with real symptoms. Depression is not a sign of weakness or something you can “snap out of” by “pulling yourself together”.- nhs

They say a problem shared is half solved, with an open mind. It is quite easy to hiss pass depression. Being open minded calls for a positive mind set and with a positive mind set you have an edge over challenges.

One bad characteristic of Mood swing is that ‘One moment you are happy the other moment you feel sad. This is how mood swings work and mostly affect people who do not have positive mind set or can not control their mind.

Everyday we meet people, we try to get along which means more problems and more trouble,


Inferiority complex:

Knowing how to overcome inferiority complex could greatly help against depression. Inferiority complex as it implies is also a mental disorder, a way of feeling low self esteem. 

It is a bad thing to feel inferior to other people, as it reduces the confidence in you. Building self confidence and improving self esteem is a great way to overcome inferiority complex before it results or triggers depression.


Depression lead to the following or as a symptom

 mayoclinic say Symptoms f depression includes; Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness, Trouble thinking, concentrating, making decisions and remembering things, Frequent or recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts or suicide and more.

The ability and the confidence to be open minded to share your problems with others could help defeat depression as being open minded helps build confidence and positive mind set towards a happy life.

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