8 Ways To Overcome Self Doubt And Command Authority

Meaning of self doubt:

Should I, can I, would I, What if and what if not, How possible is? Are some of the questions raised by self doubt. If you do ask yourself the possibilities of something without taking a step of confidence of being positive minded, then you are subjected to doubting yourself, a result of this is self doubt.
One of the most difficult things to do in life, is to think right highly of yourself and command authority. One thing that could make you progress and also hinder you from being successful in life is self doubt.

“And if I claim to be a wise man, Well, it surely means that I don’t know”. Kansas

What is Self Doubt?

Not sure of what you can do and your capability to get a thing done and questioning yourself abilities is a result of self doubt.
Self-doubt can be a troubling and persuasive voice that holds you back. – positivityblog 
Funny enough, self doubt means losing feelings, control, confidence, self esteem and feeling of being a loser without actualizing or getting things done.
Self doubt could also mean accepting and admitting to failure in our minds without taking a step in reality.
Self doubt could also be an illusion, negative thoughts, bad feelings, fear and imagination about a thing, or not getting anything done. Self doubt could also mean fear of failure.
Critical examination of what self doubt shows self doubt to be an emotional and mental challenge. However, self doubt being attributed to an emotional and mental challenge does not mean that it is bad for you to doubt yourself.

Why You Should Doubt Yourself

It is actually good and reasonable to doubt yourself as it is a sign that you have a second thought about decision making. self doubt also means that you are not a one way thinker.
Who is a one way thinker? A one way thinker is a person who does not think twice before making a decision. Such a person acts according to his first instinct and impressions and then judges a thing without weighing both sides. Such a person fails to know the qualities of a good judge.
One very important quality of a good judge is that a good judge should be able to subject decisions to serious scrutiny before taking such decisions.
However, those are the advantages of self doubt but when comparing self doubt at both ends which is the pros and cons of self doubt, we came to realize that the disadvantages of doubting oneself is greater than the advantages which is why we need to know how to overcome self doubt.

1. Building self confidence: Knowing how to build self confidence is one of the many ways to overcome self doubt. When you build confidence in yourself, you automatically develop a level of positive mind set and less doubt about whatever you want to achieve.
Building confidence in oneself could totally be the solution to overcoming self doubt because when you have that confidence in you, the possibility of getting things done will always be positive.
2. Value: What is your value? How do you come to understand your worth? When you are worth something valuable, it will be difficult for you to doubt yourself, to overcome self doubt is to possess value. Value command respect and possibility. The more valuable you are, the less you doubt yourself.
3. Independent: Are you a kind of person who depends so much on people to get things done, or you are a person who does think you can not do without someone’s help? If you are one of these people, knowing how to overcome self doubt should be one of the things that could help you in life to progress.
A person who depends so much on other people will never have enough confidence to work things out for themselves. In the long run, they get used and taken advantage of by people who realize that they can not stand on their own or could not be independent, overcoming self doubt allows them to be independent.
Though, it is not a crime to seek help or assistance from people, but it shouldn’t be a way of life. Seeking help or assistance shouldn’t be a regular thing to do, it is not advisable, because being dependent will always hold you back from progressing in life, as you will always get used by people who you think are helping you.
This mostly happens in our place of work, among friends and family. It is best to be independent, so it could help overcome self doubt. The more you remain dependent, the more you lack confidence, and the more people hold you back to build yourself in overcoming self doubt.
4. Learn new skills: School alone is not enough to get you all you need. School can only teach you the theoretical part of life, but they will not teach you the fundamental knowledge of what you need to know. For instance, schools will never teach you how to make money, they will only teach you how to get used to working under people who have acquired some extra skill through self education.
Those who are self educated are people who believe in themselves by overcoming self doubt. Self education will help you achieve your dreams in life when education fails, as it will help you build a career and lead you through the path of self worth.
It is only when you are worth something valuable that you can impact knowledge, by letting others work to understand you. You become the boss, but when you lack this skill, you fail and fall behind as a result of failing to overcome self doubt.
5. Progress: Self doubt hinders progress whether you like it or not. The more you doubt yourself, the more your life takes a downward turn. To have a good life, is to stop doubting yourself and do what you think is best for you. As we have stated in the beginning of this post; One of the best hardest work to do in life is to think right for yourself. What could make you progress and also hinder you from being successful is self doubt.
6. Afraid of Losing: It is natural for everyone to have a winning feeling in way one and losing feeling the other way, since good and evil has their own separate role to play in the world as it does affect our lives individually. So having the element of doubt in us is not a sign of weakness, but submitting to self doubt is.
To overcome self doubt is to learn how to fight back when life chooses to torment us. Fighting back life is a way to overcome self doubt. The moment you build the confidence to fight back when life knocks you to your kneel, then the better you become in overcoming self doubt.
7. Procrastination: I should be able to get it done today, I will leave it till tomorrow, I will do it later, I will do it when I have enough time, all these statements are as a result of procrastination. 
Procrastination is a deadly disease that gradually kills dreams slowly without you being aware. Knowing how to get rid of being a procrastinator is a great way to overcome self doubt. The more you keep doubting yourself, the more you procrastinate about getting things done, which comes as an effect of self doubt.
8. Positive thoughts: Without positive thoughts there is little or no chance of overcoming self doubt. Positive thought is connected with a growth mindset, a mindset that develops often, develops a growth mindset that believes in positivity and always accepts and accommodates new ideas despite harsh experience that it might face and the challenges it may pass through.
In conclusion, self doubt could be your worst enemy to a successful life, as it is a challenge of the mind. Knowing that your mind could be your worse enemy is knowing how to fight against it and overcoming self doubt is a major outbreak to set yourself free in overcoming self doubt as it hinders success in life.

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