8 Ways To Get What You Deserve From Life Before Giving Up

Getting What You Deserve:

Winning is hard, giving up is easy, so choose for yourself if you want to settle for. To get what you deserve in life, you have to learn some life lessons, strive hard and make up your mind, that giving up is not an option.   

It takes 18 years or more to become a full grown adult, it takes even more to get what you deserve to become a success.  Why rush to become successful when you haven't grown and learn so much from life.

It takes 18 years or more to become a full grown adult, it takes even more to get what you deserve to become a success.  Why rush to become successful when you haven’t grown and learn so much from life.

“Life does not fail, you fail yourself. – You never fail until you stop trying.” –Albert Einstein 

How to Get What You Deserve 

1. Self Discovery: Lesson one, Knowing who you are is very important, if you really want to get what you deserve. Without a clear understanding of yourself you can not know what you are capable of or what you want. 

“Take your time to discover yourself, before you aim, so you will not end up wasting so much time and effort on things that are inconsequential. Be wise, before you learn from life, first learn from your self” by defining who you are.
2. Success Without Experience: Lesson number two. You get what you deserve only from life experiences. It is not new that some people who do little become successful by luck or by chance, it is also not strange that hard work pays off and lets you get what you deserve. Whichever way, success without experience is staggering.

Thinking of giving up? Well sometimes you can give up on a thing without getting what you deserve, because those things may not be worth your trial in the first place. But when something is worth a value, it is best not to give up, in order to get what you deserve. 

3. Patience: Lesson three you need to learn. Your level of experience is determined by your level of patience and tolerance. To get what you deserve, life will test your ability, life will challenge you, life will make you look foolish to yourself, before it finally allows you to succeed. Here is how Patience Makes Good Times Come Around Again

4. Level of confidence: lesson number four from what you have to learn from life to get what you deserve. When life puts you to test, it truly wants to know if you really want and worth what you deserve. You must ensure that you do not allow whatever life throws at you prevent you from achieving what you truly desire. Life will never challenge you physically, but challenge you emotionally, through your mind

You are the fear of your own fear. A mindset not changed is a life not changed and only few people know this. You can’t keep hoping that things will change for better, if you do not have a changed mindset”.

Not everything you see as a challenge, is really all challenge. Some are just camouflaged to be a challenge so as to test your level of confidence.
Snakes are believed to be harmful but not all snakes are” –  You only need to be very smart and careful in making decisions  to get what you deserve.
5. Positive Mindset: Life will want to know how confident you are to get what you deserve. As a result of this, it tests your level of patience, how consistent you are, and how determined and hardworking you are. If your level of patience, consistency and hard work are staggering,but still you have a positive mindset to get what you deserve,you will eventually get what you want.
6. Life Experience: Life indirectly and gradually helps you boost your level of patience, make you more consistent and more hardworking until you finally get what you want. This is called Life experiencesand there is nothing greater than life experience.

 When life teaches you, it either teaches you to learn the hard way or the easy way. The harder you learn,  the more experience you get, and the better you become in handing other challenges after you might have succeeded at the ones you aim at. 

So do you see reasons why you don’t have to give up but keep trying..
7. The true meaning of failure: You will fail before you get what you deserve, you can not run away from failure, you may think failure is evil, this made some people have the belief that poverty is evil, what if they are wrong, with proof. Failure isn’t evil but most times a blessing in disguise. 

One thing you should take note of today is “Failure is not for the weak but for the strong –  He who fail to fall, will someday fall to fail, and he who fall and rise, knows better than he who hasn’t falling for once”

The weak try as much not to fall, so as to avoid failure, but the strong will fall and rise and fall and rise, the more the fall the better and stronger they become.

Your challenges are a test of your patience. When you are patient, your level of endurance increases and that is a lesson learnt from life experiences. 

Do you still think of giving up? If yes, it means you haven’t gotten the point. Take a look at success this way,

‘ A man who aspires to build his house on a solid rock must know that his first challenge is how to climb and not how to build. 

The mistake most people make is that they focus on success and not the challenge. When he climbs he gains momentum and ideas about the rock before he thinks of building. To get what you deserve,it is best to face and conquer your  challenges before aiming at success.
8. The Time Of StruggleTime of struggle is not a punishment or that life has given up on you, you are only building momentum as life teaches and leads you on the right path.

Your problems can never be greater than you it is only when your mind is troubled you think otherwise, and this is why you need motivation. You may feel you have no motivation to get what you deserve,  knowing how to boost your motivation could be helpful.

Without motivation you are just like a Ferrari without fuel. Meaning you have the potential to succeed, but nothing to lift your spirit to move on. You will admire success, people will admire you but will never take a step forward.

Everybody has a chance to get what they truly deserve in life, so aim at it with a positive mindset, patience, consistency, perseverance and hardwork.

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