5 Ways To Forgive Yourself And Get Over Past Mistakes

Defining Your Past:

Your past can hurt, but does not in any way define you. Only if you know how to forgive yourself for past mistakes.
There is no way you can get over past mistakes if you do not choose to fight to forgive yourself for past mistakes. Past mistakes can hurt and will keep hurting you if you do not know how to forgive yourself.

Most of us are hard on ourselves than we are on others, so it is easier to forgive someone else for great even when they hurt us so much, than it is to forgive ourselves – Inc. One way to help yourself is to get over big mistakes.
Knowing how to forgive yourself for past mistakes, is to set yourself free from the chains of life. Past mistakes could cause great damage to the mind and many never let you improve if you keep holding on to them.
One fact we should know about mistakes is that mistakes are bound to be made, mistakes are inevitable in human lives and everybody on planet earth can never do without making mistakes, even costly ones.
Making mistakes is not self damaging but not knowing how to forgive yourself for past mistakes is what hurts. It could also be frustrating if you fail to know how to get over past mistakes, love and forgiveness serves as the key to a better world.
Mindset Your Worst Enemy: How do you approach your mistakes? approaching mistakes with a weak mindset is no way near getting over past mistakes.
Your mindset is your biggest advantage to forgive yourself for mistakes and also your mindset could also be your worse enemy, if you do not know how to take advantage of it.
We all make mistakes, but letting mistakes define us is a thing that will never make us progress in life , as you get stock in your own thoughts. Past mistakes can be disturbing, it could even lead to so many unpleasant experiences.


The Unpleasant Experience

Past mistakes can hurt and could cause so many unpleasant experiences, mistakes are so worrying that it does not just affect us physically but go as far as damaging our mental health. When mistakes go as far as affecting our mental state of mind then problems start to surface.
If past mistakes get to affect us mentally, it means we have been controlled by something more damaging than our mistakes, what is worth more damaging and could hurt me than my mind.
Nothing seems more damaging than your own mind. When your mind places against your will, it automatically means you have gotten yourself into trouble that you may find it difficult to get yourself out, as you have failed to know how to forgive yourself for past mistakes.
Failure to get over past mistakes could lead to greater costly mistakes and could even take life.

Result Of Past Mistake On Mental State Of Mind

1. Steal happiness: The first thing a mistake will take away from a person who fails to know how to forgive his/herself for past mistakes is to steal away your happiness. Past mistakes are actually good at stealing happiness and taking away people’s joy.
This is no gain saying, it is also an experience I have once found myself in and it was terrible, but all I did was find a way out of my past life mistakes. It is natural we make mistakes and even as far as costly once but when we are determined to find a way out then we can overcome it.
If we do not, past mistakes could easily lead to mood swings as we keep remembering those mistakes which constantly hurt us. If you know the effect of mood swing and how damaging and destructive it could lead, you might want to think of getting over mood swings.
2. Emotion: is the greatest weakness of mankind, and fighting against emotions is like fighting against oneself, you may never win and could lead to loss of mind; a mental disorderliness.
People don’t just go mad or insane, they were once like us who do not know how to forgive themselves for their past mistakes, and as a result of this end up being an enemy to themselves, as they find it hard to get over their own worries, and end up struggling with life.
3. Anxiety: Being anxious is one thing that can make you hate yourself. By letting your emotions take over your sense of reason, anxiety as a result of expecting too much from something or an act of getting worried over things that do not really matter.
Though, it is natural to get anxious but when it is too much, then it becomes a problem, and as a result, you could become a problem to yourself, if you do not know how to forgive yourself for your past mistakes by letting go of your worries.
4. Self Humiliation: The more you keep thinking of your past mistakes, the more your past mistakes hurt you. Past mistakes can make you hate yourself as it could lead to self humiliation. 
Knowing how to forgive yourself for your past mistakes is to know how to overcome self humiliation. Self humiliation is self damaging which could result in mental disorder if not taken care of in time.
5. Depression: Feeling depressed is worse, depression bore inferiority complex, low self esteem self humiliation, and stated above, mood swings and even death. Depression shouldn’t be a thing you should call for yourself, because when it comes into a person’s life,it finds a place to stay even when you try to let go of it.

How To Forgive Yourself For Past Mistakes

Knowing why you should forgive yourself for past mistakes is to know how to forgive yourself for past mistakes.
1. Life Teachings: Understanding life to be the best teacher, and the principle of the more we live the more we learn is a greater way to forgive yourself for past mistakes. Since we know that everyone is bound to make mistakes, and mistakes are inevitable for us to escape in life, then it is good to forgive yourself for past mistakes.
2. Mistakes are constant: Life teachings are constant. As we keep learning everyday to gain more experience, When you look back at what you have done in your previous years, you will notice that most of what you think are great then are crabs and filled with mistakes now.
These past mistakes may hurt us, but we can’t run away from mistakes because we will always make mistakes as we are bound to always make mistakes.
3. Imperfection: Our imperfection is what causes this great damage to our life, and the more reason why we get hurt by our past mistakes. Humans are imperfect, but we have a mind that pushes us to be perfect. Humans have the hunger to get perfection at anything we do, which is impossible.
The bad side of seeking for perfection is that we always fall imperfect, no matter how hard we try. Even the world is made of both good and evil. What most people do not understand is that both good and evil have their own advantage irrespective of which is good or bad leads the world. 
So do not think you can find or meet with perfection in life, nothing is perfect and knowing that there is nothing like being perfect should give you reasons to forgive yourself for past mistakes.
4. Gain Experience: We make mistakes to gain more experience about life, take it or leave it. Life’s experience is far greater than whatever experience you may have gathered through self or formal education.

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