Why Bloggers Give Up Before And After Starting A Blog

Bloggers Myth:

It is of no myth that most new bloggers give up on blogging in their first three to six months of blogging. Blogging journey is an adventure for new bloggers to challenge themselves and prove to Google, Bing and other search engines that they actually mean business in blogging.

As we speak, many bloggers are thinking and contemplating on if they should give up blogging or keep on blogging. Blogging is not easy as many people think it is, however, the mindset bloggers have about blogging is what makes them give up easily.

What It Takes To Start A Blog 

Passion, patience, consistency, long and quality contents, and of course a good understanding and skill about SEO. SEO means Search engine optimization, however, do not look at search engine optimization as a joke because it is far more deeper to understand, in fact it is something you have to keep learning as long as you are still a blogger.

How to Start A Blog

To start a blog is easy but to keep it running is the greatest challenge. Why most people think blogging is easy is because they haven’t experienced the frustrating side of blogging, if blogging frustrates you to an extent, you might blame yourself for why you started blogging in the first place.

Another reason why people think blogging is easy is because most of the blogging platforms are free such as blogspot, while you have to pay for hosting for other platforms such as wordpress to get you started.

Even the paid hosted websites are almost free for the first year because there is always a great discount for new bloggers who wish to know how to start a blog.
Starting a Blog for New Bloggers

I will briefly show you how to start a blog, so you can have an idea as a new blogger on how to get started, before going into why bloggers give up on blogging. To start a blog is quite easy, there are few things you have to put in mind and consider before you start a blog.

Do you have the money to start a well customized blog such as wordpress blog? Or you just want to start with the free blogging plan such as blogspot. Thinking of which to start with, I will say both free and paid hosted platforms are good for a new blogger who wants to start a blog. 

But as I have stated earlier, wordpress blog is a customized platform that gives bloggers the freedom and access to navigate freely on the go, this freedom could also help bloggers rank better on search engines but you have to pay for the services.

On the other hand, blogspot and others which are free and less freedom platform for bloggers gives little access and less tools for users to customize their site the way they want, but that doesn’t mean a blogger can not rank better when using blogspot, all that matters is how you understand Search Engine Optimization. You should also have a better insight on which is better between Blogspot or WordPress to rank your blogger

 Why Do People Blog?

This question to why people blog varies wildly and this is the reason why most bloggers either give up on blogging or move on with blogging.


Blogging To Make Money

Many people moved into the blogging world because they want to make money blogging. These sets of bloggers see successful bloggers making six figures which they feel they can make within a short period of time spent on blogging but blogging doesn’t work that way it demands more.

It is easier to lose focus. Making money is a source of inspiration for any blogger, if money motivates you into blogging then it in turn shows that the success of you becoming a successful blogger could be very slim and may not come into reality.

Making money blogging shouldn’t be the foundation and top most authority for new bloggers, if making money is your priority then forget it, you might not make a cent before giving up blogging.

Many new bloggers think blogging is just by writing stories and thoughts and news and whatever, but when you venture into blogging and you are fortunate to start a blog, you will realise that starting a blog for a new blogger is less challenging than when you go deeper into it. 

As you keep blogging consistently, you will realise that blogging is more of developing yourself and also a way to add values to yourself and the people around you, because the more you blog the more you improve and gain new knowledge and ideas about how blogging works in the blogging world.

You can not know the value of blogging if you are after making money blogging, in fact it is easier to fail blogging if money is your motivation into blogging.
But still you might think about this, if blogging is not to make money then what is the essence of wasting my time blogging?

As we know, everyone who starts a business will always think of how to make profit from it, infact that is always the first objective, because starting a business comes with the idea of getting an income from it. But still, there are people who blog not because they want to make money but for other reasons such as:

Blogging Standard And Branding

While blogging may be a way to make easy money for some, it is not quite the same with other people who wish to start a blog. These sets of bloggers do not let money become their source of motivation in blogging rather they see money to be a secondary target for them as standard and branding is always their number one concern.

It is not that these sets of bloggers do not wish to make money from blogging but they prepare to create a standard and brand themselves before thinking about making money from blogging.

Actually, Brand blogging is a smart move for bloggers who really have passion for blogging because at the end they will surely and eventually turn their blogging passion into making money from blogging.

Branding and creating a standard in blogging is a well welcome development but it requires more. Do you remember this saying “You make money to make money” Yes that is it for these fellow bloggers, Before they can become successful bloggers, then they need to spend money blogging via advertisement and a lot of consistency and hard work therewith. 

These sets of people are mostly determined people because they know the task ahead of them. So they most times take up the pain, time, and sacrifice all they got to make things running.However, many of them still give up blogging at some point because they aren’t patient enough as they do not see the results they expected.

“The foul play and mistakes people make about blogging is that, most bloggers give up blogging when they are just a few steps ahead to becoming a successful blogger, most especially the new bloggers who just started blogging”.

Still, if money shouldn’t be the source of motivation and a foundation for bloggers to rely on, and branding also time and money consuming then what else do bloggers blog for?

Passion To Inspire And Value

You must have noticed some great motivational and inspirational blogs out there such psychologytodayget motivation as CravingBiz is also one of them. 

CravingBiz is a motivational blog that helps in self improvement, self motivation and self development and also helps develop growth mindset for young adults who are trying to build their self confidence and again self humiliation, immorality, depression, fake friends, low self esteem, mood swings and so on, majorly in the outside world.

Bloggers in  these categories  are always after imparting knowledge to others through writing based on their experience, exposure, collective knowledge and ideas from other people’s experience and from online research to buttress their point.

Motivational bloggers are always after the success of others, for example, from our findings we realised that the rate at which bloggers give up on blogging is high, because most bloggers do not meet up with blogging and that’s why they give up easily and fail to become successful bloggers.

We try our best to encourage and in every way find a solution to the reason why bloggers give up on blogging to help new bloggers develop a growth mindset by not giving up on blogging easily.

Do they say we don’t make money? If they tell you that, count it as a false truth because every successful bloggers make money from blogging, it might not be with Google Adsense, but there are other ways to make money from blogging, through referral and other forms of advertisement and even becoming a freelance for other blogs, in fact you can become a blogger by making money in your first 3months of blogging.

What You Should Do As A New Blogger

Before you start blogging, make sure you define why you are coming into the blogging world, know if it is to make money, to build your brand in blogging or to impart others through motivational and inspirational words and articles.

As soon as you have known what your aim is and define your purpose for blogging, you must understating that blogging has its own skills and techniques which has to be followed correctly and appropriately, the more reason why you might need to learn the required bloggers blogging skills.

As a new blogger if you are able to understand, the main reason why you blog and you are passionate about blogging, you have to know where you stand and also do the right things before you start blogging or think about giving up on blogging.

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