How To Build Your Self Worth In Five Easy Ways

Self Worth

What good are you to yourself if you do not value yourself than the way other people value you? The more reason why you need to build your self worth , if you don’t know how to build your self worth then this article is for you.

Building self worth is as simple as adding value to yourself and as well building self confidence to develop high self esteem.

Self worth and value are two important things that gives you confidence and builds a high self esteem. However, building self worth without building self confidence in you is probably a waste of time because it won’t work that way.

What is self worth?

A ways of feeling fly, without the fear of low self esteem, adding value and a sense of feeling important with the confidence of possessing the values required to stand out among others.

Why You Should Improve Self Worth

Self worth gives you confidence to stand in the midst of anyone, say what you like, do what you wish without feeling uncomfortable, rejected, humiliated, or disgraceful.
If you have ever been humiliated before you will know that depression is no good and to build self worth is important.

If you know how to build self confidence then it will be much easier to build self worth because they are in every way connected to each other.

It is important for a person to build self worth because it gives you a level of self confidence that you are who you are rather than believing in what people say you are.
Don’t you think it is the right time to take off the mindset of picturing yourself the way people see you or call you but rather build a self confidence that makes you see yourself of more value to yourself than the way people view you.

When you build self worth, you immediately standout among others as your worth will be so obvious that people will get to notice as soon as it is built.

Self worth commands a lot of respect as people would respect you for who you are rather than what they think you are, self worth immediately changes the mindset and negative thought about you because you have directly built value into yourself which in turns help develop self confidence in you.

How to build self worth?

Building self worth does not just come easy just as building self confidence is not as easy as you think but the best way to build self worth is to consistently add values to yourself. Why value should be considered consistent is because everything about self development including self worth is consistency. The more you are consistent about a goal, the better you actualize it. That’s the more reason why you should keep adding values to yourself without relenting.

How do you add values to yourself?

Define yourself: Who are you? Do you know who you are? What is your purpose in life? And the essence of your existence? All these are what defines you.

1.  Mastering new skills: To build self worth is to add new skills to yourself. This serves as an additional value to you. Keep learning and never relent.

2. Do the weird: To build self worth does not come easy it comes with a price; you need to do the unexpected but make them positive and useful to yourself and the people around you. The very weird side of building self worth is to sometimes fake it to make it work for you, so fake it until you make it.

3. Principled: When you say yes, let your yes be yes, and when you say no, let your no be no. Let people know that you are a person of principle and always stand your ground till the point of death.

4. Independent: know what you want and what you don’t, do not let anyone dictate for you, never let anyone plan for you. Learn to be independent, do not depend on people to progress, they will at the end take advantage of you, and at the same time you might  lose at both ends because being dependent does not in any way increase your chance of building self worth, rather it depreciates your value and kills your confidence.

5. Challenge yourself: Always avoid staying in your old path, move and keep moving, do not let your environment define you. When you think you have known it all, you will sooner realise that what you know is trash compared to other people. So keep developing yourself by challenging yourself to do more. By doing these few things, you can easily build your self worth.

In conclusion, you can not build self worth without first building self confidence, if you do so you may end up in regrets. You need to be patient in everything you do. To build oneself is not an easy task, take your time and take it step by step with time you will get better in building your self worth.

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