How Google Search Console Helps Bloggers SEO Frustration

How Frustrating Can Blogging Be?

When google search console is error free, there is a great tendency of such blogs to rank better and perform well on search engines.

If a blogger does not have enough knowledge about SEO Search engine optimization to help know the performance of how your blog progresses then Google webmaster which is also known as Google search console can help put away the frustration in blogging.

Google webmaster a powerful google tool which helps analyse bloggers blog growth. Webmaster has been a source of inspiration for many bloggers as it encourages bloggers to do more blogging.

If you have ever experienced how frustrating blogging is, you will have a better understanding of why bloggers give up blogging. Blogging could be frustrating but with the help of google search console a blogger can easily determine the total impression, total clicks, total clicks through rate which is also known as CTR and a blog position on google search engine.

Note that the results webmaster provides to users are the average positions of all total impressions, total clicks, CTR and position on the google search console chart. These mistakes are commonly made by new bloggers who just started blogging.
As a blogger, you also need to be aware that google search console does not give the accurate result of a blogs progress, instead it only gives bloggers an idea of how a blog is performing on google search engine. It is easy to sign in as a webmaster.

However, apart from the average total impressions, total clicks, CTR and Position from the google search console chart, there are other features that the google search console provides which also helps in determining the web performance of a blog.

Other important features of google search console includes Overview, performance, URL inspections. Coverage, sitemap, removals, which are under the index category. Speed, mobile (experimental), breadcrumbs, is under the Enhancement category and links.

One important thing bloggers need to understand is that SEO which means search engine optimization is what kills most blogs and makes bloggers give up on blogging. SEO is not easy to understand, though many people talk about Search engine optimization as something easy but not until they go into it.

What exactly is SEO?

SEO which means search engine optimization is a way to bring a blog to rank up and better on search engines such as google, Bing and other related search engines on the web.
That is a simple definition of search engine optimization but how can a blog rank up a site or blog on the search engine?

We can rank a blog on search engines using the on page and off page but this isn’t our focus. Our focus is majorly on how google search console helps bloggers search engine optimization frustration.

Many bloggers have always been wondering why blog posts get to rank on the web and theirs aren’t ranking for good positions. The answer to this is because many bloggers do not understand how search engine optimization works.

It is true that writing original content and quality post could make a blog rank on the web, also long tail keywords and long articles of at least 1700 to 3000 words and above could boost your blog performance on the web but still there is much more to ranking a blog with the proper understanding of search engine optimization.

Since SEO is complex to understand and the tools to determine a web performance are very expensive to purchase, understanding webmasters could be of help to many bloggers who can’t afford such a package. Though, some of the tools on the web to determine the performance of a blog come with a 14days free trial one of the most common among them is Alexa.

One important advice I give to bloggers is that when using the free trial Alexa and other online SEO tools be very wise about how you take advantage of them before the trial date expires so you can get as much information as you can.

How Google Search Console Helps Bloggers SEO Frustration

If you are expecting sudden success in blogging then, you rather not venture into blogging or think of how to start a blog, and here is the reason why new bloggers give up on blogging.

Google webmaster is a great tool such that it can determine the progress of your blog, though, it does not give the accurate meters of a blog chart and blog progress but will give a great insight of how you can manage your blog without having solid knowledge about Search engine optimization.

So how does Google search console function?

Every meter and chart diagram on webmasters has its own functions which must not be neglected in any way, most bloggers’ mistakes are they are ignorant of what power and help the webmaster carries, and in fact most bloggers give up because they do not understand the functionalities of google search console.

What are total clicks on webmasters?

Total clicks on the google search console means how many times people clicked through to your site.

What are total impressions?

Total impressions are how many times a user saw a link to your site in the search result; that is, if someone searches your blog domain name, or link to any of your page on the internet, the total number of times each user sees your link is counted as total impressions.

Average Click Through Rate (CTR)

This is the percentage of total impressions that turns into a click, that is the number of total impressions divided by the numbers of users that click through a link to your site.
What is Average position?
It means the average position of where all combined or total number of every page and links on your site in the search engine.
Apart from the chart there are other things bloggers need to understand about the search engine console.

Do You Know Query?

When I first started blogging, I was so confused about what query is because it shows me only some piece of words that came from my articles, this queries on the search engine console update itself as soon as my blog is crawled by spider and other search bots, I wonder what this was until I made my research.

Queries are pieces of words either generated by a crawler or a word user searching for that tally with your words in some of your articles on your blog.

Query on webmaster is very useful to bloggers, especially new bloggers, when google is not ready to provide you the full details of your blog you can use your queries as keywords for your blog, and if you manage to use it right, you get the most out of your queries as it shows you where a keyword rank, impression a query gets, click through rate of a query, and average clicks of a query.

It is beautiful when you understand your queries; it gives you an insight on how your blog progresses and how often a blog is crawled by search engine bots.

What is Sitemap?

As a blogger, you can not get any of the above information such as average impression, clicks, CTR, position of your blog if you do not insert or write your site map into the search engine console.

Infact your site may not appear and if it does, it might not appear correctly on google search engine if you do not input your sitemap. Sitemap is very important and also a way to make a blog rank better because it a part of search engine optimization.

How do you write a sitemap?

Writing a sitemap is quite easy. All you need is to insert these codes.

Note: The below sitemap is used only you’re your blog post is above 25 to 500

Note: The below sitemap is used only when your post is between 1 to 25


Note: Google will not submit all your pages on the web until it finds trust in you and your content, and this will have to take a minimum of 6 months to 1 year of hard work, consistency, good and quality content and more, this could be a reason why new bloggers give up on blogging.

What is Coverage on Google Search Console?

Coverage covers the whole aspect of your site, to know which URL has Error, Valid with warning, Valid and Excluded.

Coverage on webmasters is the most awesome, amazing and helpful part in search engine optimization because you will get almost everything you need to improve your blog or website.

Coverage on webmaster tells you which link or page on a blog needs to be fixed to avoid loss of traffic and much more

This is what webmaster says about Errors

Errors: What are these? These are pages that couldn’t be indexed for some reason.
Why does it matter? These pages won’t appear in Google, which means a loss of traffic to your site.

What should I do? Click into an error row in the table to see details, including how to fix it.
The above is a chat of how the coverage works. The coverage in your webmaster shows you how to fix and validate errors on your blog. If you can get to take advantage of these tools, then you can get the best out of your blog and rank better.

What is Mobile Usability?

As the name implies, mobile usability is a tool on the google search console that shows how many of your pages are mobile friendly. Mobile usability is very important in search engine optimization as google is shifting its attention more to a mobile friendly website rather than desktop.

Why is this happening? Google realised that most users are more on the handle smartphones than using the desktop to surf the internet.

What are breadcrumbs?  

Breadcrumbs shows how google crawler is able to navigate a blog easily and how easy the user experience of your blog is. Are users able to navigate your site easily without breaking when navigating your blog.

When I mean navigating it means when a user moves from a like to another, from a page to a label, to tags and so on without errors.
Note: This webmaster chart isn’t accurate especially for new bloggers so you will not be confused on why your blog isn’t when it does rank. Google hides some sensitive information from a user so as to maintain a good standing.

This information that google hides from bloggers is what makes blogging frustrating for many bloggers, hence, whatever you see on your blog isn’t what they are, there is more to it, everything a webmaster shows is just an average information about your blog.

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