Fake It: Alternative Way To Avoid Inferiority Complex

Inferiority Complex Out

If you have ever experienced inferiority complex, you will know that happiness is expensive and joy can be stolen away from you in a matter of seconds, and this is why you need to fake it as an alternative to avoid inferiority complex. 

Life is beautiful and interesting when you don’t have issues with people who can harass or downgrade you in public. Embarrassment could make you think you are worthless, make you develop low self esteem and could as well make you feel rejected.

Inferiority complex has led many to depression and has also cost many their lives. While we may have thought of ways to get out or avoid inferiority complex based on our personal experiences, faking it seems to be the best way out of inferiority complex.

Should You Fake It

To fake it out of inferiority complex is to stay out of worries. I have a personal experience and I will love to share with you.

I know many people have been disgraced and molested in public or among friends. Inferiority complex mainly happens among peer groups, work place, schools, and even in the family.

When one person chooses to claim to know more than you, a person is more outspoken than you, have more vibes than you do, or could control the audience much better than you do, more influential, brilliant or richer than you are, you may not know how to handle the situation. Here is a solution which is to fake it.

Though you may think faking it is something bad or not right to your personality as you know how to stay away from fake friends. This is well accepted and true but there is more to why you need to fake it.

Secret Behind Success

But let me share something you might not know with you.

Faking it is an alternative way to stay out of trouble and worries and a better way to find happiness or in the quest to succeed.

Success does not just come at a good price, such as hard work pays off, or dedication, good vision, purpose commitment, excellent planning, great strategy and more.

Success is way deeper than you think, though great and successful people might not tell you the logic as they have once faced the challenge of inferiority complex. Most great people were once slaves or workers under their master, where they learned one or two things before gaining their own ground.

In this episode of their quest for success, do you think they did not pass through hard and difficult times like you do when trying to overcome inferiority complex? Sure they did, but most do not like or wish to tell the bad or dark side of their stories but tell you tales of how they swam through oceans to get to the promised land.

Life is not a bed of roses my friend, you have to be smart and also be wise to make things right for yourself if not hindrances and challenges like inferiority complex could make you give up on your dreams.

For you not to give up on what you believe in is to play some tricks on life, remember “when the world turns it’s back on you, you as well turn your back to the world” this is more reason why you have to fake it.

You say faking it is bad; yes it is and we all know this, but if you want to stay out of worries and become successful you have to fake it to make it.

Faking it is like pretending to become who you are not, while people believe in what you do, trusts you for whom you are, whereas you inside of yourself know who you truly are.

The purpose of faking it

Everything happens for a purpose in life and faking it is one of it, what you think is bad is bad to you and that is however one will see it, on the other hand what you think is good to you is good to everyone.

Sometimes we have to pretend to be the fool among fools so we can get what we want”.
Inside of you it is possible you know better. 

Hard Work pays off but when you see the road to getting what you want is blocked, then it is important you play the fool just to bypass somethings so you can easily set yourself free.

People like to use the fool as a tool to shine but you can at the same time use that same people to get what you want without them being aware of your tactic. – That is wisdom.

So you see why you need to fake it to make it and why faking it is an alternate way to avoid inferiority complex.

Let me share my short story with you.

When I was very young, I was a child who came from a devoted home, I was so disciplined and committed to God, I forgive people who hurt me, I do not talk much but I listen more because the scripture thought said so.

I was a simple person and I tried as much as possible to avoid trouble most especially among my friends, colleagues in school and I also avoid pressure from peer groups.

All I wanted was to stay safe and stay away from troubles, live a good life and become successful. But I found out that life was not as I thought, that entire plan was good but living up to expectations was the greatest challenge I have ever faced.

I went to a boarding school and the way of life there was so terrible, believe me it was not what I wanted, but since life is filled with both good and evil, I had to accept my fate and face the challenges.

One biggest challenge I faced was inferiority complex, I was so soft minded and could not take actions on people who offended me, I also observed that no matter how I try to stay out of people’s way, they always find a way to get on my nerves.

What could the poor me do? All I could do was to think and think all over again to find a solution, I was too young to understand how to handle inferiority complex. Inferiority complex was and is still the reason why most young adults out there choose the wrong path in life.

They always conclude on the saying “if you can’t beat them you join them” Whereas the painful part is that the path they chose always leads them to destruction. But I didn’t want destruction or wished to be destroyed!

So I took it upon myself to fight my battle myself, which my top challenge was inferiority complex. I was not trained to be a fighter, a talker, or a tout; I was trained to be myself.

After a few years of this frustrating period I realised the principle of common sense and the application of knowledge to combat inferiority complex which I saw the weapon to fight against inferiority complex was to fake it.

Since I could not do what they do to mock me, which most times led to self disgrace then I faked it to be who they are, the funniest part about faking it is that you will even know more than what they know.

How is this?

The logic To Overcome Inferiority complex

You will know more than what they know because while they act, you watch and study their crazy stunts. While they act based on what they know, you learn from their actions. So the combination of several actions by individual persons is your own knowledge. That is, they are one and you are like ten of them.

That is interesting…

I learnt to speak better but listen more, I learnt that the rude boys take the lead, so I was so rude, arrogant, and full of charisma but I could not act in the real world, I can only display by word of mouth.

I knew that was my weakness so I tried as much as possible not to get myself into physical combat with any of them. All I did was toy with them psychologically, no physical approach.
When they say I should smoke.

I will tell them, they don’t know how long I have been smoking and how it has damaged my health and the worst part is that the doctor said if I don’t want to die young I should stop smoking. All I could do was to fake it just to avoid inferiority complex.

Life is hard mostly for soft hearted people and people who are devoted to God; it is always difficult to overcome challenges without divine wisdom from God, as many wicked people are everywhere to test our patience and faith.

We must understand never to give in to pressure such as inferiority complex; it could scatter our plans and make us worthless and useless to ourselves. You need to stand strong and make use of your brain. However, while faking it to avoid inferiority complex you must learn not to digress or be carried away from your objective.

Bad things and evil thoughts are easy to learn and develop as a mindset, so faking it could put you in trouble if you do not guide yourself well.

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