Covid-19: How Can We Help Issue In The World Coronavirus

The Help The World Need:

The world will in no way heal itself if we do not help to curb the excesses of the Coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus which is also known as Covid-19 is a great challenge to the world and everyone in it.

The pandemic Covid-19 seems to be one of the great issues in the world and a problem to mankind currently with the break in industrial production, economy and financial crises. The greatest of it all is how the covid-19 virus has taken the lives of our loved ones, in china, Italy, United State and other countries around the world.

WHO stated that on the “31st December 2019, a cluster of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause was detected in Wuhan City, Hubei providence of china”.

Covid-19 now becomes an issue in the world; coronavirus, a nightmare that seems to never end. As the world goes on lockdown for many months and still counting there are currently 1,334,009 confirmed cases and 74,090 deaths. Despite the effort of doctors and medical practitioners to help create vaccine. Again, there hasn’t been any successful vaccine created to put an end to the virus as we speak.

 Medication and Improvement

Covid-19 has been an issue in the world for some time now but there have been an effective malaria drug named Hydroxychloroquine which has helped in combat against the virus, Hydroxychloroquine was announced to be used by the United States and the world.
There have been a hundreds of test running to create a solution to the problem all still seems hopeless although, among all other medication to treat the Covid-19, Vanguard stated that Hydroxychloroquine rates the most effective coronavirus treatment.

The good news about the issue in the world, about the pandemic virus called corona is that the death rate during the few period of isolation has reduced drastically and hopefully we get a better result soon. About 277,737 people recovered from the corona virus outbreak as at April 06, 2020.

How did they arrive at this improvement?

Firstly; the first helping hand to put a reduction to the issue of the coronavirus comes from you and I. How is this? Coronavirus is a transmittable disease which can be infectious through physical contact by a non infected person coming in contact with an infected person, through touch, sneeze and cough as a result of inhaling the infected air. 

As soon as this was discovered, WHO came into conclusion that we have to maintain social distancing, quarantine for those who are not infected or confirmed infected by coronavirus and those who are infected should stay in isolation for a period of 14days.

Family doctor stated that “Covid-19 symptoms ranges from mild to severe, it take 2-14 days  to develop after an exposure to it, symptoms may include fever, cough, shortness breath”. As a result of this, the government agency finds a way to stop the spread of covid-19 by announcing a world shutdown which simply means no one will go to work or other notable places and the lockdown of all industrial companies as well.

This was success because they could identify who is contained from covid-19 from those who are not in the period of quarantine. A worldwide lockdown was announced and we listened which helped till this day.

 The World Needs Our Help

Thousands of people die every day from coronavirus, imagine if we were adamant and do not listen at the time when WHO announced the shutdown and self isolation, do you imagine the number of people who would have died?

But we stood together to fight the virus and now there are positive results showing up as many who are infected with the virus have been discharge from isolation, though we still have so many lives lost but the good news is that people are getting better and recovering from the coronavirus.
Coronavirus have been an important issue in the world which we can only fight together by listening and following simple instructions by the government. As it is said, “obedience is better than sacrificed”.

Over a million people are dead from the issue of the world outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus, so many people have lost their loved ones and we hope it ends soon. But to make things better and not worse we need to work together as one by doing the right things.

While people are in tears and pain right now some people are using this opportunity to make money online by spreading fake news and rumor of what is not actually happening, with this, they create more fear and panic. Therefore, be very careful of the websites you visit and source for the right news so as to avoid fake news.

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