5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Choose Your Friends Wisely

Product Of Your Environment:

Choose your friends wisely because you are a product of your environment. You are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with, so be wise when you choose your friends and be brave enough to let go of those who keep weighing you down. – Fact 


Choose your friends wisely. The same friend that can make you could also mar you, that same friend you so much put your trust in and depend so much on can be your worst enemy, all that matters most is to figure out early the good friends from the bad ones.

Things that define you are how you can control your mindset and how you let your environment define you.

Your Environment Molds You

It is better that you separate the wheat from the chaff. This simply means to choose your friends wisely is to start separating the good friends away from the bad friends. And also choosing your friends wisely is to define yourself and not letting your environment define you, even when you are a product of the environment.

Fixed Mindset Friends

People with a fixed mindset are the products of the environments they belong to and they are difficult to change or persuade to develop a growth mindset as the environment they belong to has made and molded them to who and what they are.
It is difficult to grow when the mindset is fixed already; because in some ways you have made the environment you belong to mold you in the wrong shape.
I have just few people I can call my true friends; Those I can easily add value to their lives and they who can add to mine unconditionally.


Do you know the reason why poor people hardly find their way out to becoming successful? I bet you should know by now; the reason why poor people aren’t getting out of poverty is NOT because they are a product of their environment, rather, because they allowed the environment they belong to mold them.
How? Because they depend so much on the environment that molds them and this gradually makes them build a mindset that is fixed away from becoming successful. Give it a check, study for sometimes the poor people in your environment, you will notice that metaphorically, they are always a one way traffic people. 
How do I mean? They are people who do not see things in a different way seemingly because their mindsets are fixed to the way the society and environment they belong to controls their mind.
They repeat the same things and each and every one of them makes the same mistake as they all head in the same direction. The lucky ones are those who manage to get out of the bondage of the environment they live in and how lucky they are most times depends on how wisely they choose their friends.

Defining Who You Are

The best way to choose your friends is by defining who you are. By defining yourself you know who your true friends are. Many people are just running out to no direction, purpose, vision and no goal, while some have some of these things, the rest of the people do not know how to plan or strategize on the know-how to become successful. Lots of people are just running the rat race while others are running in circles.
What do I mean by running in a circle?
There are people who think that they know what they are doing and believe they are moving in the right direction towards success, but after so many years of struggling and hustling they somehow still find themselves in the same spot. 
They were at the initial stage of their journey through life, although right within them, these people always assume that they are progressing but at the end after so many years have been wasted, they find themselves in the same place majorly because they let their environments mold them.
These Few Things Will Happen When You Define Yourself:
§  Fact –“If you really want to succeed, do not be afraid to lose your friends, the ones who leave are not in any way attached to your success”
§  Some people will claim to be good friends whereas they are fakers, learn how to stay away from fake friends and be fully aware of how they mislead.
§  Be brave to let go of people who add no values to your life, doing these means you have progressed twice over failure.
§  Never think that someone is important to your life, humans are selfish in nature, everyone is toiling daily to have a better life, you are just a stepping stone.
§  Do not depend on people: Choose your friends wisely and do not depend on any of them; don’t depend on friends they will fail you.
§  If you haven’t seen anyone who hates you for your good works, it means you are not doing your works right; It is unavoidable that some people will develop hatred for you.
§  If your old friends do not come back to you then you aren’t still getting it right.
§  Gossip is one thing that shows that you are progressing, so when friends gossip about your good works, acknowledge and thank them for their support.

 After Defining Yourself Do These Things:

Aim High

To choose your friends wisely is to open doors for new opportunities in life, if you notice the friends you surround yourself with are lower than you are, then step up your game and choose a new set of friends, this is a way of choosing your friends wisely and not letting your environment affect your success rate.

The kind of friends you keep greatly define you so, you should go for friends who are career pursuits and ambitious for success. Be wise not to choose friends who are lower than you because such kinds of friends will always pull you back directly or indirectly and you may not notice the impact of such friends until you are pulled down completely.


To choose your friends wisely is to choose friends who will add values to you rather than take from the ones you have until it diminishes. Choose your friends wisely so that you can always stay on top of your game. Trying to help people develop a growth mindset is good, but when you are not balanced and confident of the value you possess, do not help people who will take away from the little you have rather than adding to your value.

My Personal Experience

I once had this kind of experience with a friend, we engaged in a business together and because I had more experience and exposure than he does, he loves me to be in his board meetings and we work together for some years.
Apparently as time went by, I noticed after some few years of working with him that he loves to tap into my knowledge by asking me questions that I might find answers to before the meeting, after which I must have cracked my brain and made some research to get answers to the questions.
I noticed when we get to the board meeting he will then pour out my ideas and claimed it as his, this I am not worried about but what got me worried is that after he had tapped from me and made a showoff of it, he immediately forgets the value of what he has learnt and then go back to his old method of thinking instead of adding such knowledge to his. 

If you have once had this kind of experience, you will know how horrible and killing it is, that’s the more reason why you have to choose your friends wisely.
When choosing friends, make sure you choose yours wisely as there are many fake people who call themselves friends, you need to define yourself and understand your vision, before choosing your friends.
Remember you are a product of your environment, but do not let the prevailing circumstances in your environment to define or mold who you become. Train yourself to be the person you want to be and don’t forget to always aim high.

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