11 Young Adult Fantasy And Mistake On Building Wealth

Young Adult Fantasy:

As a young adult, you should ask yourself this question; should you build wealth as a young adult or until you are 50 and know what it means to be broke at such an age? 

Spending money and spending it wisely is good but spending money on trivial things as young adults, is equivalent to introducing yourself to poverty. It’s not bad to run after fashion, style, smart phones and other gadgets, except it’s making you poorer.

One of the major young adult fantasies is that young adults spend money on trivial things. At a young age, young adults’ mindset is poor as they can’t really think beyond their own understanding, as most find it hard to even learn from other peoples mistakes or even go online or read on young adult fantasy and mistakes young adults make.
1. Self Improvement: It has been once proven that google search engine is better than textbooks and handouts or novels you read in school. Instead of spending time with friends, why don’t you take your time to surf the net and get information that will improve you as you learn every second with updates on new topics, collective ideas you can implement into your life. Most young adults do not know the importance of self education and how it can boost building wealth.

2. Smart Phone Advantage: Knowing how to take advantage of your smart phones is another way young adults can build wealth. Building wealth is a gradual process, do not let anyone fool you that they make wealth at a grims of light. Building wealth involves great determination, patience and self sacrifice, being wealthy does not just happen, it takes time, being a young adult is the best time to build wealth.

Most young adults are addicted to social media, becoming a social media influencer while living a fake life on the media, spending money and uploading attractive and confusing pictures of themselves, proving to be who they are not, but in reality they live in poverty.

What this set of young adults who spend time and money on trivial things do not understand is that time is everything. The more you spend your time on irrelevant things the poorer you become. What most young adults are also ignorant of is that social media has become a place where people constitute insanity.

As a young adult, it is always believed to be a time to have fun. Young adults want to have fun and enjoy their life and feel that these are good things but without building wealth as your first objective, you will realise as you grow above age that you have misused a great opportunity in life.

3. Time to connect: Another young adult fantasy and mistake young adults make on building wealth is that many do not realise that this period of time is the time to connect. How do I mean? Connect is a way of meeting successful and great influential and productive people. One fact is that most successful people are always after young adults who are intelligent, focused and have something to offer the world. As a young adult, you must be productive, determined, ambitious to get better. This is a way to build wealth. Time is everything; learn to take advantage of opportunities.
4. Peer group pressure: Most young adults fantasy and mistake is that they want to be like other people, buy what they buy and do the way they do which is not possible, because they are indirectly following other people’s footstep, this equally means any young adult who do this will always end up in regrets.

Peer pressure could be a blessing and also be a curse to young adults if they are not wise enough to know what is right from wrong, but how will they know when they are after trivial things rather than building wealth, because of this, peer pressure and group has led many young adult into their early graves as they run to meet up with others who are already successful, most young adults are ignorant of the harm ahead of them, they act on their own instinct without asking for help.

5. Avoiding Humiliation: Because many young adults do not want to be humiliated, they find shortcuts to getting wealth but at the end, they end up with bitter regrets. For a young adult to avoid humiliation is not about following other people’s footsteps or getting along with what is trending, but knowing the right way to avoid self humiliation Self humiliation has led most adults to depression and has cost many their life.

6. Self Investment: What else can a young adult invest in if not himself, Investing in yourself as a young adult and avoiding as much young adult fantasy such as spending time and money on trivial things could help you grow. One of these mistakes young adults make is they spend time on things that are not important as I have stated above that it’s not bad to run after fashion, style, smart phones and other gadgets, except it makes you poorer.

Spending money on trivial things as a young adult will eventually make you poorer at the end because you are not improving yourself in any way, Self improvement is equally self investment. The more you spend time on yourself as a young adult, the better you improve and grow but self improvement doesn’t come easy, more reason why you should know how to improve yourself. The best time to build yourself is when you are a young adult, at this time you have the strength and energy to do more in life. For young adults you should know how to build wealth by investing in yourself, as this serves as a solid foundation to your life and your future.

7. Develop a growth mindset:  Thinking of building wealth without a growth mindset is just a waste of time, when your mind is fixed to what surrounds you it will always be difficult to think ahead of others. Your mindset as a young adult must be a developed growth mindset if not, you might find yourself running in circles without any significant improvement.

8. Environment defines you: Having a fixed mindset as a young adult gives room for your environment to define you, your environment can make you and also mar you, the moment you give in or ignore the damage your environment can cause you is a way down to failure. If you want to build wealth as a young adult, you must let go of young adult fantasy as most young people out there have the mindset that they can not do without their environment.

9. Avoid fake friends: what makes up the environment? Your family, neighbors and friends. One of the major young adult fantasies is that they always want to get along with friends and always want to feel along with peer groups. 

These aren’t bad ideas but not knowing how to separate the shaft from the wheat is the challenge, how do I mean? Most young adults are always carried away as they are mostly enticed with material things and fun. Young adults who do not know how to avoid fake friends can never build wealth, as most friends are more interested in what you are offering them than what they can offer you.

10. Fake it: To build wealth as a young adult you need to fake it to make it sometimes. This however, should not be your normal way of life but if you truly want to succeed by building wealth you must learn how to fake it to make it.

11. Mindset Worse Enemy: Finally your worst enemy is here and always moving with you everywhere you go, helping you make both right and wrong decisions. When dealing with young adult fantasy your mindset could be your worst enemy if you do not know how to handle it rightly. Failure to utilize and take total control of your mind could ruin a young adult career in building wealth. More reason why you should know how your mind could be your worse enemy.

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