Why Your Worries Cannot Save You From Life Troubles:

Worries And Life Troubles:

Everybody wants a trouble free life but nah, you can’t get or have it in this very world since good and evil leads the world, likewise the world and the people in it are both good and bad in nature. 

You can not avoid been worried but you could save yourself out of troubles and the only way to achieve this is,

Even the son of man couldn’t stop trouble from surfacing in his own time. You can not avoid been worried but you could save yourself out of troubles and the only way to achieve this, is to worry not.

Once you worry the trouble will only multiply, only few people know this, and that is why many can not get out of their problems easily. Every man is born with a sort of trouble in his heart, by nature we are bound to face troubles but to overcome trouble is by worrying not.

Think, but do not worry and if you do, worry less but think more, you can think as you like but do not think to a wearisome extent because when you worry too much, in no time you will get troubled.

Can being troubled in the heart change a thing? When we worry we get troubled and that does not signify getting good results. At the end, worrying will only hasten the pain even more. But how much worrying is too much

When we do not worry, we still get into trouble, so why then worry when we know troubles and challenges will surely come. So why not face the trouble and worry not because the logic is when you worry you get troubled and hurt yourself twice as much as what makes you worry.

Why not act like things unexpected never happened even when it’s clear that it happened. Worry about poor situations though, but take your mind off it at once, instead think of a solution because worry will never provide one.
Look at it from this perspective, if we do not worry about death we will die anyways. If you worry about death you will die twice before death comes. How?

Physical And Mental Death

Since good or evil leads the world, so does life and death too. When we worry we kill ourselves mentally, and the brain functions in the opposite direction. This could easily turn a person insane. Insanity is as a result of a troubled mind which affects the brain due to excess worry.
Having a troubled mind also affects us physically, this is the second death before the real death. When the brain is troubled the body goes with it. Our mental and physical state makes us who we are; When the mind is tired and exhausted with our troubles, it thinks as thrice as hard as it should, then it gradually wearies and starts to lose its functions and it gradually fails to interact with the body.

Remember the body can not function properly without the brain, it is actually useless and also the brain can not do without interacting with the body .

So when this two are not working, what do you think? Catastrophe!  I mean when the brain and the body fails to interact with each other don’t you think that you have killed yourself with your own hands even before the time of death? Just because of your own ignorance.

We have heard cases of which people die without knowing what killed them. Some are obvious that it is excessive thoughts which comes as a result of how much they worry about a thing. This people then  forget that even if you worry and die it doesn’t mean that life will not continue. Life will continue and what eventually kills you might continue to exist while you are gone.


Worry Can Not Change a Thing, Action Does

Of course if you worry you put yourself into a chain of trouble that you may not be able to break because when your mind starts thinking with pressure it will never look for a solution. That means you have used your mind wrongly and as you do, time counts.

Oh you! have you forgotten about time? Time is everything so the time you waste in worrying would actually be unproductive if we don’t use it wisely.

Worry can not change a thing, action does. I remember while in my university days I had a room mate, we hardly eat because most times we were always broke, since we are not born with silver spoons. We had to hustle to make our own silver spoons so our children can be born with one.

Still, life was hard and things were tough. Every time was a challenge but we never stopped. I recalled then when I used to use the little money I managed to gather during the weekend for transport to the campus instead of feeding, knowing fully well that I had not eaten well for days.

My friends would advice me to better not go to school and eat with the little I have, but I tell them I would rather go hungry and follow my passion than sit back to eat. Though, inside of me, I knew I was killing myself but I was also doing the right thing. But you know something good does not come easy, and if I stayed back to eat with the little money I had, in no time I would definitely go hungry again.

Since I know that successful people do not get hungry for food but for the knowledge and success they are to accomplish, I stood up for myself by making the sacrifice to know.

Sometimes desperation for success could make people feel you are a mad person. Everything you do will always look opposite”.

After struggling to get to school with the money I ought to have used in feeding, despite not eating good food for days, my mindset then was that even if you do not eat at all or do not eat good food nobody will ever know. And that was it nobody ever knew. But despite this, when I manage to get to the lecture hall, I hardly get the information or listen because I was too hungry but I will manage to get some of the message passed.

Moreover, is it not better to get little than none? Well, that’s it.

The moral of this lesson is that I never stopped, I never gave up, nor worry, all I did was to think of what profit will I get if I sit down thinking in an empty cloud of thought without taking action. I did what I ought to do, but I never worried. And most importantly I had a vision, a goal and purpose. Most times when I have no motivation, these are the things that keep me going.

To me, I prefer knowledge than wealth because acquiring knowledge is like fueling your engine, it never runs off and again knowledge is internal. But money is a visitor, when it leaves it may never return. Even to get this money, you have to be knowledgeable. Like I once wrote on, if you are so smart why aren’t you rich?

Do you know if you worry you will forget to take a step forward as your mind is overwhelmed with troubles and negative thoughts? Oh yes! Trouble minded people do not have the time to look for solutions; they always sit down in a place and never get up, they even give up easily.

Now you remember why the saying “A problem shared is half solved” why is this so, it is because it gives you a kind of motivation, support and a clue to solving your problems and keep going.

But note, while you open up to people mind the way you share or discuss your problem, watch out for fake friends and stay away from them.
Naturally we may have good plans but sometimes things may not work the way we planned but then, good and bad things are what make the world what it is, so experiencing this should not trigger panic, you should know now that worry will never change a thing.

Like a friend I also had back then, when he is hungry he is always worried and troubled, and when he is worried he will never think of taking a step or going out to search or look for a solution he would rather stay indoor and go hungry the more until someone comes to help probably coincidentally. One thing he never knew, was that the more he stays in that house the more weaker he gets and the more he does not take a step forward, the more evil and bad thoughts will keep running through his mind. He may even die of hunger.

So why not take a move today and go by the saying “what does not kill you, makes you stronger”. Ruminate on the fact that worry has never in anyway solved anyones problems. It is time to take a turn, and take it now.

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