Why is Self Education Important To Young Adults

Why Self Education?

Why should we go to school and learn useless things, while Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not even graduate, yet were far more successful? A question  by James Lacey 

Teaching yourself what you know and learn from what you don’t know by yourself as young adults is an additional bonus, value, and a great advantage. While schools will not teach you how to make money, self education will. Self education is very important because it is the best way to add values to oneself.

Most great men who succeed rely more on self education rather than formal education, they believe that even without formal education they can be educated

What is Self Education?

Do you know autodidacticism means self education? Education without the guidance of masters or institutions. – WikipediaSelf education is a way of developing a growth mindset and knowledge without reliance on formal education.

What is formal education?

Formal education is a process of learning or tapping through other people’s knowledge with the aid of a master, teacher or guardian. Formal education is also known as formal learning, a normal way to learn through a trained teacher in school, college or university.

Self Education Can Be Frustrating 

The power of self education goes beyond learning as it creates an immense passion for something we either wish to know or love doing. As young adults we must understand that to succeed in life goes beyond academic studies but more of building an independent mindset with little or no help from others.

Most great men who succeed rely more on self education rather than formal education, they believe that even without formal education they can be educated

Note: Sometimes, learning all alone and by your own self came be frustrating and you may feel like giving up, why? Because self education is challenging as it requires a lot of time and patience with consistent practise and no advice from anyone could make you relent because you do not have no motivation. If you do not have no motivation you might need one.

Great Men Without Formal Education

One thing young adults  should know is that most great men who succeed rely more on self education rather than formal education, they believe that even without formal education they can be educated. Some of these great men are Steve Jobs the Founder of Apple Inc. And Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, I know may would have read about him but for some who haven’t I recommend you to read both on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Biography to know how their story to success begin.

How did they make things happen?

Self education is strongly attached to self belief, the act of believing in oneself without other conviction of possibilities.

The fact is, philosophy which originated with curiosity, wonder and the quest to find solution to some fundamental questions of life through logic, metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics and ethics all began with self education.

Afterwards, science came out of philosophy as some of the great philosophers are the founder of most of the scientific theories we know today.

Father of Biology is Aristotle – historyworld
Founder of Pythagoras Theorem was Pythagoras. – jwilson
As young adults, you must learn to be absorbing, contracting and digesting from everything that you encounter in life. 

Self Education is when you teach yourself something you have little or no formal education about. Self education is a self-directed, long time process of learning, upon which we learn on our own convenience and time.

This is good, but it all narrows down to learning. Self education and formal education is quite similar but a more diverse way of acquiring knowledge. 

While formal education is by learning from someone who is skilled and superior to us, like a master or a teacher in a class or school. Self education is a long term learning process. It can take forever to learn but at the end we will acquire more values each time we discover and learn new things.

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