Why Do I Fear To Die? How To Overcome Fear Of Death

The Fear Of Death

Mindset to choose weather death is good and bad, it’s solely based on Individual belief, if you believe that death is good then it is, but if you believe otherwise, then to die is bad. However, to get over the fear of death is to know the reason for your existence.

The simple reason why people fear to die is because they have failed their

“The hour of departure has arrived and we go our separate ways, I too die and you too live which of this is better, only God knows” – Socrates.

To get over the fear of death is to have a purpose; the simple reason why people fear to die is because they have failed their purpose of existence. “Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death”. – Brainyquotes

Why would you fear death when you are fulfilled?

But does it mean that death at young age is good? Death has been for long associated as something bad and evil and this has been the mindset of people from generations to generations but still they human haven’t gotten a way to overcome fear of death.
But is death really bad? If you ask the majority of people they will reply by saying yes, because humans do not have control over death and death could come anytime of the day even in the middle of the night to take our loved ones. This creates a sort of fear in us as humans, because we do not know when it would come or how soon it would be.  

How Do You Overcome The Fear Of Death

The only way to be prepared for death is to overcome the fear of death and that is to stay happy, help and impact the needy positively. Endeavor to create happiness in others and love people who love you, then you will realise that everything in life is nothing but memories of an unprepared journey. The memories we keep will always hurt us or make us happy forever while other things fades away, life is just a room away to the next world, who knows!.

Check every man around you who fears to die, you will observe that they are selfish, uncontended with what they have, they always want more and wish everything could belong to them. They are always after material things that have nothing to do with them after death.

”For when they die they take nothing with them, their wealth will not follow them into the grave”. –  Psalm 49:17 – Biblehub

But those who hunger for success by making positive impacts on the people around them do not fear death but all they fear is if they have actually done enough to impact others positively. If they have made a positive impact and fulfill their purpose here on earth they would rather prefer to die than to live in this very sinful and corrupt world, where so many believers have lost their moral valuesof love for hatred.

Death in this statement means nothing bad or evil to the one who said it, because to him death means good and not bad. “The fear of death a sign of failure and the joy to die is a sign of fulfilment”. Only if all is well achieved and the mind is fulfilled, then death brings nothing but joy. – CravingBiz

“I am making my last effort to return that which is divine in me to that which is divine in the universe” – Plotinus.
“For the name of Jesus and the protection of the church I am ready to embrace death”. – Thomas Backet.
Let not my end disarm you, and on no account weep or keen for me, less the enemy be warned of death. – Genghis Khan
I have offended God and mankind because my words have not reach the quality it should have – Leonardo – According to Wikipedia 

These are few of great people who lost their lives for something or people they love. They do not fear death, they rather see death as an accomplishment to their good effort.

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