Tired Of Poverty Lifestyle? Here Are Ten Possible Ways To Stop Poverty

Have you ever think about how to stop poverty? Or wondered why people are so poor, despite putting in so much effort to make a difference in their lives. Yet they couldn’t find anything to do about it.

Have you ever think about how to stop poverty? Or wondered why people are so poor, despite putting in so much effort to make a difference in their lives

Others took a bold step to change this lifestyle and try to transform their lives and families for the better but yet didn’t see any changes as things always seem to fall out to be the same. In the end, everything falls back without a positive change.

The question on how we can curb poverty could be narrowed down to individual’s perception on what poverty is and the mindset and mentality we have towards it.

If efforts and hardwork alone can really guarantee a successful life by taking us out the shackles of poverty, then the well diggers and others that involve themselves in heavy labour should be the richest people.

But it turns out that life doesn’t really work this way ‘If You’re So Smart, Why Then Aren’t You Rich? It Turns Out It Is Just By Chance’ –  Sometimes ago we wrote about how and what makes a person successful, though hardwork really matters but I also encourage you to check it out.

The Poverty We Inherited

As charity begins at home so as poverty and here is the simple proof. Every rich person we see can be traced back to the home they came from. Although some are from a poor background but somehow found their ways out of poverty and from their very generation things picks a different turn but the question remains that, do they become rich to change the poverty trend of their family or they became rich because of their own personal interest?

Have you ever think about how to stop poverty? Or wondered why people are so poor, despite putting in so much effort to make a difference in their lives

This is exactly where I am heading to; my point is to put a stop to poverty and not to put a stop to our own needs.
It is said that two good heads are always better than one, so to totally eliminate and eradicate poverty for a lifetime and in a generation is to start building your wealth around your loved ones.

Nevertheless, we should not forget that humans are wicked by nature as many do not what to see us succeed or progress in life, but we must learn to render help and let others progress despite this wicked acts because ‘the true measure of success is imparting in others’ and to make the best out of life is to filter the good ones from the bad, knowing that good and bad things also work for the bestof mankind is a way to avoid failure. We could learn the ways to stay away from fakers or how fake people mislead.

Poverty Mentality

Poverty is not a good thing and everyone of us know this, you are tired of poverty and being poor right? You wish to get out of poverty as soon as possible? All these are good thoughts, the truth is that poverty begins and originates from the mind.

Do not be surprised that some people do not see the fault in becoming poor, their mindsets are fixed on only what they believe in, many of this people with fixed mindset believe that to stay in poverty is not a bad thing, most of this people are majorly the primitive minded people, many of which are not educated and also refuse to learn, their mindset and belief is that so far they can eat for the day then there’s nothing more to bother about, they do not have a vision or passion for anything.

“People with great purpose are never hungry for what to eat but hungers for success”. These keeps them going.
Since it is clear that poverty inheritance and eradication starts from the family, to completely eradicate poverty in a family something must be sacrificed. Poverty is bad and how we can stop it is by taking a bold step.

Putting a stop to poverty doesn’t just come simple because to achieve success is always challenging, so good things have to begin from somewhere and it should begin with you if you are really tired of being poor. Every success in life comes with a prize to pay. So ask yourself this question, am I ready to pay the prize to have a turn around and put a stop to poverty?  If yes, I urge you to keep calm and keep reading as we advance in how to put a final stop to poverty.

When talking about the few things to know before embarking on the journey to have asuccessful life and becoming a successful person, this few questions in which we have found some answers to might pop through your mind and we shall discuss it in all details.

  • Who has to stop poverty?
  • Can I put a stop to poverty alone? Yes
  • Do I need help from others? If Yes,
  • What will it cost me? Love, sacrifice and positive growth mindset
  • Will it cost me my life? No.
  • Do I have to pay for it? Yes, with patience, focus, commitment, consistency and hard work.
Have you noticed that poverty is hereditary? Poverty could be a trend in the family and an inheritance that may never stop.
Nobody can make the sacrifice to stop poverty in a generation than those who choose to pay the sacrifice to stand tall among others and those that are determined to be successful. Only if we determine to make up our minds to sacrifice some things in order to pave way for our upcoming generations and lead their path to success. This is achievable when we take it upon ourselves to make the difference.

When making a difference our thoughts should be positive because we want to change something negative in our life and lineage. We should not then cause more damage because we want to break the yoke of poverty.

Already there has been an exponential decay in today’s world as most people involve themselves in scam, robbery, fraud and other evil acts. Only by having a good mindset towards being a successful person and breaking ourselves out of the shackles of poverty is the key to wealth which we shall disclose below.

Firstly, it is prominent that if we must change the world we needed to first change ourselves. How do you change yourself? By developing a growth mindset

How is this done?

Because a large number of people in our family are poor does not mean that we should remain poor as well. Changing from grass to grace requires a lot of challenges, and it is only when we overcome these challenges that we trigger happiness.

Being poor is not the end of life but we need to get out of it. It is never too late to make a turn around because when there is life there is hope, but when our mindsets are poor then there is a big problem and a low chance of getting out of poverty.

“When the mind is poor it is difficult to make a positive turn”.
  1. Pure Mindset: What is pure mindset? Pure mindset is always filtered and purified, neglecting bad thoughts and focusing more on positivity, with a goal and purpose accompanied with the desire to accomplishing them. A mind so strong and filled with positive thoughts, a mindset that often grow.
  2. Love for Everyone: To put an end to poverty begins with love; A person who wants to make a positive change in aspects of life must first be a lover of all and must be filled with love. Love plays a major role in putting a stop and end to poverty. The major reason why we live in a corrupt world filled with evil is because there is no love in the majority of the people who live in it.
  3. Ego: This is associated with self-importance, as the rich prefer to get richer and the poor poorer, everybody wants to be respected and honored nobody wants to be controlled and as some manage by luck to get to the top they never want anyone to get up with them because they always want to fill important and want others to feel inferior.
  4. Selfishness: The act of having regards for oneself alone, without minding the feeling of others. People want everything to themselves, if the world could be for one person I am certain a man will come from around the world to bid for it. These are the two things that detach people from loving others
  5. Team Work: To put an end to poverty might require people working hand in hand to make things work effectively. The reason why most family do not end up being successful is because they fail to work together as a team. When there is diversity, grudges and all in a family, then things may never work no matter how we try to work it out. There are situations where the success of a family may be tied on team work but because a member of the family feels more important than the other, and look down on each other they will eventually miss it. When it comes to pursuit of success we should always try and take the pride or ego away and focus more on teamwork for a better result.
  6. Plan together: have a positive mindset towards success, don’t look down on people, and never judge a book by its cover, the content may worth a fortune. What I mean here is that do not judge people by their appearances alone, how small a person is or their physical or mental disabilities may not define the knowledge they possess. Share ideas and thoughts together as a family, disagree so you can agree; Remember “A full gong do not make noise, only the empty ones do”.
  7. Render Help: He who helps with the little he has when poor, has the potential to help the masses when rich, this is a good criteria of a true leader. Do not wait until you have all  before you can render help, if you can help one you can help all, start from somewhere and help with the little you have, who knows if our success Is just attached to little things like this. Some people do not have to labour so hard before becoming successful; their success might only be attached to helping others, just as we stated above at the beginning of the post that ‘if we are so smart, why then aren’t we rich? It all could be by luck or grace and not about how hard we labour.
  8. Self Confidence: Sometimes when we depend so much on people we may achieve nothing, but when we build the confidence in ourselves it could help us achieve the unexpected. Building self confidence in oneself plays a big role on stopping poverty.
  9. Hatred: In the quest for success on how to stop poverty, it is natural that we have people who hate us for what we do or who we are, but that doesn’t mean that we should also hate them back or develop a negative mindset towards such people. The moment we develop hatred in us the more we loose focus and our purpose, so the best thing to do is to keep loving those who hates us and be smart to never go close to them or let them know our next move. Most times haters or antagonist are people who pushes us close to our final destination to success. “Love who hates you and love who loves you, at the same time be smart to always watch your back”.
  10. Talent discovery: Take your time to know who you are, do much of self discovery, create values for yourself so as to know your purpose in life, let no one force you to start a life, make your own decision at the right time. Marriage is one of the reasons why most people’s dream dies so quickly especially when they get married to the wrong spouses. Don’t let anyone dictate how you live your life to you. When you feel and know for certain that you have seen the right thing and the path to stop poverty and move into success, go after it.

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