How To Build Confidence When Self Humiliation Sets In

Building Your Confidence: 

Everybody has sort of confidence in them but the problem is, how to find it before self humiliation sets in. To build confidence in yourself is to know you have confidence in you.

Humiliation at times could be something we can easily control with our mindset. Once we develop a good mindset towards humiliation; it could easily pass off the feeling of being humiliated, however it is more damaging to be self humiliated without confidence.

How To Build Confidence When Self Humiliation Sets In

Humiliation is mostly caused by another person, mostly our opponent who could also be an antagonist to what we do; they are dangerous people who we must stay away from. 

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People who are fond of humiliating others are always of the opposite view of what people do and all they want is to take the praise while they indirectly bring down our confidence and also leave us with a low self esteem and worries. 

We should not let this weigh us down because worries can not solve any of our problems but multiplies the problem; this is why worries cannot save you from yourself.

When people like this come into our lives, it is always a challenging moment and a period in time which we have to fasten our belt and be prepared for the worst because some way, they are always ready to crush us to the ground and while we crumble they feel fly. 

In short, humiliation is just a way to defeat an opposition or opponent completely and this might be the reason why people hate us for our achievement.
But one thing is to be humiliated; another thing is to be self humiliated. Self humiliation on the other hand is quite more harmful and dangerous because it could easily and completely ruin a life. 

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What is Self Humiliation?

Self humiliation is twice the problem of being humiliated by someone, how is this so? It is because self humiliation is a feeling of self rejection. But when we are rejected or feel rejected, there are certain things to do when rejected by people

Self humiliation is when we are being humiliated by someone and then we gradually develop mindsets that make us feel we are nothing to ourselves, as it completely downgrades our mind to believe we are worthless. 

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It is natural to be humiliated as humans are filled with ego and selfishness but being humiliated by oneself is worse as it gives the signal and show the sign of weakness to our competitor, from there they can easily get into us and completely ruin our lives.

This happens mostly when we have a dialogue or argument with a person; they always try as much as possible to win every argument, in the process they somehow look for our weak spot where they could easily penetrate into us.  
In an argument, everybody tries to win but to win every argument might be very difficult at times so you have to be prepared and be up to the task.
How do you stand up to the task? Building confidence in oneself.
How do you build confidence?
In a situation to avoid self humiliation you need to first avoid being humiliated and the way out is by building self confidence. By building your confidence you can easily outshine your opponent. Building confidence is the key to battle over humiliation and the first thing to know is that ‘nobody will fight for you until you fight for yourself’
·    1.  Stand up for yourself : life is somehow programed in such a way that most people who depend so much on people to succeed always end up in failure because they fail to understand that humans are not to be trusted. When we depend on people for whatever help you end up in complete failure, this is why there is gain in being independentPeople who are independent are always respected and valued because people mostly see them as a significant figure, a head and also a leader, but don’t get it wrong true leadership goes beyond being independent alone. Standing up for yourself alone can trigger your confidence by improving the confidence in you. 

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·    2.    Fake it to make it: Most times it is easy for our opponent who tries to humiliate us to know our weakness or weak spot and when this is known to them they can easily penetrate and toy with our mind, at this point we will surely feel self disgraced and worthless, and here worries and confusion could set in. So this is why you have to fake it to make it.
·   3.    Be a good judge: To build confidence and to avoid self humiliation is to be a good judge by knowing how to judge ourselves rightly before judging others. Learn to know your fault and accept it, when you know this you can correct and make amends to your weakness. This way, you gradually build confidence in yourself because the more you know yourself the more you have confidence in yourself.

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