Fake It Till You Make It: Alternative Way To Bypass Depression

Faking It To Making It:

Living a fake life is the same as pretending to live while dead. It does not last for a life time but for a while. Sometimes, it is essential to fake somethings in our lives just to let go or bypass some things that might come as an obstacle, either in the pursuit of happiness or success.


Experience of Faking It To Making It

Have you ever experienced discrimination in life, or self humiliation? If you have experienced one of these, you will know that depression is real and sometimes you have to fake it to make it.

The challenges some people face in life is enough for them to live a fake life, as they have no choice. Most of the people who live a fake life do it for survival.

How do I mean?

Let me use myself as an example; I am this kind of person who loves to be isolated, I love to be alone with my own thoughts, while I reminisce on finding solutions to some fundamental challenges of life. I play less, I talk less and I love to listen more. I don’t like been around people, most especially where there is a crowd. I get bored easily and irritated with long conversations, I don’t like people tampering with my personal belongs because I know how hard I suffered to get them. I don’t also like to be controlled by people and I don’t also like controlling people, people who know me, know I am quite simple but principled.

I don’t like making unnecessary friends, if I see you are not productive and I like you, I will try to make things work for you, but if you do not reason along, I will believe we are not on the same page, so I let go.

Because I get pissed off when people use my personal belongs without consulting me, people saw this as my weakness back then and then used it against me. Just to make me angry.

I also quickly get pissed off back then when I am in the mist of a crowd or large number of people. People also saw this as my weakness and for no reason they wished to frustrate me with this.

I was so frustrated that I was self humiliated because they almost turned me to a mad person, as I gradually developed mood swings, low self esteem and my self confidence faded away gradually. In no time I felt discriminated and humiliated feeling rejected and depressed.

How I faked it To make it

After going through all these torments and mind torture, all that came to my mind now was death, because I was tired of everything and this came as a result of depression which bore out of self humiliation and boredom. But I didn’t want to die!
This was what I did; I knew everything balled down to being bored, and I knew how to get outof boredom, low self esteem; selfconfidence, discriminated and inferiority complex because I read about it, I realised getting out of boredom is to do the opposite of everything that makes you bored, which means faking it to make it work!

You see, it’s just as simple as it is, faking it to make it, are ways to make people feel you are enjoying every bit of the action and moment while within you its entirely nonsense but you have to make it to survive, just to reduce the pressure around you.

Since I have been faking it, I have been making it work and it has really being working for me. I also recommend this method or call it logic to people who have also tried it and it worked for them, so I believe it will work for you.

Since I have being faking it, I felt no regret but that does not apply to how people fake life negatively. Most especially on the internet via social media networks, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other media handles. Where social mediahas become a place where people showcase insanity.

Stay Away From Fake Friends

It is always said to stay away from fakers because they easily mislead and that is true, because the moment you start faking things the more you confuse people and make them have a different mindset about you, both good and bad mindset sets in.

In this modern world, fake lifestyle and making people develop a different mindset about you, could make people label you with a different look and picture you as a different person; sometimes we feel extra ordinary when we fake it and another time we feel like a fool.

How To Fake It

To live a fake life do not require much stress, with the help of social media and from the comfort of your home you can make people believe all you do and what you are without physical proof.

Gone are the days when you have to showcase the physical resources you got before people can believe you, but now with the help of social media trend you can do things easily by fooling people. But take note, you may think you are fooling people while fooling yourself at the end.

One thing you should understand about people is that they easily believe in your success and they can easily forget you when you fail just the same way they believed you from the initial stage.

So, before you fake things, you should ask yourself a simple question: Am I fooling people to believe in me or am i fooling myself?

Faking things is quite easy but also dangerous, if you really want to live a good life you either fake it or live a normal life, whereas doing both could also be productive but goes with its own consequence

When you fake it and people get to realise that you have been living a fake life, the good ones mostly leave and never comeback and also, living a fake life could result in destroying everything we have worked for in a matter of seconds and also reduces and diminishes our value, respect and personality. On the other hand, if your intentions are good just for the sake of protecting yourself from worries, as worries can not solve a problem but makes it twice the problem, then it is best to fake it to make it.

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