Does Cramming Work for Students? Effect of Cramming On Young Adults

Cramming Vs Reading:

While reading could be a hobby, cramming on the other hand could be a gift because not everybody has the ability to cram.

Readin reading g is easy when it is your hobby but when it goes beyond that which is reading for a particular course or subject especially the non-interesting and confusing courses then, we will know that reading is hard.

Reading could be sometimes challenging as exams seems to get close for students, while most students read ahead of the coming exams, others might not have the time as some other activites may come up. But as soon as the exams time table comes out, many students get stuck as they try finding rhythm to the approaching exam. 

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To be sincere, for young adults, readin reading g is easy when it is your hobby but when it goes beyond that which is reading for a particular course or subject especially the non-interesting and confusing courses then, we will know that reading is hard. However, most parents do not want to know if a course is easy or hard, all they know is that they have sent you to school to study and come out with good grades and result.

As young adults, parents believe that there is no limit to what the brain can assimilate or know. This is the mindset they carry. With this mindset, they put a form of fear into the heart of the child to read tirelessly even when the brain is tired, all they know is that you must keep on reading.

This mindset of parents has put many children into trouble and great dilemma. Parents should understand that students are not robots but humans and we all have our limitations, strengths and weaknesses as to what our individual capabilities are.

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Putting pressure in the heart of children in the home and lecturers pressuring them at their various universities could cause a great damage to the health of the student both mentally and physically.

As parents mount pressure at home, the child will also have no choice than to face the hard lectures in school. Meanwhile, most lecturers are so funny while many are sadists, all they want is to do things their own way if you don’t, such student will meet with failure at the end of the semester when the results are out.

Why Most Students Cram

1. They are left with no choice: There are courses that are very complicated. No matter how hard you read or how good you are, these topics, courses or subjects can be so frustrating, at times you have to read all over and over again before you can get a point out of hundreds of other points stated in a material. So, most students resort to cramming.

2. They don’t want to fail: failure is the least a student will like to see at the end of a semester or at the beginning of a new session. This can totally destabilize most students mind throughout the whole session as it could be embarrassing, and they have to read all over again to write the carry over courses which they have failed in the previous session with their juniors. So, to avoid failure, most students need to cram to pass and this could also cause great harm to their health.

3. Pressure is high: If you ask me to list top ten toughest moments of my life, my university days will be in the top three because, it was one of the most challenging periods I have ever faced in life. It was hard and rough, I didn’t feel the fun of being in school because I had other things taking much of my time, some of the major things were pressures from my parents and also pressure from school as I didn’t want to fail. 

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I also had financial crisis because I didn’t depend on my parents for feeding, I did most of the things myself. I couldn’t concentrate in class the way I wished to because most times I go to school hungry as my campus was quite a long distance from where I lived.

Pressure can make you not to understand what you are reading but can make you form the habit of cramming which could damage a person mentally. Reading is energy consuming while cramming takes twice the energy because you don’t read to understand rather you read to pass and forget what you have read.

Pressure from lecturers are also a major reason why students cram for exams, most lecturers are sadists, they want you to write exactly what they have stated for you during lectures or write out what is inside their textbooks or handouts they recommended. If you don’t cram you fail, so you either cram to pass or do not cram and fail the course.

Effects of Cramming

1. Insanity: When I was in school, many people ran mad because they wanted to pass, it was not that I was told, it was something I saw with my own very eyes. People are scared of failure because they do not want the large sum of money spent on their education to waste. As others try to pass with the mindset of impressing their parents and their colleagues. With this mindset, they go extra miles reading without break, which in turn causes a mental damage to their health. 

What I also noticed was that not eating well or lack of balanced diet could affect both physical and mental state of many young adult. Since reading is time and energy consuming it affects most students mental state of mind. And as the saying goes, when the mind is weak, the body gets tired, both then fails to interact or communicate properly with each other, which causes a psychological effect.

2. Drug Addiction: Cramming can be very challenging, especially when it comes to cramming for exams. Most young adult are always scared to fail, so they look for a better and easier means to pass, in the process of looking for means, many students get to meet with other colleagues who influence them to believe in their own mindset by telling them to go into drugs with the belief that it will help them reason wide and open their brain to easily receiving and assimilating what they have read. 

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Well, many are lucky to survive this without great effect at the initial stage which they believe is the true way to reading and because it worked for them, they believe it can also work for others and this is how many people get addicted to drugs.

3. Bribery and corruption: While some students are lucky to cram for exams, many others are unfortunate. Many young adult who find themselves in the act of cramming are not that gifted with it, so instead of wasting their time doing what they are not good at which they know within themselves that failure is the end product, they choose to bribe the corrupt lecturers so they can find their way out of failing. 

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4. Sexual abuse: This mostly happens with the young ladies. Sexual abuse is one thing most schools have tried to put a stop to but it always does not yield positive results as most lecturers are addicted to abusing the female students sexually. When most students do not have the capacity or capability to cram or cannot naturally assimilate or understand a course, they willingly give their bodies to the lecturers. However, there are some female students who do not choose to lay with the lecturers but they have no choice because most of the lecturers force them to.

5. Exam malpractices: Malpractice is a common phenomena in schools, mostly in the secondary and universities. Exam malpractice is not new to anyone as it has gone as far as it being encouraged by most parents, principals and lecturers in most schools, this mostly happens as a result of bad leadership, and corrupt society. 

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Cramming is a process of reading not to digest, assimilate or understand.

Cramming does not impart knowledge because such knowledge lasts for a short period of time. Cramming is only to impress others that we know what we do not or others don’t know, cramming is also a way to achieve or excell in our academics especially during a test or exam. Cramming does not last it only showcases our knowledge within a very short period of time.

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