Coronavirus: Stay Home Stay Safe, Utilize the Opportunity, Make Money from Home

Stay Indoor Make Money:

It is either good or evil that leads the world and now it is time we have to work together to fight and put a stop to the spread of covid-19. More reason why we need to stay home so we can stay safe, and on the other hand utilize the opportunities as we make money from home.

As coronavirus may seem to be something evil to many, to some it is the best time they have ever had with their family and I bet they will take good advantage of it and I hope you do too.

Make Time with Your Family 

In this very civilized world, one of the greatest challenges for most people is having a good time with the family. But with the situation at hand we fight again covid-19; it is also an avenue to utilize with our family and loved ones.

Staying indoor is to stay safe and to be safe by not spreading the virus.

Thanks to the internet, who makes communication easy and effective, the purpose of the internet is the very thing that keeps connected with our loved ones. Imagine a world without the internet at this very time of coronavirus pandemic.

However, since the economics of most counties are staggering, as many might not be able to afford data subscription to stream the internet, but we got you back if you are in Nigeria. Here could be the cheapest data subscription you might need to keep you going. So don’t worry, be happy!

Do you also know that you can see everywhere from your home? CNN style has recently compiled and provided “All the virtual concert plays, museums and other culture you can enjoy from home” a great list of entertainment amazing things for your view, you can enjoy from home.

Also learn to stay away from fake news, coronavirus fake news are everywhere as some people are not concerned about others health, so it is important to carefully filter a news before sharing, avoid coronavirus fake news and save a life.

While we have the freedom to stay at home, how much do we take advantage of it? Don’t wait for opportunity, the opportunity is here. Make use of this period of time and make the best out of it.

We know we are in crises, in the middle of a war but still we can still make something meaningful from the out range pandemic coronavirus that has gone so viral. While some people might regret this period now and in the near future, we can still utilize and take advantage of it now while we have the free time.

Freelance From Home

We have always heard or read from social media how people work from home to make easy money. There are no genuine easy ways to make money online. 

Do not get it twisted if they say easy money, there is nothing like easy ways to make money only if you want to be scammed, but you can as well make money online easily if you have the skills of being a freelancer.

There are some places to start making money online; You can either benefit from google by becoming a blogger and start making money in three months. That is if you want to become a blogger, which I know not everyone has the patience to wait that long to make money. But still if you can not become a blogger you can become a freelance for a blog.

The Beauty of Working Online

One thing about making money online is that even in time of crises like the coronavirus while most business are shut down people who work online still make their money easily and without much stress.

Becoming a freelancer requires some certain skill and guide which are prominent to get you going, if you are interested in becoming a freelance then you can opt in for some of the freelance work office with either FiverrEtsyUpworkOpera News or become a writer or an editor for a blog.

All this can be learnt from home and believe me, this is the best time to get started, which I know you will never regret. Start one of the freelance jobs and thank me later. Smile!

Reminder On Covid-19

We should also not forget that only with the help of you and I the world can remain a better place, so why not let take the time to listen to what the government expects and the government says by staying indoor and staying safe from corona.

The bad thing about coronavirus is that it quickly spreads and kills so quickly but if we come to realise that staying indoor can make us stay safe and prevent the virus from spreading and killing more people then we can take great advantage of the period while we stay indoors.

Sometimes, things happen for a reason either good or bad they are meant to happen. Either coronavirus is good or evil; it does not really matters now, what matters most is how we can utilize the opportunity given to us by staying at the door and staying safe.

Marginalizing the Rich and The poor

Many people may see the out range of coronavirus as a disaster upon humanity but what if it is not but a way to give other people a chance to understand how unpredictable life could be and the reality that money or wealth does not really define or differentiate us from one another.

Before coronavirus surfaced, life has been so tough for many as people who are poor do not have the chance to get to the top or become rich, while the rich become richer, the poor remain poorer.

We are One

Rich people differentiate themselves by class, as self humiliation seems uncontrollable, the rich do not in any way hesitate to help the situation. While self humiliation has been part of the human race and most living in the heart of the poor masses.

But now it seems there is a way to make the rich understand the important of love and why we should cherish one another and why love is more powerful than riches or wealth we acquire, at the same time the covid-19 could also make you a better person when you take great advantage of the opportunities you can achieve from staying home which make you stay safe. Above all stay indoor and stay safe.

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