Coronavirus Precaution Against Ignorance

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Should we say that people do not really understand the precaution for the coronavirus or could it be as a result of ignorance, or the failure of the need to use common sense?

Despite all the warning signs and precautions which have been given by the government agencies to the public, many people still have a primitive mindset to understand what coronavirus is or the meaning of Covid-19.

Despite the efforts the government put in place to prevent the spread of the pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19), by urging the civilians to stay at home to stay safe and to keep social distances if possible, there are still some scapegoats and ignorant people who aren’t listening to simple instructions.

The Ignorant Man

I stood outside of the house, which was close to the main road, then I saw a public transport driver still working despite the current coronavirus outbreak and the precautions and instruction given by the government body and agencies for everyone to stay at home to prevent the virus.

The spread of the out ranging disastrous coronavirus which was confirmed to emerge from china. The pandemic new coronavirus has spread to at least 170 countries and territories and has killed more than 24,000bpeople and infected over 542,000 according to Aljazeera.

But can we really blame them, as many civilians can’t endure to stay indoors for days without much money for themselves and their family. Most of the poor masses have to go out there to find what to eat, as the government in some countries could not cater or provide for the necessary needs of the citizens who are instructed to stay indoors. 

Believed to be ignorance, the driver was putting on a hand glove to prevent himself from contacting the virus which was good but at the same time, the ignorant man was doing the wrong thing.

He was using the same glove he uses in opening the door for his passengers to also carry the passengers belongings into the boot of the car, he used the same glove to collect his money from the passengers and then use the same hand to handle the steer wheel of the car, these are good so far he didn’t touch his face, eye, nose and ears with the glove.

But the worse and wrong part of it all was that he wasn’t conscious of the wrong he was doing because he was carried away by the activities, while ignoring the great danger he was putting himself into.

Worse of all, this man used that same glove on his hand in drinking a sachet of dry gin. Not knowing he had automatically shot himself in the leg, a big mistake he should never have made, because that very glove on his hands must not touch his face without proper sanitization.

Corona Precautions To Follow:

·        First, we need to believe that the disease is REAL, and it is currently in most countries
·        Secondly, we need to understand and observe social distancing if we must go out
·        Use your face mask
·        Stay hydrated (drink a lot of water)
·        Wash your hands with soap and water regularly
·        Use alcohol based hand sanitizer
·        We should stay home and be hygienic as much as possible
·        Report anyone who shows the symptoms of the disease like dry cough, sneezing, and fever.
·        Pray for the nation and the world
·        Follow news updates

Though it might not be the driver’s fault as he may not have the basic knowledge of the precautions and measures he should have taken to avoid being contacted by the virus as fake news are widely spreading each day.  However, there are ways to avoid coronavirus fake news and follow the right news updates.

This should be a great lesson to all, in this critical period of time we should learn to listen to what the government says, not only to save ourselves alone, but to as well save the life of others and most importantly our loved ones.

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