9 Qualities of A good judge And How To Judge People's Actions Rightly

Peoples Good And Bad Actions

It is said to never judge people by their appearance, as it does not define them. Do not judge people by their looks because it doesn’t give a concrete evidence of who they are or their actions, but with a careful examination and some other factors we shall discuss would show the right way to judge people.

Even if you possess all the professional qualifications and degrees in law and other related disciplines, that does not make you qualified to be a good judge. A good judge goes beyond formal education

Putting judgment into our own hands without careful examination cold make us judge wrongly, as so many people have suffered for the sins they never committed due to wrong judgement. Many other people have lost their life due to false acquisition, wrong conclusion and judgement.

But should we say this people do not have the right to judge, thou it is believe that if you judge people you have no time to love them, but still people will judge you for your action because some took it as a profession and some are just mere people who try to settle issues.

This are good things but judging wrongly could put people in trouble, people who do not know not about the problem and people who are not guilty of an actions could be judge wrongly.

 Who is Qualified to Judge People?

A good judge is a person who undergoes a formal education with the discipline to judge others and also takes it as a profession or a person who is older than us because they have the experience that we lack. That's definitely not the qualities of a good judge.

Even if you possess all the professional qualifications and degrees in law and other related disciplines, that does not make you qualified to be a good judge. A good judge goes beyond formal education alone but with the help of self education it can be achieved.

Why Do People Judge Others?

People simply judge others to regulate the misconduct and also to maintain peace and harmony in a state, since good and evil leads the world then there will always be a problem and this problem needs to be curbed, but in the right way.

However, there are some people who do not want the peace of the state or nations, instead of them to be a peace maker they rather find a way to cause problem and chaos.

 The Right Experience To Judge

Should you judge your fellow being when you don’t have the right experience or the qualified knowledge to judge? People of this kind often jump into conclusions when trying to resolve issues, without logical clarification, thereby, putting so many innocent people into the dilemma they never prepared for.

Many homes have broken, marriages have failed, relationships have crumbled, businesses have collapse and great people with good vision and great purpose in life have lost their lives just because of wrong accusations and false judgement, as many people who judge are not morally sound.

Morality and good ethical conduct and discipline are some of the attributes to define a good judge; many judges misbehave based on the fact that they are in the position to proclaim false judgments on people without the right knowledge.

Many people are fond of judging other people without knowing the process and the requirement it takes to judge, while others go to school to study courses such as law, philosophy and other related courses to justices. Yet over the years, most people choose to put justices into their own hands and at the end punish the people who are innocent.

What To Know Before You Judge People

  1. Communication Skills: Always by all means learn to listen to people carefully, be always eager to listen and slow to speak, this is a good communication skill we should possess because it shows how quality and personality on how we can handle issues. Do not intrude their words, this also show that we can hold pressure. You don’t need to rush to speak, since all the arguments are still coming back to you as the judge, so take your time to listen to both parties, let them state their problems by pouring out their minds before we interfere.
  2. Silence: Everybody tries to fight for being right and not wrong so it takes wisdom and patience to handle argument, they will rush us with their point through their words but never fall for any of them, be silent and keep listening in the process you will get to start to know who is at fault through body language and signs.
  3. Sentiment: To possess a good quality of a good judge never put sentiment into your actions, do not favour a person because they are good to you or because they are your relatives or family. Sentiment is the first process to corruption and this is why many nations are corrupt; never judge on personal interest or because of what you will gain. This tell later on you and it come with great repercussions.
  4. Logic: The correct use of inductive and deductive reason should help you out to analysis the problem before driving out conclusion, also you need to seamlessly understand the difference betweeni nductive and deductive reasoning - According to livescience.
  5. Individual's Perception: When judging, do not lose focus by listening to one person and leaving the other in the cloud, sometimes the faulty person always find a way to cover up with their sweet quoted words so you can be easily carried away. Never let that affect you reason focus on both by all means as possible and weigh their difference.
  6. Emotion: Do not be carried away by people's words and actions, body language when judging. These are warning sign as everybody fights and try by all means to find a way of confusing you to submit to their words, so they can find favour from you when passing the judgement. Sympathy also could make us judge wrongly, when settling disputes; the affected party will always try to sympathize just for favour but do not let it get into you so you will not pass the wrong judgement on the right person.
  7. Person Experience: As formal education could help sort out some of the issues, we must not neglect or use our person experiences which we know to be right with proof to judge matters. Some times our experience can solve some logical problems in passing the right judgement. When we are well experience in the related matters then we can use what we know to solve what we do not.
  8. Slow To Anger: You will be frustrated when argument are not coming to conclusion easily and could make you come into false conclusion. Frustration could lead to mood swing and make could get you angry easily, so be slow to anger. To avoid this, if you know you can not control your anger at that moment as it frustrates you, it is best to leave the matter for another day so you may not pass the wrong judgement.
  9. Feel Superior: One of the biggest mistakes that could cut you off from being a good judge is to feel that you are superior to them. They may make you useless to yourself and make you feel inferior; here inferiority complex could set in. When we meet with people who are more out spoken than we are, no need to panic, all you need is self confidence and how to overcome low selfesteem. Leaders shouldn’t feel superior but to be at the audience level so they can easily relate with us and can also learn from them easily. You must possess the criteria of true leadership. 

If there would be a need to add up some of other qualities of a good judge, kindly state them in our comment box below and we will be happy to include them here if the need be.

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