Why Do I Have No Motivation? Here Is A Way Out

Why No Motivation

If you ask yourself the question, why do I have no motivation? At this point, it could mean that you probably do not have a passion for something. We can not be motivated for no reason; there must be something we are passionate about that drives us to crave for more and to get the best out of ourselves and in life.

We need passion to sustain the motivation to keep going.  When we discover the passion for something, then it gives us the power to carry on and keep pushing for success.

What you have passion for and what you build your passion around is what motivates you to do more.

How Do We Discover Our Passion?

By Self Examination: This is a good way to bring out the best in us. When we know who we are, then it is easier to know what we have passion for, by then we can develop a growth mindset toward life.
Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion in a man and to be passionate is to have a strong interest in something which we like very much, with the determination to execute and bring out the best out of that thing.

What Do You Have Passion for?

What you have passion for and what you build your passion around is what motivates you to do more. The motivation to keep going is all based on the passion you have towards a thing.

So, what is it that makes you do more of what you do? Why are you doing what you do? Is it the passion for money or for value?

Without clarity or good answer to the above questions it is easier to fail than to succeed.

A Bar Of Gold

When hunting for gold, we toil deep into the earth for it and with time we find some but that is little to make a bar of gold, so what do we do? We keep toiling the earth until we get what we want, it could take months of hard work, patience and determination, but some day we get the value and people buy that value from us for its worth.

Raw golds are always found  among dirty stones, so to make life meaningful, sometimes we have to do the dirty job, we do not look for gold for its worth but first its value, later on people see the value in it and buys it for what it’s worth.

At the initial stage, a good miner looks for raw gold for its value but not its worth because a tiny  piece of gold may not worth anything meaningful or worth nothing but when those little pieces are placed together it carries great value, then it is worth pricing and selling.

Why Successful People Pursue Value Over Worth
Most Successful people we see once worth nothing, rather they were just some piece of little particles trying to make a life but adding values to themselves.

They struggle, some are homeless as other people see them as hopeless and insane, but because they have a strong passion for something they kept on adding up their values together for years, at this stage people do not notice them or value them for what they are but, with time when values are added to the point it blossoms with success, then people see those values. They then weigh them up, know their worth and pay them.

The Cores Of Passions

Passion surrounds itself with two core things which are value and worth. These two things can be destructive if not well understood. When we choose to let worth which is money to be our first priority, then we might lose it all.

Values comes first before worth -” we may worth something but may not have a significant value, but when we have values we worth something”.

When your passion is for money, you lose your values but when your passion is built on values, people start to price and convert your values for a worth.

When you have passion for money you lose it, when you have passion for value you are worth anything in life and it definitely would come to a point you become priceless.

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