Warning Sign: Why Young Adults Might Lose Their Jobs And Businesses In The Coming Years

Young Adult Business In Coming Years

This is in no case a prophecy but fact that we need to know on time. With the way things work now in this present generation, it is of no doubt that most people will lose their jobs and businesses, especially from 30 years of age and above in the coming years and the young youths out there should be aware of this.

Why Young Adults Might Lose Their Jobs And Businesses In The Coming Years

The old days are gone; this is the new era so wake up from your slumber if you are still sleeping, before success by pass you. It is time to be innovative, create new ideas and values for yourself. It is time to keep developing yourself for the challenge in the coming years, so you will not be left out or lag behind while others become successful.

At a tender age most teenagers are always eager to learn new things but as they grow pass the teen age other things seem to overwhelm their thought rather than values. In turn they miss track and many of them fail.

Many young adults are most times lazy to learn more or develop themselves as they seem to have other things to do which indirectly overshadow the reality they ought to have faced as the do not know what lies ahead of them in the coming years.

Don’t be surprised as jobs and businesses will be losed to those who understand the essence of self improvement in the coming years, as many people will be outdated and people who understand the business will step up their game as others lag behind.
The way things are changing in the world has become relatively alarming but yet most young adults seemed not to be conscious about these changes. Everything seems to change rapidly as science and technology takes over the world.

The more we grow the more technology advances and the better we should become. So many times, we have written a couple of articles about what is to happen in the coming years, but people do not take note of this things, is it until when we are affected and we fall to the lower class of (poverty) ? Is it by then we would realise that we need to update and upgrade or have a developed mindset?

As much as we grow as a person, so do we add up in age and also in advanced technology. There and then what we know also loses its values. The job we do and our business that we depend so much on could be lost in a tinkle of an eye, this is the more reason why we have to prepare for this coming years.

There are so many topics we have written on how to develop growth mindset towards our life, career pursuit, how to attain success, updating and upgrading oneself, why we should stay away from fake friends and many more.

 How Our Mindset Affects Our Way Of life

We should not be surprise when it gets to a time in life when everything we know will have little or no meaning to use, as the world evolves and take over our present knowledge in the coming years.

Then, people who think they know a thing without the crave and desire to know more will fall short of success, they will lament as it might be too late for them to meet up with life expectations.

These sets of people are those who are stuck in their own mindset, they are primitive and not willing and ready to step up their game to know more or source for new information; internet is a good source and place to acquire more knowledge and gain more information.

Things are changing rapidly and we have to understand this, we should not be surprised that many young adults from age 30 and above may be left out in the success race as they may eventually lag behind from new things.

It is still even better for young adult in their 30’s because adults who are above this age find it hard to meet up with life expectations through new inventions from science and technological.

 A Scenario On Why You Should Keep Advancing In Knowledge

Recently, I gave a job to a printer to print a banner for me, the man who was around his 40’s; Initially I should not have given him the job but since I knew that this old men are losing their jobs to young adults who understand the essence of mindset development and self upgrading.

So, I gave him the job, another reason why I gave him the job was because I wanted to know if he can meet up with the present standard of business in this era. But sincerely he failed, he gave me a couple of designs but believe me, these designs are wonderfully primitive, I mean they are no match to what young tech and graphic designers do these days.

I even went as far to give him some samples of modern designs but still he kept on giving me this crap stuff, I was so frustrated so I left.

Another scenario happened not long ago, a family man lost his job only because he could not operate a smart phone on an average. The company he was working for was an old technology mobile phone company which was also called GSM (first came to Nigeria in the year 2001).

He was working with one of these top companies, then, they use invoice and paper work but not long ago, the system changed and everything took a different turn as the company folded up and was bought by another company who was advanced in technology, now this man could not boldly operate a smart phone not to talk of a computer, this was the genesis of is problem.

Notwithstanding, this man had the chance to improve on himself but I couldn’t really figure out why he didn’t because I know he had educated children who can easily put him through. Later I got to know that he was stocked in his mindset.

You know this old men primitive mentality about things of not being submissive to younger people who know more than them!

In a nut shell..

The new company decided to retain him because he was old in the system but sooner ignorance started to catch up with him as he was lagging behind to meet up.
The system has changed from paper work to an internet setting and he does not know how to handle email and many more, so he loss his job to someone else who can do better.

 The Morals

The man was ignorant to add values to himself, he believed that what he knows can always save him but things turns out to be different.

What I noticed was that this people at the age of 40 and above believes that what they know would carry them forever, and again they tend to be ignorant of the values they could get or achieve in sourcing for more information and what is presently trending in terms of science and technology, while most of them are not ready to learn.

They do not understand the importance of the use of gadget and advantages of smart devicesand lastly they are actually lazy to develop or update and upgrade themselves.

This problem will continue to persist until people start taking a U-turn to add value to themselves by updating and upgrading themselves. If not they would eventually fall short of knowledge.
For young adults from age 30 and upward to retain their jobs and businesses in the coming years, it is  most imperative to never believe what we know is enough for a life time, keep learning, fail and keep failing until you succeed.

A thing is only hard if our mind tells us so, and things will always seem difficult to us if we don’t take a step closer to see into it. Don’t be surprise, the moment we step into something the easier it becomes and when we have a positive mindset toward such thing, it at the end comes out with possibilities and success.
So what level are we, are our mind still fixed on what we know alone, or we are lazy to update and upgrade ourselves, are we ready to have a chance of mind and develop a growth mindset and to forfeit the old mentality we carry? The choice is ours now because things will not be the same in the coming years, but for now we need to take a step now while it is not too late.

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