The 3 Kinds Of Knowledge And How They Affect Our Mindset And Lives

Knowledge And How It Affects Life

Knowledge is power but there is more to knowledge, when wisdom and understanding fits into our way of life. On this post we shall discuss in depth what knowledge is, the three kinds of knowledge, the application of knowledge and how it affects our individual lives.

The 3 Kinds Of Knowledge And How They Affect Our Mindset And Lives

We have heard and heard of what wisdom, knowledge and understanding are but do we really know what all this are made of, how they work and how they actually affects our individual lives.

Some many people misunderstand the function of these three things as others take them for granted, here we shall shed more light on them as we will take just few time to go straight to the point.

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are interwoven and complicated to understand or interpret for many which I will love to decode. So if you are here to understand the best interpretations for these words then you are in the right place.


What is wisdom and what role does it play?

Wisdom is a natural divine gift from God unto men; it is natural and can not be bought with any material things. Wisdom is metaphysical and an inbuilt action of men who are gifted from God to judge and also hold the quality of being wise.
Wisdom can break riddles, puzzles and other things that are complicated, something beyond man understanding and knowledge.


What is understands?

Understanding is an act of arriving at a final conclusion in an action. To understand is to have knowledge of what the subject matter is. Understanding is also the act or awareness of something before arriving at a conclusion.

 Here we move forward to what knowledge is?

Knowledge means to know; Knowledge is based on experience and exposure and the ability to apply wisdom to what we know. Knowledge is a physical entity that is passed into human mind by what he sees, feels and hears with his sensory organs.

In a nutshell, knowledge is a collection of information stored in the human mind and the application of common sense to understand what a thing actually means.

 Difference Between Knowledge And Wisdom

Ø  Wisdom is metaphysical; while knowledge is physical
Ø  Wisdom is a natural gift from God; knowledge is a collective information with the sense organs.
Ø  Knowledge works with what we know; wisdom works with divine interpretation to things.
Ø  Knowledge can not work on its own without the help of understanding and the application of wisdom.

The reasons why we do not include understanding in the differences we mentioned between wisdom and knowledge is because understanding is the end result, a conclusion after knowledge and wisdom are applied to a thing respectively.

Our major focus is what are the three kinds of knowledge and how it affects life; the reason why we first discuss on what and the differences between knowledge, wisdom and understand was because we can not just jump into the three kinds of knowledge without clarifying them.
There are three kinds of knowledge but most people do not count it as something worth knowing as many mindsets are built on what they are thought alone rather than digging deep to know more.

Life is a teacher and the lessons are endless, that is why we should never dispute king Solomon quotes which says ”The more we know the more we suffer and the more we understand the more we get hurt” bible verse. So as human will always keep seeing new things and discover new knowledge that world capture and overwhelm or heart.
The biblical saying “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” which is Metaphysical Proverbs 9:10:11 and “my people are destroyed for the lack knowledge” Hosea 4:6. An epistemology statement; this are strong and powerful verses in the bible that people ignore or find it hard to pay attention to while other who pay attention to them could not relate with the word.

 There Are Three Kinds Of Knowledge In The World

1.  Natural Knowledge: This is a kind of knowledge that are mystical in nature can also be called religious knowledge, this kind of knowledge are beyond human imaginations and ideas, they are puzzles that can not be solves but best known to the creator who design everything there in. This knowledge is metaphysical in nature which is beyond physical.

We once said knowledge is a physical entity while wisdom is metaphysical or divine. Something natural is mystical and could only be based on beliefs and left to faith that is why it is Religious knowledge from God.

2.      Scientific Knowledge: These are materialist or physical knowledge based on exposure and experiences gathered by man through ideas to solve some basic problems of the world.

Through facts, evidence, proofs which are subjected to be falsified before it become a method and then principles, theories and laws. This kind of knowledge can only be actualized with the five sensory organs.

3.      Philosophical knowledge: This Philosophy originated for curiosity and wonders and it’s an act of wanting to know more about life, mystery, creating new ideas and finding solutions to some fundamental questions through logical thinking to arrive at a reasonable and definite conclusion.

Philosophical knowledge as discussed above through definition is the combination of both religious knowledge and scientific knowledge. A way to consistently develop mindset, human knowledge and to discover hidden, physical and metaphysical truths that are unknown to us.

Why we went this far to write a post like this is to enlighten us the more about how things in life work. Everything in life works on purpose and this purpose as to be known.

Successful people out there apply these kinds of knowledge which are all incorporated to one which is philosophical knowledge, they apply this into their lives and this is why they can control almost everything.

They develop their mindsets in both religious or natural knowledge, scientific knowledge and philosophical knowledge to get to the top. They are not stuck in their own thoughts as some with poor and fixed mindsets do; rather they keep discovering themselves, while they try to break poverty mindsets which were once built in them. They develop a growth in mindset as they can think far ahead of others.

The Believers

Some religious people sticks to what religion teaches but the painful truth is that most of them who call themselves as believers do the opposite of what they preach.

They choose not to learn about other things as they count them unimportant but rather stick to only what they know, which in turn may not let them grow.

One thing that they failed to remember is that we are living in a world where we need to adapt to, and the only way to adapt to life and to move forward is when we understand how life progresses. We keep up with life by updating and upgrading ourselves.

Don’t stick to what you know alone, learn to know what you don’t know, then filter what is right from what is wrong”.

The way we treat life is the way we will be treated, if we say we do not need to know or acquire more knowledge, then we would become servile, automatically we become outdated while our mind remains poor. It will be hard to move with successful people even when we try to stay away from fake friends and people, all this determine the path we choose in life.

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