Necessity And Needs: An Easy way To Meet Up With Life Expectations

Differentiating Between Necessity And Needs

Meeting up with life expectations is more or less a way and means in the pursuit of happiness in life; A time when we should and should not live life like there is no tomorrow. A time we need to understand the difference between necessities and needs of life and its expectations likewise.

Happiness and fulfilment are what makes life meaningful; when we are happy we have in one way or the other meet up with certain expectations in life.
Life is not a bed of roses so we are naturally going to face some challenges when trying to meet up with life expectations. However, when trying to battle with challenges, we should also not put ourselves into trouble by slowing ourselves down with our own ignorance.

Life is meaningful for those who understands it and it’s more meaningful for those who have the knowledge about what it is made up of. Some certain people in life live like there is no tomorrow when they haven’t achieved a thing, this ought not to be so. Why would you relax and spend when you have made no achievement? Even if you have made some achievement, you still need to achieve more.

People who relax because they have little in their possessions are mostly enslaved in their own mind ‘a poverty mentality mindset’. If we ask them if they like the life they live they would respond by saying “damn right, I like the life I live”. These sets of people do not have anything valuable to offer us, these are people we should walk away from, they will only hold us back from success.

 Ways To Keep Up With Life Expectations

Necessity from Needs: The first way to keep up with life expectations is by differentiating our needs from what is necessary, this is very important and this is why most people fail.

Many people do not understand what needs are and what necessity is, this has hinder many people from attaining success. There are some things we may need in life that are not necessary and there are necessary things we need in life too.

“The simple truth is that necessity holds more values than needs, necessity last for a life time, but need lasts for a certain period of time”.

Mistaking Necessity For Needs

Many people take need for necessity, and to move forward in life we must understand that need is most times a materialistic desire and want in life. Need is an actual things that are important for us to attain success but mostly temporary.

We must learn to build our mindset on things that matters, our wants should be channeled to necessity rather than needs. Some people spend so much time on needs as they live life like theres no tomorrow without creating any value to themselves, in the process they waste their time and before they realise all is lost.

Meeting Life Expectations

A person who wants or desires a car should have a purpose for having the car; it is either to suit his needs or necessities. What I mean by this is that the car might be a means to boost success career and to add values to oneself or just because it is a need probably because we want to impress others or enjoy life.

Everybody can desire to have a smart phone worth 500 thousand naira, sure many of us desire to have things like this mainly to show off or perhaps to show how rich and wealthy we are or rather to enjoy the moment of life while many do not understand the great advantage of a smart phone; these are people’s needs.  Needs are just for pleasure while necessities are for pleasure, productivity and values.

“Live your life like theres no tomorrow without creating any value for yourself could make you face the wrath of regrets later in life”.

Don’t Bite More Than You Can Chew: The reason why some people will never meet up to life expectations could be because they simply bite more than they can chew.
It is natural that we humans want to be successful in life and it is good to plan and work towards success but we should learn not to go beyond our capacity.

Lastly to meet up with life expectations, we must learn to take things slowly, “slow and steady wins the race. We must be steady and consistent with everything we do in life and in building a mindset that understands the difference between necessity and need.

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