Motivational Message For Students And Young Adults

Message For Youths 

Do you know ‘Nobody can motivate you more than yourself’ The best motivational message for students and young adults out there is to keep adding values to themselves rather than placing so much hope on education to get good jobs after school. In all, never give up on your dreams.

The number of students who do not have a better plan for themselves after school is very high. Every year thousands of students graduate without the hope of getting a job, as unemployment now becomes a prevalent issue in the country.

Lost Hope

I was watching news on TVC (the Nigeria television station) of recent when a DON of a University was announcing publicly to graduating students that university certificate can not set food on their table because of lack of unemployment in the country.

Then I asked myself “what the essence of student spending so much on education when its values are depreciated”.

Why then stress the students so much in schools to obtain the certificate that has little or no value.Even the president encourages people to go into business and agriculture after spending so much on education.

It is not new to many as people dump their results and certificates after school since it becomes useless to them after the high level of hope that they have placed on getting a job after school with their grades in their various disciplines; yet all came to no avail.

Notwithstanding, this isn’t the time to question the government about why they have failed in their duties, but rather a time to think and reflect on ourselves to know what is next by moving forward.

Developing Self Motivation

“Nobody can motivate you than yourself”. We need to be independent and work out a plan for ourselves, find a good strategy to get the best out of life, find something doing, love that which you do and focus on getting better on it.

Education is secondary, while self value is primary, it important to add values to ourselves since schools will never teach us how to make money.

Here are lists of topics that would help to motivate students and young adults to become a better person before and after school.

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 Values And Productivity

Education is important but Value is productive; Education is important and it builds a standard and a class between the literates and the illiterates but do not place your future on education, it leads you nowhere in this very time in Nigeria and many other neighboring countries.

The best time to bring the best of you and to attain success is when you are probably a student or young and still have the youthful zeal to carry on with life. Because with time everything about us fades away, our beauty, cuteness and strength are no match for success, but the value we build inside of us stays forever.

In the time of our adulthood we must realise that motivation with hardwork, consistency and patience plays a big role in our lives, most especially as a student. The problem with most young adults and youths is that they do not have the spirit of patience in them; they do not want to work before they get rich, while others who want to work do not want to engage in any stressful work.

Others who are fully committed to working either lose their jobs or still on their jobs but do not have the patience to hold on for success at the right time.Lack of patience and motivation has made many young adults lose focus, many people have great visions and plans for their lives but they lose patience on their road to attain success.

Lack of patience has led to great and terrifying disaster among young adults in Nigeria and many other counties, as students are now involved in violent and crimes, young people’s lives are lost as the rate of crime increases. Robbery, fraud, scam and money rituals are rampant everywhere, even top leaders are not exempted.

Youths are subjected to succeed or fail depending on how they take advantage of life. These serve as a motivational message to students and young adults. Learn to build a positive mindset toward life and never stop adding values to yourself.

Remember, there is no job waiting anywhere for you,  schools will also not teach you how to make money, so you have to build yourself up to become who you want. Examine yourself by knowing who you are, follow your heart, your dreams and never give up on yourself.

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