Is Poverty Evil? The Right Time To Breaking Poverty Mentality

Breaking Poverty Mindset 

By nature or naturally we all as human know and believe poverty is of no good to man but does it mean it is evil? Perhaps this could be the right time to breaking poverty mentality and our mindset about why poverty exists. 

To be born poor doesn’t mean you’ll always be poor – A Forbes Article

Is Poverty Evil? The Right Time To Breaking Poverty Mentality

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 Is poverty evil?

The answer varies on individuals mindset on what we believe and what we accept to be evil or good. To determine if poverty is good or evil totally depends on our mentality about poverty. Some people will argue to conclude that poverty is evil while may will disagree.
Poverty Mentality could be traced down to our mindset on what we believe, our understanding about thing and what we accept and accommodate into our lives. Poverty mentality could unconsciously affect many people’s logical thinking on if poverty is evil or good.

Here, we discussed in details on what poverty mentality is and all there is to be known. This could give us a positive thought and insight about how to fix our mindset toward some certain things and to breaking poverty mindsets.

 Poverty A Test Of Faith

However, everybody is entitled to his individual opinion and belief, but what if we see poverty as a test of faith. As a religious person who believes in faith as having a complete trust or confidence in something.

The biblical definition of “faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evidence demonstration of realities though not beheld” Hebrews 11:1 –  

Probably natural way by nature or our creator to test our faith and determined, how committed and confidence we are about that thing we are aiming at while at another point teaches us and make us learn and discover new things while in pursuit of success.

If you will agree with me, poverty is not evil only if we know where we are heading to; in essence, like having a clear vision of the good that lies ahead of us, how well prepared we are, how well we have self examined ourselves toward the dreams, vision and the career we aim at.

 What The Mind Carries

Mindsets are what we believe and accommodate into our lives either good or bad. Our mindsets affect our lives based on what it carries which directly and indirectly determine the path we choose while craving for success and perhaps in the pursuit of happiness.  As an individual If we think poverty is evil then it is, because we believe it is and if otherwise then it is not.
The mind determines the path we choose and the level of our success in life, how we view things, how we interpret them and how we choose to let it affect us are what makes us who we are. When we say something is negative so swill it be likewise positive. Positivity in mindset is important and it could boost our level of success in life.

If you believe you are poor then you are but if you think otherwise It means you are on the right track to success. Most great and successful people we know today start small others from a poor background, great icons, the likes of Steve jobs, Thomas Edison, and here are 21 billionaires who started poor – businessinsider


Mindset The Success Foundation

Mindset serves as a foundation and where our mind feeds from. No matter how we work hard toward things, if we have the mindset that we can’t succeed then we can’t. But if our minds are built on positivity and we aim at it, then success is assured.  
Nevertheless we should not underestimate the power of how far our knowledge can carry us through and over poverty; here is the 3 kind of knowledge and how it affect our mindset and life, to understand this better kindly read here.

Many people have failed and more will keep failing if this isn’t rectified as quickly as possible, because they are fed by negative words, and thoughts, through beliefs, norms and made up tales which our forefathers told our grandparents, then passed down from our parents to us.
If people believe in some particular things that doesn’t mean that we should too. We need to question how we understand our free will. In fact many people do not know what freewillis, they only move with life as they are told or instructed by what they believe in.
As a person, we have a choice to make, to accept and to accommodate what we want for ourselves. We do not have to follow people’s ideas thought and belief, because someone out there told us to do something does not mean it would work for us.

 What fuels our mind?

We are all designed for greatness and everyone deserves a chance to succeed in life, all that matters is what our mindset are built on and how we take charge and control of our minds.

What fuels our mind?

The mindset we carry fuels the mind.
The mind is just like an engine and our mindsets is the fuel that feeds the engine, to make the engine start; we as individuals need to kick start it as a driver. The more we fuel the engine the better we speed up. So what we fuel our mind on determines the results we get.  

So what do you fill your mind with, positive thoughts and believe or negative?
People do not have to tell us if poverty is good or evil, we should be able to determine that by now.

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