Is It Possible To Rank A Blogger Blog In 2020?

Is it possible to rank a blog on blogger in 2020? The straight forward answer for this is YES. It is very possible to rank a blogger blog and even rank better.

It is very possible to rank a blogger blog and even rank better

So how is this possible?

The first thing I want you to do is to calm your nerves down because if you are too excited to get the vibes it is possible to easily miss out. This is a very important, challenging and confusing but interesting topic that most new bloggers finds difficult to understand as a beginner. But I will try as much as I can to make it short and straight to the point.

Why People Give Up On Blogging

Another thing we need to understand is that ranking on blogpost or blogger is quite easy but a bit time consuming because we have to understand or have some knowledge about SEO which means Search Engine Optimization without basic knowledge about this we may give up on blogging easily, we will discuss that in a while.

Blogging Platforms

But before we dig deep into SEO and all, we must note some few facts about blogging in general.  By now users who want to engage into using the wordpress should have the basic knowledge about web hosting – Accordding to

We must know that BlogSpot and WordPress are two different platforms, though there are other platforms too but the most common and popular are the ones we will discuss.

Both aim at the same goal, which is to show bloggers activities on Google Search Engine. While BlogSpot is free without paying for hosting plan and all, WordPress is not. What do I mean by this?

BlogSpot vs WordPress

Now let’s go deep a little into the differences. While is owned by Google, WordPress is owned by a private held company called Automattic.
WordPress Type

WordPress is a platform for blogging where bloggers are entitled to two other different plans; the free hosted plan and the hosting WordPress.

People often mistake the free plan and the paid hosting plan while signing up on WordPress; WordPress .com is the free hosted plan while WordPress. org is the one which comes with a paid hosting plan.

However, the wordpress. com and BlogSpot. com shares almost the same features in common. They are free hosted platforms.

You have to first sign up with either ( for blogger and WordPress ( to enjoy the benefits.

Free Hosting limitations

Although, users are limited and restricted to functionality: In essence, users don’t have full control over their blog for both BlogSpot and wordpress .com on the free hosting plan.

These are some of the limitations, when signing up on wordpress with the .com extension for the free hosting plan, WordPress mandates advertisement on users blog and the revenue goes to WordPress until users migrate to a hosting plan on either .com or .org extension of WordPress, by migrating to the paid plan, users can then have total control of their sites, but as for BlogSpot users are free from restriction of revenue.

The good thing about blogger is that you can monetize your site within few months of functionality while writing good and quality content, with consistency. You can read more on Benefit From Google By Becoming a Blogger: Start Making Money In 3 months.

The free plan Of Blogger and WordPress is quite the same with little of differences but for .org of WordPress you have more control over your site, where you can modify every piece of code and other things you feel like, since you payed for it.

Possibilities Of Ranking On BlogSpot Vs WordPress

Leaving wordpress .com aside, let us focus more on, if it is possible to rank a blog using blogpost since it is the main reason why we are here.

Ranking for top spot on Blogger and WordPress with the .org extension is quite the same if we understand SEO but it could be challenging if we do not.

Everything about blogging either on WordPress or blogger is all about understanding search engine optimization but the most important thing we should note is that because WordPress with .org extension is a hosted plan and it is not free, it has more easy access to Search Engine Optimization than BlogSpot.

This may not look good or be a good experience but it is the best a free and generous provider like google can offer her users on BlogSpot. Believe me I am not paid to tell you this, though I use blogpost as you can see and the experience is really standard for a free plan blog where you can’t get this offer elsewhere.

However, by spending more time on Google Search Consolecan give us a lifting hand towards understand some information on seo.

Advantages Of Using BlogSpot

BlogSpot provides a good user experience for most users who are just normal bloggers like publishers, family blogs, and news and not a business or e-economic website.

One of the major experience you might face using blogger is the H1 tag and search description. Blogger on the other hand finds a suitable sentence from user’s content in a page to fit in to the former and the latter.
But when it comes to optimizing your site on search engines both BlogSpot and WordPress can perform, just that you may not have full control over your website while using blogger and this may slightly affect your interaction with your site.
Ranking Experience

When talking about interaction and experience on a website, WordPress paid hosted plan gives the best value.

But don’t get it wrong, because you not having full access or control of your blog do not mean that you can’t rank on google search engine. You can rank well and even better if you understand the Search Engine Optimization.
Do you think you have what it takes to rank better? Why not take a break to read this: 5 Master Blogging Skills And Tools Successful Blogger Must Acquire

One basic advantage of BlogSpot is that it offers and encourages new bloggers to start little, so that they wouldn’t give up in no time. Because, if you go for the hosted plan; you may not have the capacity to renew you subscription.

Another advantage of using BlogSpot is that it teaches new user how to handle blog on the hosted plan. WordPress is complex and the best way to learn is to start using BlogSpot.

BlogSpot cost you nothing but still you can rank as well as using a WordPress account if you understand seo and really committed to learning.

Becoming A Successful Blogger

While you read every blog post that points to how you can become a successful blogger you will notice one very keyword that successful bloggers do make mention of, which is Patience.

To be successful in blogging is to learn how to overcome anxiety and have more of patience. However, having the spirit of patience without hard work, consistency and writing good content may lead you to nowhere, there is no shortcut to becoming successful in blogging.

Understanding SEO

Patience is the root and foundation to understanding SEO, Search engine optimization is not a joke. SEO is wild and kind of complicated to understand but it is interesting to get along with if we have the patience and time to learn it.

You do not need to spend so much on SEO by looking for experts to help you optimize your blog to rank better. You can start all by yourself; this is where maintainers come into play in ranking a blog.

Why Blogs Never Rank

Most bloggers believe that the moment they buy a domain or opening a BlogSpot or WordPress and configuring their website is all that matters, but that is just the beginning because a site without good maintainers and management will never rank.

See your blog like a new born baby, they can’t help themselves until they keep growing to at least 1 to 6 months to a year and more, with good feeding and care, the more they grow well the more they gain their ground. This is a typical illustration of how we can maintain and manage our blog through Search Engine Optimization, the more we maintain the blog the more it has the potential to rank.

Consistent writing of original and quality content with blog optimization helps a blog to rank rapidly, your blog may fall ill due to how large it becomes and how often you manage your site, the illness is based on error, warnings and validity on your blog which you can rectify with Google Console. When you consistently improve and look into the various problems in it and solving them, then blog gradually ranks.

Note: Be very informed that warnings and errors on a blog can totally have a negative effect on the performance of your blog on search engine, you can check this with the newly improved search console.

How To learn SEO

There are good meanings to learning some of seo skills, the internet is there to help us and watching video tutorials are also good with consistent practice. Also google forum or bloggers forum can be a good place to find answers and solutions to your questions.

Blog Ranking Myths

Your Blog will never rank overnight; if you leave it there it will remain where you left it.
Be so sure not to write short article, try to make it a bit lengthy, however, short but quality content can play a big role to blog ranking, long but meaningless content can’t cause a great damage to blog, but still lengthy and quality content plays the best role to page ranking.

But when you take your time to learn some of the seo skills, knowing how to insert keywords to your blog post, write quality and good content, with consistency and all that is required of you, then you have a good chance to rank better on blogger.

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