6 Tips To Develop Self Confidence And Ways To Improve Low Self Esteem

Building Self Confidence

“If you can control your own mind set, you can control everyone else” – This is the easy way to build self confidence. Developing self confidence is all about developing peoples low self esteem by controlling people’s mindset to make them believe in what we believe in, with both words and action.

“If you can control your own mind set, you can control everyone else" – This is the easy way to build self confidence.

As it is often said “Action speaks louder than words” and how you dress up or present yourself determines the value people see in you and your level of confidence also.

What Is Confidence?

Confidence is a way to tell others that you are the man of your own words and you can do what exactly you say you will do or believe in without compromising. Confidence is a way to make people feel that you are worth values with proof.
To build self confidence is to have a total control of our mindsets, more of creating and building relationships with people and building their mindsets in line with ours. This is an act of building other people’s mindset to accept our way of life without any form of doubt.

Building self confidence in other people is a psychological way of building a relationship with people orally or verbal. It is a state of being certain about a thing or towards an action.
Self Confidence Could Affect Us Both In Our:

1. Personal life Style and
2. Business Life Style

How To Improve Self Confidence

One thing is that people love to meet with people who have self confidence in them; building self confidence could affect us both in our person life and business life.
The way we carry people along and the way we compose ourselves is the way people will dignify us. If we feel important and valuable with proof to show our worth of importance and value people will respect us for who we are.

Building self-confidence on the other hand is the deepest human desire to feel Important and valuable to ourselves and to the people around us.
What is self esteem?

Self-esteem is the “feeling of self-appreciation” and it’s an indispensable emotion for people to adapt to society and live their lives – bpsmedicine

 How Self Confidence Work Along Side Building Others Low Esteem

The best way to build self confidence is to build confidence in other people. How can this be done, it is by letting people accept what we offer to them by indirectly building their mindset on things that favours you.

“People will forget everything you say but they will always remember how you make them feel” – This goes in line with building self confidence in others which in turns improves our own self confidence.

‘Nothing goes for nothing’, let others know they are worth something. To build peoples self esteem is to in turn build our own confidence as we learn to value, praise others and let them feel important and valuable. 

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Tips To Build Self Confidence

Confidence are more of action rather than words, if you can speak and prove what you have spoken to be what it is then it is easier for people to build their trust in you.
Self confidence is more like developing oneself to build other people’s mindset to believe and have trust in us, if we can gain people’s heart with our words and actions we automatically build our own self confidence.

Building self confidence in other people is a psychological way of building a relationship with people orally or verbal. It is a state of being certain about a thing or towards an action.

Parasite and Host

Building self confidence is just like a host and a parasite, they both need each other for survival; the host depends so much on the parasite to feed on its bacterial while the bacterial depends solemnly on the host for survival.

These are tips to building self confident however to have the full control of tips to build self confidence we most have the following criteria and tips on how to build self confidence.

1.     Appearance In Building Self Confidence: Physical appearance matters a lot as a tip to build self confidence, the way you present yourself determines the way people value you and get attracted to you. When we appear smart and people see us coming from afar, it gives them a different view and mindset about us, but when we look unapproachable people fails to respect us.

·        Physical And Mental Performances
Can my height or size contribute to my low self esteem while building self confidence? Yes it can, but it can be fixed. Having low self esteem is determined by the way we comport ourselves, when we believe and have a positive mind set in our own self that we are important then we are, but when otherwise, people see this as a weakness in us and they use it against us.
Having a small or large stature or height could severely affect our self confidence. Building self confidence is by developing a positive growth mind set to believe in ourselves and to see ourselves as an important person even when other do not.

Height and Sizes does not matter when we have a fixed mindset towards achieving our aim. People may say all sorts of things but we should never be concerned about that, rather to be focused on what we want to achieve. The mind can easily be polluted by negativity, bad thoughts and words but we must never give it a chance to affect us.

·        Disabilities: Physical and mental disabilities are another ways of getting a low self esteem and this could affect building our self confidence. But since building self confidence requires taking control of people’s mindset to make them believe in what we believe in then, our physical or mental challenges should not be a problem.

Remember “if you can control yourself you can influence everyone else “

2.     Communication In Building Self Confidence: We have stated above that the best way to gain, improve, develop, boost, and build self confidence is to have control and take charge of people’s mindset.

When we place value on others, we indirectly control their mindset. Everybody want to be respected as the deepest human desire is to feel important and valuable, since we know this is human weakness then it is easier to build self confidence just by controlling other people’s mind.

How to develop self confidence has a lot to do with our mode of communication, understanding communication skills could contribute to help build and gain self confidence. How to improve self confidence depends strongly on how we can communicate with others such as:

·        First Impression: Approaching people with first smile automatically creates a positive impression in them, a charm that they can never resist because you have indirectly given them a puzzle to solve. A smile could make people think wild as to why you are giving a smile even in a tough situation.

A smile on your face creates a form of confidence and relaxation in you and also in others. First Impression matters a lot and we have to always be conscious of this because it helps improve self confidence and also build a form of confidence in others.

Be it at work or at how we have to always come out with a smiley face if we want to overcome low self esteem and build a strong self confidence.

3.     Self Esteem Promotion: Learn to always appreciate others by saying thank you. This boost and promotes high self esteem in people, since it does boost other people self esteem then we have indirectly take control of their mindset toward us, we give them values and respect by doing this and in turns it improves our own self confidence.
4.     Compliment: Everybody likes to be complimented, so learn to compliment others so they can complement you as well. How do you compliment others? It is quite simple, all we need to do is to complement their mode of dressing, look, beauty and many more.

Just compliment them for their good actions, but never over hype anyone such that they would start to notice your flaws or signs of low self confidence, admire them and appreciate their efforts.

5.     Approval And Praise:  giving others attention than gaining attention for yourself, praising others and approving other people’s opinion and suggestions are ways to boost self confidence.

6.     Reaction: Learn to listen more and speak less, don’t get hurt by other people’s words instead come out with a smiley face and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Most people want to see your reaction when they speak just to see your level of confidence and how you can handle situations. The moment you break the line you give them a chance to hold you by your weakness. Learn to play along and never loose guard. This also creates a form of boldness and smartness in us in the process of building our self confidence.

We must have these criteria to improve and boost our self confidence but sometimes, we do not have to judge the book by its cover” because there are some people who do not have all these stated criteria’s of self confidence yet they may still possess self confidence in them.

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