5 Ways To Solve Limitations Of Moral Teachings In Secondary Schools

Moral Teachings

There will be no end to the troubles of  states, or of humanity, till philosophers become kings in the world or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly becomes philosophers and political power and philosophy comes into the same hand” – Plato

We have previously discussed the effects of bad morals and how it affects our personal lives as young adults.The above quote from Plato gave long time ago in one of his books named 

The Republic which addresses ethics and some other aspect of philosophy. Plato’s teachings seem like prophecy but more of reality now, as immorality and injustices begin to surface rapidly without any form of control to calm the pressure.

Academic studies alone can not guarantee the future without ethics.

However, the good news is that it is never too late to take a positive turn as immorality can still be brought down to its kneel if we accept to do the right thing.

Many students out there have failed because they could not get a good moral teachings and guide right from their teenage age, neglecting that the future of a nation starts right with the teenagers and involves around how they are trained.

Application Of Philosophical Thinking

Academic studies alone can not guarantee the future without ethics. To Improve the limitations of moral teachings in secondary schools is to encourage philosophical knowledge into the school curriculum. 

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Applying this into the school curriculum would help to develop the students mindset and also to promote good ethical life. There are great scholars of philosophy who talked and teach about moral conducts, these philosophers among others are Socrates, Confucius, Plato and other great philosophers.

1. Religious BeliefReligious belief is also a good way to teach morality and build the students mindset but morality is a bit deep than just belief. It should be more of discipline than belief.

As it will help the students to grow in their academic life and also to build and blend them towards the future ahead.

But this can never be done without the help of the parents, however most parents mindset are fixed to what they know and they do not hunger for more knowledge. This in turns affect and limit the moral standard of a child’s life.

Consistency: Early incorporation and teachings of morals to students and young adults could build a foundation that would change the world and this must be done with consistency.Students in their teen age can easily accept and accommodate any form of teachings and adapt to this way of life. What they take in first is what they believe and develop a growth mindset on.

Students can be easily influenced by negative teachings and practices from their friends who are already exposed to immoralities.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of both teachers and parents to encourage and teach young adults and students on morals at the early stage of life so that they can develop a positive mindset towards life. 

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2. Lack of Parental Teachings: There are students that are willing to learn and accept good teachings into their lives, some school uses religion as a means to teach morals to their students and the students as well wish to accept but parents ignorance on morals makes them confuse and mislead most students to immoral ways of life.

When the children gets hope from school with a mentality and teachings on morality, their parents who lack morality tells them a different thing, as they insult, fight, argue and talk about immorality. At this stage the children easily gets confused and accept their parents teaching because one thing about – bad thing is that it is easy to accept.

When children are limited to a good moral way of life they tend to choose the wrong part in life. So, we encourage parents to teach their children and make them understand the impacts and effects of philosophical knowledge.

3. Social Media: While some schools are willing to teach children on morality, social media plays a very negative role in helping the situation. Every good and bad things, moral and immoral are all on the internet, which can be easily accessed by anyone. Here we discussed on the effect of social media on academic performance

Many children may not have the intention of using the internet the wrong way but as soon as they get involved in it, they become addicted and starts building themselves on negative teaching on the internet which in turns affect their lives as they easily get carried away from moral educative teachings.

It is easy to get the wrong information, many young adults out there have failed as they get addicted and indulge themselves in sexual videos, scam, frauds and other immoralities. At this stage, no matter how and what their parent teaches the children would find it hard to relate.

4. Peer Pressure And Fake Friends: When the peer pressure is high, student easily get misleaded, Fake friends is another effect of limitations of moral education, in secondary school students easily choose the wrong sets of friends, most times by mistakes which may be as a result of the limitations of moral training and teachings, therefore, teachers and parents should teach the children on how to stay away from fakefriends.

When a child do not have basic knowledge about some certain things in life especially on moral teaching he will choose the wrong path in life. The path we choose greatly influence out ways of life. Choosing the right path in the teen age gives a positive insight on how far a child can go and how close they get to reach success. Peer pressure without a good moral teaching could result in a retractable disaster.

Peer pressure is one of the major challenge students face in life as they grow, they tend to be easily misleaded by friends as their hearts are fragile to easily yield to things.

No matter how a child is willing to accept a good moral conduct in his life, it could be easily polluted by peer groups as they mount pressures upon them. Why? Because they spend most of their times together and they never keep secrets from themselves.

5. Government And Society: Having made mentioned of the limitations of moral teachings in secondary schools, the overall responsibilities goes to the government, because when the nations have a good moral foundation it will be easier for the people to live a moral life but when the government which people look up to as the leaders fails in morals, then there would be a problem.

Has it not come to reality that philosophers must become kings and kings must become philosophers before there could be an end to the troubles of states or of humanity? The nation is full of promises and the government could not fulfil any of them.

The government failed to provide the necessary things rather they go for their own needs, no employment after studying and things become so hard in schools. People are starving, children are dying, young adults are finding all means of survival indulging themselves in fraud, scam stealing and so many other immoral act, yet the government seems to do nothing to curb this. Looking into the solutions provided above come solve the limitations of moral teachings in secondary schools.

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