4 Reasons Why Student Fail In Their Academic Performances

Student Failure

One important reason why students fail in schools, educational institutions and studies is because they don’t have a solid foundation on what their purpose is and why they are going to school. This in turn affects both their academic performances and abilities to succeed.

If you are a student or a young adult that aspires to further educational career, take a few minute and ask yourself this few questions

If you are a student or a young adult that aspires to further educational career, take a few minute and ask yourself this few questions; Why am  in school? What made me fill the form to get admitted? Is there a purpose and what is the future that lies ahead of me?

When the answers to the above question have been made known then, we should move forward.

The main reasons why most people go to school are either because:

1.    They felt like
2.    They have the desire to impact
3.    They want to impress others
4.    They are forced by their parents.
Some of us fall into one of these categories while others fall in all. Well, in any case that we may fall in, impressing and impartation are two major factors that could improve our academic performances.

But still let us discuss the basic reasons why people go to school. The first we made mention of are the people who feel like. 

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1. They Who Feel Like: These sets of people are students who felt that going to school is a normal norm and a way of life we must pass through to advance to another stage in life. 

They don’t count schooling as something of necessity but rather an obligation. This simply means that they just need to pass through school to make people know they pass through the gate of school.

This people are very dangerous because they have a fixed mindset towards life, they can easily and negatively affect other people’s wish to develop a growth mindset by influencing other young adults out there to see education as just a normal way of life, a stage which we have to pass through, a life of need rather than necessity.

When these sets of people finally gain admission they play around, have fun and enjoy life to the fullest of their own knowledge and ability, they go to clubs and involve themselves in several sexual immorality, cyber crimes, scam and other violent practices.

At the end they come out with nothing but bad results, having no positive influence on the society and other young folks like themselves who are ready and willing to learn. They kill and destroy great minds with good potentials; they pollute and corrupt other students and young adults mind set who are ready to learn. This is more of the reasons why we need to walk away from fake friends.

2. They Who Want To Impress Others: Young adults who became students just to impress others are most likely to fail because everything they do is only to impress others rather than creating value for themselves. This in turn affects their academic performance.

Most young adults always by all means try to impress their fellow friends; actually this is not because of any necessary reason, it’s a natural effect on teen lifewhich could be disastrous at the long run.

They end up wasting their precious time choosing and studying the wrong courses and discipline while trying to impress others. Most people who impress others do so to either impress their parents or friends. At the end most of them end up in regret while they see their fellow mate progress later in the future. 

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3. They Who Are Forced By Our Parents: There are some set of children who are forced to go to school. These set of children mostly have tasted the outside world and perhaps have made some money without good quality education, it may be as a result of late admission or other factors.

But the point remains many children are force to go to school by their parents while these set of children feel it is not the right time. Also there are parent who force their child or children to study a particular course or go to school because their neighbours children are. 

Which might not be the interest of the child; this could lead to a very negative impact on the children academic performance and life in general.

Though, when a child is force to study or go to school, it could be a tough time for both the parent and the child as the mounted pressure increases, it in turns create a negative mind set towards the child lifestyle because he or she isn’t satisfied, though most of this children at the long run blend with the school actives and come out with good result but most fail woefully.

Everybody wants to be free to live the life they so desire but sometimes when we lack knowledge about something that could help build up our career or future it is always difficult to accept such teaching.

This is what most parents try to let us understand but the problem is that most parent lack the knowledge of expression when trying to communicate with their children. At the end most children believe this are wrong teachings because they were not thought in the proper way which in turns have a dramatic impact on their academic performance in a negative way.

4. They Who Have The Desire To Impart: These are sets of people who understands the value of education and how far education can take them. They are the focused type and ready to learn even when they can’t afford education. They strive so hard to create a positive impart to the world with a growth mindset and belief to reshapen and change the world for the better.

This people are always determined to succeed even when they know education in most countries is of no value, they understand that experience and exposure in school can take them places rather than being an illiterate.

In all, If we somehow find ourselves in one of the above class, we must understand as young adults that education is a key even when it has no value in most countries. We must also learn to improve our knowledge by developing a growth mindset towards life, only this can lead us through the path to success no matter the category we fall in the above.

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