Why It is Important To Serve Others And Values attached

Serving People Is Not Being a Slave To Others

Serving people is not being a slave to others but an avenue to help and in creating values in yourself. When we serve people without understanding the basics of doing so or without a purpose to create value, then we might end up being a slave to the people we serve or even being a slave to our own self.

Why it is important to serve others

Here, we shall discuss on why it is important to serve people and the values attached to serving others.


If you are too big to serve you are too small to lead. Take the negative mindset off your mind as most people think serving people is an act of being a slave to others, on this post we shall show you that there are great values in serving others and why serving others isn’t a waste of time.



 The Great Value In Serving People

Many successful people out there have in one way or the other served others, not because they do not have a plan or a goal or vision but there is always a time in our life which is very important to serve people while craving for success.


Person Experience And Mindset

I have always thought and believed that I can not work under people or serve people; this has been my mindset for a very long time, most especially when I do not have any responsibilities to carry, this thought was very strong inside of me and my mindset fixed on it already.


But with time, I started to develop a mindset about life, as I grew I began and start to realize that life doesn’t work this way, only if you are financially stable then that might save you the effort of serving people, but when you are from a middle class or a poor background you should have the mindset of working under people.


However, the little disadvantage sometimes is that the people who are from a rich or wealthy family who do not work under people are mostly subjected to know little or few things about life and are mostly stuck to what they know, their knowledge are fixed to what they know with little or few experience and exposure in the business success world and the world in general.


Why It Is Importance To Serve Others

Money: People who wish to have their own business running must have a means to raise capital and to grow the business. When the vision is clear and the purpose is certain then there is no need to be scared to work under people. Though we have once discussed on how companies tend to take advantage of people especially when they see that we possess the attributes and required qualification to get the job done. Here is a post that relates to this: TopicJob Experience And How To Build Working Experience


We do not have to be discouraged or frightened that they will hijack us and let us forget about our purpose or the career we dream of pursuing. Instead, we should take advantage of the opportunities we get as we take our time and sacrifice in serving people. In the process of serving people we should try as much as possible not to forget our objects but a means to save and gather capital for our own career.


Value In Exposure And Experience

Another important value we can get through serving others are the experiences and exposures that we gain. It is only when we set out by leaving our comfort zone to explore the outside world that we can have knowledge about things and new discovery about life.

In Career pursuit experience and exposure plays a big role in creating and building value for ourselves. When we do not go out to learn new things our mindset are fixed to only what we know alongside this could indirectly prevent us from attaining success, when we do not leave the four corners of our wall we may think that we have all it takes to be successful.

To serve others is to build ourselves too. To be served and to serve others is to build the spirit of leadership in us so as to know how to lead others when we eventually start to build our own career. Leadership is built on so many factors which we have once discussed here.

Above are the reasons why it is important to serve others and the value we can derive from serving people, but note this, when serving people always have the mindset of humbling yourself.

To gain freedom is to once be a slave, which simply means to be successful, ‘you need to learn to serve others who are successful’. But then, never see yourself as a slave to other people and never forget your purpose while serving others.

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