What Time Is It To Succeed: Importance of Time And Why Time Is Everything

There Is A Time And Place For Everything

Time is everything and there is a time for everything. Time is the most important thing in life and what time is it to succeed depends on so many factors; people’s happiness, sadness, joy, money wealth, fame, success, failure and even the good and bad events are all attached to time.


Value For Money Over Time

If people are asked or were to choose about what they prefer between time and money, it would be of no surprise to see that people will choose money over times as a thing of value. They rather prefer money over time which this is a very big mistake people make, as they tend to value money over time. Most people who choose money over time lacks the knowledge that time is money but money is not time.

Time can make you money, but money can not make you time as money can finish and vanish in a matter of time.  Time is internal and does not vanish but money does.
It is so surprising why people never take notice of the importance of time and why time stands to be everything. While those who do, take little of their time to reflect and understand the value and the purpose of time. Everything in life, growth and development  works with time.

What Time It Is To Succeed

People have different time preference as our mindsets are built differently and our mode of understanding is quite different from one another. However, for everything there is a season and being timely conscious is the most fragile part of life as there is a time for everything.

To everything there is a season and what time is it to you and how are you are taking advantage of the precious time you have is the most important thing. Many people fail to attain success in life because they do not know the power time holds. They play around but sooner they come to realise that they have wasted the time they ought to have taken advantage of. 

Successful people know well enough the value of time and what time is it to succeed. Because many people have a poverty mindset towards success, they failed to understand the importance of time and why time is everything. Nevertheless, there are people who understand time yet, the fear of time wastage creates a form of fear in them, that they rush to do everything in a bid to take advantage of time but this is not how it works.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

“Slow and steady wins the race”. Learn to wait there is time for everything, everything in life works in line with time same as human purpose, dreams and goals but that does not mean you should rush.

‘Learn not to rush in, so you will not have to rush out later or regret’. There is a time for everything, and also there is time and place for everything as everything is pre-ordained by the diviner who made us all.

Why You Should Not Rush

Learn to wait as there is time for everything in life, there is no need to rush at what is to come, there are times that what we run after may eventually not matter, even if we run with all our strength and might we may not reach them, and there are times we get what we need which we do not plan for or know how to reach them. What time is it to you and why you are in a hurry or rush may not change a thing; so many people failed because they run over and sometimes away from their destination and at the end they failed.

The Mind Trick

Life is designed and programmed as God wishes, our mind could play games against us sometimes to make us think that we can know more than our creator and run a race that have no purpose, yet at the end it turns out to be a regret. We should never let our mind play tricks on us. Our mind serves as the biggest assets yet it could become our worse enemy if we do not understand how the mind works, and how to develop growth mindsets.

Growth mindset by far is the best way to develop our mind. When the mind is well controlled and nourished with the necessary information it needs then it is possible to keep up with time and understand what time is it to become successful or to attain success.

Patience An Important Key To Success

Why not learn to wait since there is time for everything. Patience serves as one of the important key to a successful life. There is a time and place for everything, God knows the right time and also we should learn to be patience, consistent and be hardworking everything will eventually reflect when the right time comes.

For the right time to come, we need to have a lot of patience, make a lot of sacrifices and be consistent with a lot of hardwork and positive mindset towards everything we do. Nature has its ways of showering its blessings on us therefore; it is not about how smart or hardworking we are but by luck and grace – ‘if you are so smart why aren’t you rich, turns out as luck’. 

It is of no doubt that the world is full of good and evil things and it is natural that everybody deserves a chance for greatness, but when we do not understand time and purpose we may get off the track and get it all wrong with regrets.Sometimes, we need to walk towards success and work hard to reach it, as a saying goes “if the mountain can not get to us, we should find a way and by all means get to the mountain”. This implies that, there is a time and place for everything. We should also try to embrace the notion of working and walking towards success.We needs to work towards success it doesn’t come cheap. This would give us an upper hand and edge to succeed. Time is everything because there is a time and place for everything in life.

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