Seek Job Opportunities But Build An Investment Without Regret Instead – Here Is How

Job Opportunities And Regrets

Since educational value has drastically reduced, there are less chances of success in building a career around it or investing so much time in seeking for job opportunities, whereas we can invest on something more valuable.

However, “the best investment you can never regret in your life is building your career around you”.

Most people succeed because they take their time and endured the pain to build their career around them instead of seeking job opportunities.

Don’t get me wrong, I never said seeking job opportunities isn’t good or working for a company is bad, but it is better we take our time to build a set skill, discover our natural gifts and talents first and then see if we need to seek or wait for job opportunities.

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However, many have failed because they build their mindsets only on seeking job opportunities for survival. They unconsciously and indirectly build other people’s career when they can actually build theirs to their own taste and be happy at the end.
Why Wasting So Much Time
We waste time to seek for jobs that we may not end up having and if we eventually get one, we are not even certain of how many years, months or even weeks we are to use as a worker under such company or organization.
The truth is that most companies use us to achieve their own dreams and these works for them; mostly they use the productive skills of the people who do not have good plan or a vision for their lives.
Ever you noticed something strange about working for people or companies? That strange thing is that they will never have time to pursue their own career.
The income at the end might be attractive, it might enticing but at the end we will see that they only pay us for our time they have wasted and if we eventually leave or get fired, it is by then that we would realise that we should have done more.
When our lives are not well examined we may become vulnerable and servile to other people. Most people make use of other people’s talent, skills or hardwork to build their own career, mainly because they took their time to discover themselves earlier.

As most people are ignorant of this, some other people on the other hand are too lazy to figure out what their life is made up of, why they exist and the reason for their existence.
It is good to be educated, definitely, but it is better to get more exposed to life and gather more experience in life in order to avoid being a slave to others.
The easiest and unconscious way to be a slave to others is when we work under people.

Company Goal Setters

Most company owners are people who have taken so much time to figure out what they want in life, their, goals, purpose, mission, vision and objectives are already set, they don’t think twice than to chase it.
This may take them many years of struggles and deep thoughts to accomplish but when it is well figured out, the irony is that it would never take them the amount of years they used in discovering themselves to enjoy their wealth.

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What I mean here is that, when they take their time to know their purpose in life they suffer less and enjoy more when all is well figured out.

Taking Advantage Of Peoples Ignorance

So, the moment all things are set for them and they are successful, they indirectly use people who could not think or take time to examine who they are just like they have done, then they now take advantage of people who don’t know how to find their purpose by employing them to work under them or in their company.

The Hardest Work

The hardest work to do is not based on strength, your techniques, your set skills or how you manage yourself rather how well you can think to bring out the best in you.
Bring Out The Best In You
Bringing out the best in you isn’t a day job, it is not something you think about for hours and say you have gotten a clue of your future, NO! That’s not it, there is more to it.

Don’t wait for job opportunities Build A career instead

Here is how:
It takes years to build and to know what we are capable of, for some it takes a year or two if they are very luck and for other who are so determined and never wish to give up, this could take at list up to 15years to find the right bearing for their lives, but the question remains, do this worth it?

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The simple and straight forward answer to this is that it all depends on how we want to live our lives, if we think we are satisficed living a life without not specific direction or meaning then we can stick to that.
But in this post our objective is to make you our readers understand the value of building career in yourself, by being the boss of your own self and world, and not be slaved in disguises by seeking job opportunities that could hold you back for achieving your personal dreams in life.

“Thinking is one of the hardest work to do and to think right could actually be the hardest work you can ever thing of”.
To make a life for ourselves, especially by taking time to discover who we really are isn’t a joke. It takes a lot of hard work, consistency and good reasoning to get things right.

However, there are factors that could affect us to become a successful person and to build a career for ourselves. These factors we have once discourse in one of our previous post here, but we are going to briefly explain them.
Three to four major factors that cold determines how and what our career could be built on. These are:
1. Social factors: this includes the family we come from and the environment we find ourselves.
2. The Movies We Watch: How this affect us is most times an unconscious act where our mind are gradually programmed to what we watch or see without being aware of the danger sounding it.

3. The Music We Listen To: This is also almost the same way the movies we watch affect us, it will not affect us at once, it takes time and a gradual process and the way our minds interpret them gives the final foundation of what growth those music build in our minds.
4. The Friends We Keep: If we work with the right set people who are of the same mindset with ours, people who are hungry for success and always want more out of life, sooner or later we get the result and if we work with the run set of people we will also get the result too. Read here to know about how to say away from fake friends.

Important Message
If we walk with the successful people, people with a fixed mindset then set a goal for ourselves, there are high chances of us succeeding but if we do otherwise by following the wrong folks then we have little or no chance of succeeding.

Follow and mingle with people who pursue the same career as yours, but keep in mind to follow people who have gone far and know better than you do, this is very important.

This people are the people who will keep pushing you and putting you through life, but if you fail to do this and you eventually follow people who are not successful, less exposed and experience than you do, then have it within your mind that you have little or no chance of success.

Build yourself in the right way – The best thing you can invest on without regret is yourself.

Take your time to know yourself and don’t wait for job opportunities, instead, find time to build yourself build a career for yourselves and try as much as possible to improve yourself better.

On one hand, develop your mindset and on the other hand, it is based on your belief if you believe everyone deserves to be successful then go ahead and pursue your dreams and build a career for yourself, instead of you being a slave in disguise to yourself, because the path we choose determines how successful a person can become.

How Do You Build A Career For Yourself?

There are various ways to build a career for yourself, which are through talents and natural gift discovery and applying them properly to your ways of life. What path do you choose, is it to keep waiting for job opportunities or by choosing to build an investment without regret instead?

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