Job Experience: How To Build Working Experience And All That Matters

Building Working Experience

Gone are the days when companies will ask you what you we offer with our qualifications, grades and disciplines. 

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Now is the era when companies and organizations asks us what we can offer the company without much interest in our field of studies, disciplines or grades because that does not really matter anymore.

So it is better to sit straight and read on!

Does having a job experience really matter or not? If yes, the rhetoric question that would be going through our mind is why it does.

We often ask ourselves that question most times, especially when a company or organization is about to recruit workers and we are about applying.

This is the major reason why we shall discuss on the job experience and why it does matter and what the chances of having a good job are with or without a job experiences.

Do we really need to have so much of a job experience before we can get one?

Meeting Up Job Requirement

It is no longer new to see the companies who request for a high level of job experience more than what they can deliver.

We now begin to wonder where exactly we have to get this job experiences from when we actually do have a less working experience in contrast to the companies or organisations requirements.

The most painful aspect of this is that most fresh graduates out there do not have any working experience, while some who have graduated a long time ago as well do not have the chance to showcase their intellectual capacities in their various fields of study.

Wait a minute, this I just say showcasing our capacities in our field of studies?

In most cases our field of studies does not really matter anymore in this era. We now see cases where a doctor is in the banking sector, and an engineer in the medical line.

Almost all things seem awkward now, as people now take any available chances they get to have a job just to survive most in the African and neighboring countries.

The truth is that, our discipline does not matter anymore, whatever we have passions for dies right in our  very own eyes, infact that very course we worked so hard and paid so much for in universities are no longer treated with importance, less valueis now attributed to it.

This act remains self-humiliating; self-humiliation is just as simple as working so hard to get the best grade in school, with so much sacrifice and perseverance to come out with good grade yet finding your certificate more useless than a toilet tissue paper.

Is that not enough to be humiliated?

It is self-disgracing when the worse happens, as you stay jobless for years, and at some point people start to mock you – taunting you about what you achieved so far with all the grades you have acquired.

You should not be surprise that even later on, your parents will later be part of the mockery or even take the first lead to humiliate you.

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Now let us talk about what really matters most.

What Working Experience Is And Why It Matters

Working experience in a simple definition is the duration of the experiences and exposures we have gathered through the years and how we can apply or implement them as new ideas, strategies and plan to offer to the company to grow, develop and more importantly to make profit.

Why Working experience matters?

Apart from efficient and effectiveness in service delivery and issues or crisis management, which are one of the major paramount reasons why working experience matters, we have also come to an era of science and technology where everything is connected and tied to information.

Companies Training Section

Most people and companies don’t have time in sitting down to train people to their taste any longer, because they are aware that the moment we have gathered and gained the experience, it would be easy for us to leave the company and move on for a better job.

Job Experience And Dead Hope

So why take so much time in nurturing and training people who will leave at any time when the company can actually invest in little time to get good and efficient people who can get the work done without much stress.

Most companies or organizations are not interested in taking too much stress in building people, only few do.

But if we are not trained who will train us then? These brings us to the question why job experience doesn’t matter.

Why Job Experience Does Not Matter

When we are not given a chance as a fresh graduate or someone who is new to the industry, how do we then phantom a way around gathering work experiences.

This is a modern world and we all know it, whether lazy or hardworking, rich or poor everyone wishes and craves for an easy life style.

While there are jobs that requires a lot of working experience to secure, there are also some other companies out there who are looking for fresh graduates with little or no working experience.

These companies are few and the bad side of these very companies is that they are mostly small scale businesses and companies (SMEs), they  are not ready to pay for your hard work mostly because they are small scale businesses and why others do pay good salaries on purpose may be because they only want to use us.

Build Your Experience from Anywhere

At this point, if we eventually manage to get a job of this kind in companies who are willing to accept us with little or no working experience, we should grab the offer and start building our career from there.

No matter how small the company is, when you have the opportunity, grab it and don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

Please Note: These kinds of job may not be related to your field of study or your career pursuit, all that matters is to get the job and do your best. Don’t be lazy and try as much as possible not to get a bad reputation as well.

The advantage of this is that you are not jobless and in the process of doing the job for the main time, you would in turn have gathered enough or little experience.

The great advantage is that if the company’s job offer is not related to your field of study, then with this you have a better chance to get a better job because you would have gathered some experience and exposure in those fields.

What are your challenges, if any let know them so we could find ways to solve them for you.

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