Why Your Mindset is The Biggest Assets But Yet The Worst Enemy

Mindset Biggest Assets

Our mindset is the greatest enemy of a life time, the human worst enemy of all times and the biggest asset in the world.  How we treat our mind determines the level of growth in our mindset. This could easily eliminate poverty mindset and other negative mentality.

Human Mindset: Biggest Assets But Yet The Worst Enemy

Life will only be good based on your positive mindset. When your mindset is poor and not nourished with positivity then it could in turn become your worst night mare.
The greatest enemy man faces in life is in his mind, when the mind is weak then it is vulnerable to attacks. Have you being in a situation where your mind conflicts against your decisions?

Poverty Mindset

It is very possible that your own mind can conflict against you.These happens when we doubt or when people question what we know. Our thoughts and ideas can be questioned by people if we do not upgrade our mindset.

Being primitive is one way to lag behind in the good benefits of life. An act of having little or no desire or passion to explore more into life and to see new events and discoveries. This in turns convert our mind to what is called poverty mindset. In this manner we fall short of knowledge.

Control Of the Mind

When the mind is controlled, then there is a high tendency of winning every challenges of life, even to win every argument becomes a possibility.Do you know that it is possible to be enslaved by your own mind? Yes it is possible and this happens when you are stuck in your own thoughts. When you can not breakthrough the thoughts in your own mind, this results to failure and lack of growth in your mindset.

Having control of the mind or being in charge of your mind makes it easier to walk through success. Mindset for success, happiness and fulfilment is based on how capable and responsible you are being in charge of your mind. When People get stuck in their own mind it is always hard to get out of it because when the mind takes control over you, then you are doomed.


How Do You Get Stuck In Your Mindset

Some people’s mindsets are fixed on only what they know with no ting of remorse, desire, crave or passion to know further. Fixed mindset is common with the primitive people who never choose to learn but only believe in what they know  therefore failing to develop their mindset.

 Mindset Rest

It is important to know that a fixed mind is vulnerable to mind imprisonment, poverty mentality or poverty mindset. When the mind does not incorporate with the positive things of life then it easily becomes a poverty mindset as explained above. The biggest asset in the world is your mindset and to avoid the mind to be your greatest enemy of all time, it is very important for you to reset your mindset.

How Do You Reset The Mind?

The mind is a complicated entity that is intelligent to digest every piece of information it receives. Mind resetting involves the ability to develop a growth in mindset, in a different knowledge by eliminating or deleting every information that are stored in the mind and accommodating a new set of ideas through information sourcing, with consistency and perseverance.

 How To Know Fixed Mindset

Fixed mindset could stand as a hindrance to success as it makes you subconscious of the danger ahead but yet fix our thoughts to what we think we know alone without the crave to accept other people’s opinion or ideas. It does not give room to new ideas. Life only feels good when your mindset is. What you think that you know is as good and informative to you and to others.

 Factor that Affect the mind

Growth mindset, fixed mindset are affected by one major factor, which is social factor which we have once discussed here When a positive mindset is polluted by the society or environment it belongs to, it give rises to poor beliefs and ideologies. Mindsets for success happiness and fulfilment are all determined by the social factors, such as the movies we watch, the kind of friends we keep, the music we listen to and most importantly the society or environment we come from, read on the article pointing to factors that affect the mind here. As human mind remains the biggest assets but yet the worst enemy.
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