How To Build A Career When Education Fails: Talent Discovery And Set skills Helps

Building A Career With or Without Education

Don’t wait for education to show you the way to a successful life, when you can actually do better with or without it.

Most successful people out there don’t depend so much on education before they can reach their pinnacle of success, instead, they take time to discover themselves, their talent, natural gifts and set skills.

Education, talent discovery set skills

In building a career, relying on just your educational skills is no more advisable in some parts of the world as education now seems to be a waste of time in the eyes of some folks.

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As a saying goes “if education is not worth it try ignorance”.

Education A Game Changer

Nevertheless, education being a game changer to how successful people win their race in life is a challenge to others as the same education also seem to have no more value in some part of the world.

The overall reason why we go to school is to study a discipline that would help to boost our career and then get a job related to the field to start a life, but this is not the case anymore.

Nowadays, people spend their money and time to study just to be educated but at the end they have nothing to show for it, they now get stuck in the middle of having a job that does not suit their qualifications.
Now people have started placing their focus elsewhere.

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Education Blackmailing

Hopes had been lost as people are starting to shift their attention from acquiring a degree in school to self-discovery. This is solely an act in which we take time to discover ourselves by building a career for ourselves with little or no educational practice.

As hope are being lost and educational value reduces drastically yet more expensive, it is high time we stood up and reason along.

Building A Career For Yourself

While we can do better with or without it, instead of being dependent on educations or degrees, it is advisable that you do not wait for education to show you the way to a successful life as you gradually build a career for yourself.

Are you still depending on your Educational certificate to put food on your table after school, when you have some powerful set of skills inside of you that can make you a better person than you can ever imagine?

A certificate is meant for those who go to schools to study a course or the other, if you acquire this, it is an added advantage to you but if you don’t have one, do not worry because on this post we will find all possible means to show you how you can build a career for yourself through talent and set skills and other things you need to know.

There are so many people out there that attended good schools, spent quite a fortune on education and waste their time studying yet had nothing to show for it.

School is not a waste of time but rather an avenue to gain and gather experiences and more exposure to life through education.
However, some people who have gone but yield no result through their education, mostly see education as a waste of time.

Although they end up being jobless, the fact is that there are many graduates out there who are ready to work and get committed to what they study because they believe that education will put them in the right place to start a life with a good job but here they are, as education seems to fail them after putting so much hope on it.

When Education Fails

When education fails, do we need to give up? Most people have actually lived a miserable life after putting so much hope on education. They study so hard to get a better grade in school but at the end, education failed them, so they find it hard to figure out what is next to do and this has in one way or the other become a thing of self-disgrace and humiliation to many as most end up committing some violent acts like stealing, fraud, robbery, scam and even going as far as committing suicide.

This won’t solve the problem; it would rather complicate it the more, because education has failed us in a way does not mean that we should be violent. I deeply understand how it feels to be disappointed because I have once been in the shoes.

But when life or education fails, it doesn’t mean we should give up or look down on ourselves like we are irrelevant.

Things like this happens but we are still who we are and nothing changes, as there is still a better chance to improve ourselves even if education or school have failed us.

The first and prominent way to self-development that could assist us build our individual careers is through self-discovery.

 What about self-discovery?

Have you so soon forgotten about it? I understand the zeal we have to go to school and become a graduate, then find ourselves in the work places of our dreams mostly in the offices with cool air-conditioning with good music, perhaps with modern rides and a house, then thinking about having a good family. Those are the mindset we have back then and even up until now if I am not mistaken.

But you see, life is so funny, we can only make plans but nature decides who it wishes to bless and to curse “if you’re so smart why aren’t you rich, it turns out it’s just chance”, this was a topic we once wrote about some time ago, you can read it here.

But still, all goes back to how well and how much time we have taken to discover ourselves. The trust remain “The sooner you discover yourself and what you are capable of, the sooner and easier your time of success could reach you”.

Schools will never teach you how to make money, it will only expose you to the theoretical part of life and then leave you to find your bearings through life as you gain experience practically in the outside wall of the school.

Education is valuable and important because it shows and exposes you to things that is yet to come but, the painful thing is that only few can see or understand these things.

“Self-discovery is just like planting a seed in the earth and taking time to nurture it while other people are busy doing other things. The attention, time, sacrifice, pain and how consistent we are determines how soon and close we are to success”.

Self-discovery is very important because without it talents and natural gift that we have may be useless. To get a more clearer picture or knowledge about talent, set skills and all you need to know, read hereon Talent or education which is more valuable.

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