Anger Control And Techniques To Regulate Anxiety

Anger And Anxiety Regulation

Talking about anxiety and anger control, it is not new to us the length and damage anger could cause us, be it in our personal life, relationship or in marriages.

Anger is caused by emotion discharge; it is an intense emotional state of the mind, a wrath or range that could trigger an uncomfortable action or response in us, in short anger is just the bad side of character or attitude in a good person. It brings out the negative sides of us.

Anger Control And Techniques To Regulate Anxiety
Anger on the other hand could be a good thing at times because it helps mostly at the time of defense and it’s an act of self-motivation when everything seems frustrating to us.

Nevertheless, anger is not a good thing even though it has its own little positive impact towards our success in life, the little positive impact it possess could also be a disaster upon us if our anger is not well controlled.


How Do We Control Our Anger

Before we discuss on how we can control our anger, let us take a few minute to know little but an inspiring short story on how the inuit parents teach kids to control their anger.

Inuit is a group of culturally similar indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and United States – Wikipedia

This group of people take their time to set a goal by training their children to develop a growth mindset by teaching them the opposite things of life most especially on how to control their anger, by incorporating and executing a powerful parenting tool to teach their children how to control their anger – Read the full story here
Anger could be something very hard to control because it is connected with our emotions. Emotion is controlled by the things we see, feel and sense through our five sense organs, emotion also interacts with our mindsets as it structures our mind towards things that interests us. Anxiety is one of them.
We have once discussed about anxiety and how it could negatively affect our ways of life here.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come, anxiety creates and develops a kind of mental stress in us which puts a form of pressure and restlessness in our minds as an urge to get something we don’t have or hoping for.
To control anger is to work and restructure our mindset away from things that could push or lead to emotional distress in us which one of them is anxiety.

Anger and emotions are inseparable because they are interwoven as they work seamlessly together, both are connected like blood and flesh, but that does not mean that there is no way that it could be controlled.

 Anger Techniques And Control

Resolving a problem takes more of patience, perseverance and consistency.
Anger control is a problem that has been persistent for years could be hard to solve as it deals with human emotions which emotion is something that needs a psychological attention, but yet there is always a way to resolve a problem from whatever angle they appear and here is an anger control techniques on how to control your anger.

The first technique to control your anger is to first know how to control your emotions.

Emotion Control

To control anger through emotions, you need a proper use and management of your mind as these brings us to what anger management is.


What is Anger Management?

For a thing to be productive or successful, it always and must have a good management that caters for the needs and the affairs of it, by managing and maintaining a structure with an uncompromised standard.
Here is a topic on “controlling anger before it controls you” An American Psychological Association
It involves balance and understanding situation, challenges and problem, so as not to result in conflict or disaster.

Ways To Control Anger Among Others Are:

Excitement: Don’t be too excited over a thing because it could bring out the wrath of anger in you. When we are too excited about something, it could lead to drop in our expectations and this could easily lead to anger.

>Expectations: Being full of expectation is good but when there is too much of expectation on a thing it leads to anxiety and it gives us false hope. Too much of expectation boost the positivity in us but at the end we may see a different result which could lead to anger, don’t think that you can always win.
>Stress: When the body gets tired the brain goes with it, this in turn leads to mental and emotional disorder, as the mind and body fails to work together, it results to stress which sooner or later interprets itself into anger because both the mind and body are not communicating and not settled.

>Fear: Another major factor is fear, the act of being scared to lose in any given situation. When fear is built in our mind, then we easily become vulnerable to anger.

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