9 Natural Ways To Find Happiness At No Cost While In Pursuit Of Happiness

Is Happiness Free?

So many people ask if happiness is free and how can they achieve it; however, everybody deserves a chance to be happy. Happiness is a natural gift from God yet it is so surprising that many people aren’t so happy, as they find it hard to access. It is important to be happy and by all means we must be in pursuit of happiness and here we shall discuss on ways to find happiness at no cost.

9 Natural Ways To Find Happiness At No Cost While In Pursuit Of Happiness

What is liberty?

Liberty simply means freedom; Individual ability to behave or misbehave in pursuit of happiness at will, and at the same time responsible for his or her own actions either good or bad with or without regrets. Liberty is prior in the pursuit of happiness.
Liberty is the condition in which an individual has the ability to following his or her own decision to achieve their potential in the pursuit of happiness
Liberty … the right to do what one desires, with certain restrictions” (John Stuart Mill – libertasutah
Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the greatest gift a man can ever dream of; when we are free, growth mindset are developed, as we choose to live the life of our dream, as the passion and desire to pursue our dreams, but when liberty is cut short, the pursuit of happiness diminishes.

Liberty also mean a condition in which a man’s will regarding his own person and property is unopposed by any other will. – freemansperspective

What is happiness?

What happiness is a question best to be answered on individual opinion rather that generalization. What happiness means to people are quite different as people tend to find and feel happy in different ways, ‘one man’s food is another man’s poison’, this means what an individual sees as happiness or something that gives him or her joy may be different from other.
‘By all means we must find happiness’. Here are the ways to find happiness at no cost.

The Nine Natural Ways To Find Happiness At No Cost While In Pursuit Of Happiness
1. Don’t Worry About People’s Problem: The pursuit of happiness is an individual decision and should be an individual problem; letting peoples problem becoming our problem is one of the ways to prevent ourselves from happiness. I understand that we all have our problem as we also have our differences but making or letting peoples problem becoming our priority is one of the way to deprive ourselves from happiness.

However, it is good to give a helping hand or assist others, but it is better not to let peoples problem be our ultimate priority. We should help when we know we have the means and the capability at our disposal to help, we can help when we notices peoples problem are bigger than ours but not advisable in the other way round.

Do not do what will affect your own happiness and don’t affect others in the pursuit of your our happiness”.

2. Work For Value Not Money: In the pursuit of happiness working for money and not value could put us in serious dilemma as we pursue happiness and as a way to find happiness at no cost.

It is better to work for both money and value, money is important so as creating values for oneself is. Nevertheless, the essence of working is to make money but that shouldn’t be our foundation or basis, working for values is more important in the pursuit of happiness.

By nature human are brutal, egoistic and selfish. People rather make you work for their own interest and not for our interest; they may promise us but at the end fail us because most of them do not what us to attain success or greater height in life.

This could in turn result to sadness which is the opposite of happiness. Working for money is important but working for value is more important; while working for value we gain and gather more experience and at the same time add value to ourselves which we can use in the future in building our own career, but when we work for money alone, sooner or later money leaves and we could be left with nothing.

3. Expect Nothing In Return: While working or helping others out in solving their difficulties or problem, we should never think of expecting anything back in return, only is they wish, willingly or voluntary give us.

No matter how big or small the help might be we should learn not to put set our minds in returns, even when agreements are made. Too much of expectation or expectance could put our happy life in danger, or even deprive us from our own happiness.In the pursuit of happiness, we must learn to make sacrifices and always try to support others by all means but also avoid something that could diminish your own joy.

4. Trust No One: In the pursuit of happiness, trust is one of the things that could entirely bring total sadness into our lives if we are not careful enough; we should always try to avoid trusting people no matter how much they promise us. Negating trust and by trusting yourself alone could and might give us the ultimate happiness we deserve at no cost.

5. Ignoring Negative Words: The very word that heals also kills; One of the mistakes people make in the pursuit of happiness is that they count every word as something important while it should not be so. Counting every word as something meaningful could detain us from a happy life. It is better to ignore them, most especially the negative words people say to us.

6. Be Reserved: in the pursuit of life liberty and happiness, reserved people tend to take the lead as they have little issues in the pursuit of happiness because they are most times slow to react; most of reversed people talk less they have the ability to condole and accommodate pressure.
7. Serious Mind: Never be too serious about things, too serious minded people are prone to failure, life is fun and a place to create an impart in life, people take life as a place to challenge other a place to compete, yet the sad news of it all is that nobody is a winner or loser at the end of life. We are only destined to come make an impact in life.

When there is a clear vision and a great purpose to why we live then, we see clearly that live is neither a place to race nor a place to challenge others but a place to take responsibility, deal with the responsibilities and a place to lay down a foundation for the coming generations.

When life is well examined, it will be so clear to us that everyone of us have a purpose and which those purpose aren’t the same but might look like a form of competition among ourselves but it’s not.

Most people fail in pursuit of happiness as they take everything so serious. However it is good to be serious minded but when it gets too much it could turn to make us constitute a form of nuisance at the same time we hurt ourselves. Live life like no other and see life as a place to make a positive impart but not a place to challenge others. With this the success in the pursuit of happiness is certain.

8. Work With Happy People: Since we live in a corrupt world, it is hard to find like-minded people. Working and walking with happy people in life is one way to find happiness.

In the pursuit of happiness it takes happy people with like minds to be happy, when we work with the wrong set of people, the tendency of getting close to happiness is nothing close to attain success. We should always try to stay away from fake people, stay away from fake friends and people who are not of like minds with us.

9. Live Life Like No Tomorrow: Living a life like there is no tomorrow is another assured way of getting the best from life, this could make our pursuit of happiness come into reality by showing love to others, love your fellow being and do whatever you can do to yourselves you should also do to others, always avoid hurting people and finding happiness in everything you do. The greatest and most natural ways to find happiness at no cost in the pursuit of happiness is to love your neighbor as yourself.

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