8 Signs Of Progress And Achievement That Shows You Are Progressing

Signs Of Progress And Achievement

 What is Progress?

Progress is not mainly about what you have achieved but it is more of what you have achieved plus your drive for more achievements. Progress is the drive, crave, desire, hunger and zeal we put into something which is always consistent and without satisfaction. You may wish to know the sign of progress and the drive for achievement which shows how you are progressing.

“Progress is the movement towards a refined, improved, or otherwise desired state.” According to Wikipedia

Progress And Achievement That Shows You Are Progressing CravingBiz

As the word implies, progress means more, constant or consistent drive for success. So when you succeed at something it does not actually mean that you have progressed, but in some ways it shows you the quality and effort of your hard work.

Don’t mistake achievement for progress, do not misinterpret it, for progress is the drive, crave, desire, hunger and zeal we put into something which is always consistent and without satisfaction.

When we are progressing it shows that we are constantly achieving; a nonstop achievement is called progress. Progress does not mean the actual point of success but the point at which the achievement extends.


What is achievement?

Achievement on the other hand is a potential point in which every man’s effort, struggles and hardwork pays. Being progressive is a drive in the mind that makes you hungry for more progress, you will always want more and request for more challenge.

Progress does not mean fulfillment. Fulfillment means satisfaction; it also means the final destination of a thing with little or no chance of continuity.
Progress is not measured by our very achievements alone but the crave, zeal and the hunger that we have to do more or get better next time.

Here are 5 ways to progress in life:

1.  Self-Examination: Self-examination is one special way to determine if we are actually progressing or not. On several occasions on this site, we have talked about how we can examine our lives, and how self-examination could determine the rate at which we may succeed.

We do not attain success overnight or in a second but knowing who we are and what our purpose in life is gives us the drive to bring out the best in us. So, when we are in pursuit of success we should always understand the power that self-examination holds.

2. Understand Your Purpose And Life pursuit:  Having done some self-examination is not enough to guarantee the level at which we are progressing or at which we would progress. If we really want to progress, we have to take our time to know our purpose in life and what exactly we are pursuing. 

Who are the jacks of all trades?

These are the people who devote themselves to learn almost everything their hands find to do, this ideology is good to make a living but it does not totally guarantee success.

Being a jack of all trades is an act of jumping into different activities, business or work without successfully completing most, if not any of them. This cannot define the level of our progress in which people failed to identify as a sign of failure in the pursuit of success.

When our minds are fixed in one direction with a purpose to achieve a particular goal and aim then there are high tendencies that we could make success out of life but when our minds are scattered and channeled to difference purposes without getting one done before jumping to another, then we are getting closer to failure.

Though, we may get some result from being a jack of all trades but it does not mean we are progressing. It might seem like a progress to us but it may also be the tunnel to failure as our minds are not fixed to one objective at a time.

3. Create More Value: After passing the stage of self-examination and having known or defined our purpose, when these things are clear to us, creating of value is next to be considered as it is as important as success itself. When we create value for ourselves, the more value we create the greater we progress and the greater we progress the closer we get to success.

So add or create more value to yourself. We may want to know what value is or how we intend to create the value to ourselves as a way to progress. Here is a breakdown of what value is and all we need to understand.

4. Keep Developing Your Skills: When values are created it gives us an edge to skills development. When skills are developed in whatever field we find ourselves, we must try as much as possible to progress in developing our skills in that manner; we in turn create more value for ourselves.
Do not say “I know it and I do not need to learn further”. The world is now a digital world where everything changes within seconds, what we know as new things today may be outdated tomorrow and this is the more reason why we need to keep updating and upgrading ourselves to new set skills.

Progress comes with a sign after putting much effort into something. The sign to sight is:

5. Circle And clicks: To sight the sign at which we are progressing, we must know what circle and clicks we belong in. What are circle and clicks and how do they determine our progress?

Circle and clicks are the people we move with, they could be our friends within and outside of our environment. If we notice we have some sets of friends at the inception of our career pursuit and at some point we see that we have positively upgraded to mingle with new sets of people who positively influence our lives then this is a sign of progress and it should be sighted but if otherwise it means our assignment isn’t done properly. 

6. Your Followers: As a person who is progressing another sign we need to sight is the level of our progress. In essence, how many people are actually looking up to us and following our footsteps, in this kind of situation, we may not basically know all of them but we should know at least one or two.

If we eventually get to know them then it gives us a great sign that we are progressing. When you have followers it automatically converts you to a leader and a leader most lead by example. As a form of leadership, here are other attributes about leadership.

7. People You Follow:  There is always something that moves a thing, the sign and attributes that shows we are progressing towards success. We have made mention of people who follow us which is a form and a way of leadership.
Now here comes a point where we also need to follow people. People who follow us and people we follow are both interwoven because they have the same similarities but different actions.

As we serve as a leader to people who look up to us, so must we serve as a follower to the people we follow. The same way people who follow us look up to us, we must also look up to this people as our mentor and guardians. When we have these sets of people in our lives it in turn shows us the pace at which we are progressing.

8. The Lost Sheep: They are people who do not in any way believe in our dreams, vision and purpose in life but envy our steps toward success, these people do not in any way wish to be part of our success stories and they do not want to see us progress positively. These people prefer to walk away from our lives especially when things are tough during the hard times.

But when we are almost or have gained our balance and they see how far we have progressed toward becoming successful, they somehow find their way back. Often times in a cony way, the breaking point is this.

This is the hardest part you should note in signs that shows if truly you are actually progressing. If you can find three to four of them coming back to you then success is near, if they are more than that, then success is certain indeed.

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