7 Destructive And Distractive People To Ignore On Your Road To Success In Year 2020

Distraction A Powerful Tool

Destructive and distractive are two powerful tools people could use against us to hinder us from attaining success in life. These sets of people have some attribute we can use to identify them even though they are hard to find or figure out.

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Have you tried so hard to succeed but yet you noticed your effort does not count no matter how hard you try? It could simply be a result of some set of people who distract you without you being aware.

Naturally, there are some sets of people who do not want our progress in life, they tends to find all means to create for us distraction and destruction at every stage of our journey through life.

Though we can’t really blame them for their actions, while some people do it intentionally some others are oblivious of their attitudes.

Bad people are everywhere and it is hard to figure them out but when we take the pain to figure or fish them out on time, it could give us a better chance of success.

Naturally, every man wants to be successful as we keep craving for success year in year out.  Then again, 2020 could be our year of breakthrough to succeed if we place our mindset on positivity and think that matters to us.

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But desiring to succeed without first eliminating the enemies within us could cause more disaster in our lives without us even being aware of it;   these sets of people are naturally distractive and destructive.

There are conditions for success and understanding them are great ideas of moving forward, though it is hard to differentiate the good from the bad people in the world we live in, as the bad ones tends to pretend just so to get rid of us on the road to success and when they are done with their destructive act, they flee.

The camouflage

These sets of people are everywhere around us, camouflaging themselves under the shadow of good people. Now a days, it is hard to separate the good people from the bad ones.

Although there are some antagonists who do not want us to succeed no matter how hard we push towards success and how good we are to them.
All they want is our downfall by causing so much damage in our lives and future in particular, before finally abandoning us.

We should try as much as possible to walk away from fake people and find a means to identify them. We have once discussed about fake friends and how they mislead here.

In the article, we discussed about how fake friends could cause us total destruction whether consciously or unconsciously.
Nevertheless this are the 7 Destruction and distractive people to Ignore:
1. Procrastinators: One of the most distractive and destructive people to work away from are the procrastinators and one of the reasons why leaders fail is because they are procrastinators.

Procrastination is a very deadly thing that could destroy us and delay us towards attaining success in life; many people do not understand how far it goes and what damage procrastination can cause in our future.

Procrastination is associated with laziness and this could cost us a lot if care isn’t taken. We have once discussed on how procrastination could affect lives. Read more about procrastination here.

2. People Who Lie: Inherently, everyman is prone to lie in a given situation or the other but most people take advantage of this to defend themselves from being disgraced, humiliated or to avoid embarrassment.

People lie mostly to win every argument which is totally impossible but they rather prefer taking the chances of lying than saying what the truth is. These sets of people are fakers, they are pest in disguise as they come into our life to damage our future and then walk away.

3. Stay Away From Fake Friends: We have once discussed in one of our top post on fake friends, how they mislead and why we should walk away from fake people.

2020 is a year when we must have a positive mindset to eliminate people who are not meant to be part of our lives. We need to work twice as hard as we have done in the previous years to make 2020 a success.

4. People Who Can’t Add Value: Fake friends, liars  and people who procrastinate are major people who can not add value to our lives, however there are also people who are naturally not meant to be part of our life.

Such as people who can not help physically or emotionally – when we say physically or emotionally, it means people who can not help us financially or motivate us; instead, they have in and have in abundance but they can’t give out, this set of people are people who are much more interest in using us for the potential we possess to get acquire more to themselves than to us.

5. People Who Take But Don’t Give: This set of people are full of greed and selfish interest, they most times have but will never give even when we are at the point of death. They are almost the same as the people who can not add value to our lives.

6. People Who Do Not Give Nor Take: This set of people are worse than we think because they are just bench wormers in our live, they occupy space and give no passage to people who are ready to help us, they are just like brick and walls or log of woods standing between us and success.

They will never add value to us and they will not take but somehow have a place in our lives where they sit and watch our activities.

We may think this set of people are not harmful but believe me they are more dangerous that the other destructive and distractive set of people we have previous mentioned above.

7. People Who Take But Do Not Yield: There are people who take from us, be it our ideas, strategies, motivations, inspirations and so on but do not yield because they failed to provide positive results or feedback.

These people are nothing but a major setback to our success in life. While craving for success we need to bypass these very sets of people as they naturally draw us down or back to where we should have left a long time ago.

Most people should have been successful but this people they walk with are the same people who hold them back from being a success. Take your time to figure out this people and walk away from them as they stand as a distraction and destruction to the rate of success that you could achieve.

Somehow with this article, you may have in a way or the other figured some of this people out, we are heading into a brand new year. Our minds must be set to things that matters most, and we must be prepared to face the challenges and be more courageous to solving them as they come, with the right approach.  Learning how to stay positive and motivated could be a guide to excel in the New Year.

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