6 Wrong Students Mindset And Mistakes Before Admission

Student Mindsets And Mistakes

Carrying a wrong mindset can lead to severe mistakes before student gaining admission into school could be costly. Mistakes students make before admission are what has left many into a life journey of regrets.

The joy of going to school or gaining admission into university is one common things found in the mind of the youths which most times lead them astray.

After secondary education, the drive to be a graduate of a tertiary college or university is one thing students crave for and see as a priority.

Almost everyone has made mistakes during the schooling process, basically to the fact that their minds are set on things that does not really matter in the future.

This is the reason why we make an attempt to help you understand and build a better mindset on mistakes students make before admission.

Here, in this post we shall discuss the mistakes students make before admission and how to correct the negative mindset they carry before gaining admission into the school of their choices.

It is the joy of a child to successfully graduate from secondary to university and also the parents happiness is to see their children progress in life, but it could also be a disaster in disguise if both parents and children do not look deep to understand what to expect in this path.

The Old Days Are Gone

Parents Fault

Most parents lack an active part in taking their time to know their children’s needs and wants, turning a negative consequence. The truth is, the world is changing, new things are evolving each and every day, so the moment we miss out now, we may miss out all.

This is why we intend to list out the mistakes students make and their mindset before gaining admission into universities or any school of their choices.

  1. The University Is The Highest Place Of Learning: University is not the highest place or point of learning. This was valid in the late 90’s but not now in the 21st century, where knowledge is kinetic, always changing everyday. New things surfaces and life never stops to evolve.

This mindset about schooling is so common in most African countries; many parents who were opportune to study back then in their 90’s still keep and stick to the notion that university is still and will ever remain the highest place of learning.

The truth is, there is no highest place of learning. University is just a place to explore positively, to build our mindset and being able to face the challenges ahead of us.

  1. Coming Out With Higher Credit: What is the essence of going to school if not to come out with the best result. Though this is very important, but shouldn’t be the priority any more as things have drastically changed.

First class or Upper credits is what sets students apart, but it does not in any way stand as the top most criteria for success in this very modern age.

Your Grade Does Not Count At Some Point

Graduating with a good grade makes your parents proud and also gives you confidence, it shows the effort and hard work you have put into studying. But does it really guarantee your place in the outside world?

This is the era where first class or upper grades are becoming less important but the value we create in ourselves and how well we take advantage of education really matters now.

There is a great difference in graduating with a first class, and having a pass with values. Values is what distinguishes you from other students who came out with first class and upper grades.

Companies and industries are not interested in your grade but the value you can offer can go a long way. In this century, graduating with the best grade without values is simply a waste of time and effort.

So, what about the certificate, isn’t that value?

The days at which certificates or our results determine the level at which we would become successful are over, now this is the era when the value we possess speaks more loudly than the result or certificates we acquire.

Many student fail in life because they thought school is a place that teaches us how to make money. Yet, fact remains, school will never teach you how to make money, they will only teach you the basis of your discipline. Therefore, it is now left to you to teach yourself how to make a life from what you are being thought.

How do you Add Value

Since school will not teach you the practical part of life but the theoretical, it is now important and automatically becomes your own priority to teach yourself what you want and the value you want to add to yourself.

While you create value, consider values that could impart others positively, don’t just feel because you love something every other people would love it.

Companies in this era are not really interested in your certificate but more interested in what value you can create for the company; meaning ‘what can you offer us?’  Rather than ‘what can your qualification offer the company.’

These are few related topics that pinpoints what value is and why you should build your career on values

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  1. Fun And Freedom:  Another mistakes students make before admission is that they see university as a place to gain freedom and to have fun. Yes, it is true that gaining admission into university gives you freedom, make you have fun and set you free from unnecessary pressures from home, but do not forget that all these things are just in a matter of years, before you know it you are back home.

If you don’t want to end up back home to start from square one or start a life all over again, then you have to be wise with your decisions. One thing you should always have in mind is that fun and freedom is eternal, it all depends on your mindset, when you think you are a slave to people then you are, but when you have the mindset that you are not, then you are not.

The school is not the best place to have fun but a place to develop ourselves, learn new ideas and set ourselves apart. Since you can have fun gain freedom anytime, why not set yourself apart by learning, building yourself and keep adding values while others are busy catching fun.

Setting Your Priorities Right

Set your priorities right and gather more experience and expose yourself more to things that would add value to your life. Everything is just a matter of time and before you know it, years in school will be over and you will be left with what you know.

The best place to build yourself and understand more about life during school years. Thinking of becoming successful in life can be achieve while in school.

Education gives the opportunity to explore, learn new, positive things about life, a place to meet people who can add values to your life; If you do your assignment right.

  1. Make Money And Start A Good Life: Instead of focusing on fun and pleasures only, why not devote your time to finding the right clicks and set out to make a life for yourself. Meet the right people who are positive minded.

Please Note: This does not mean that you should involve yourself in violent activities, such as stealing, fraud, scam, prostitution and other unspeakable and shameful acts but gradually build yourself rather than being desperate to make money. This is the key to a successful life.

  1. Self Training: Train yourself to be who you want to be, the school is the best place to get it started and done. Devote yourself to the things that matter and see into the future.

Have a plan and set yourself a time frame to succeed, this in turns separate you from others. Schooling is accompanied with struggles not a time for pleasure, and patience is the key to make all this work, all your efforts may not count now but soon or later it does and will.

  1. Get Prepared For The Worse: It is high time you set your mind positively and concentrate on your future as you prepare your mind for the worse.

Success does not come cheap, you must sow before you reap, that is why we take our time to bring out and show you mistake student make before gaining admission into universities or higher institutions.

Mistakes students make before admission

  1. University is the highest place of learning 2. Coming out with higher credit 3. Fun and freedom 4. Make money and start a good life 5. Self training 6. Not prepared for the worse.

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