4 Easy Ways To Aim At Success: A Moral Of Success Story

Success Morals

Aiming at success is to have a target, a direction and a purpose. But how do we aim at success and what does it require?  This I will explain in this short write up.

Aim At Success Moral Of Success Story

A Short Story About The Pot Of Success

I was on vacation and I went on a trip to my home town, I was hungry so I saw a place where I could buy a meal. I realised that they were selling beans, but the place was not well kept and hygienic as they cook with a very black burnt pot with the aid of firewood.

Like we all know that beans takes a long while to get done, I was so very hungry and I thought if I could wait to eat the meal or not.  I was discouraged but something came to my mind at that very spot, I heard the voice that says wait buy the food and see for yourself.

I waited for the food to get done, I noticed when the pot was opened I saw that the inside was completely neat that I was immediately convinced and kept on imagining how the inside was so clean while the outside looks so dirty and burnt.

Well, I ate the food as soon as it was done, and you will have to agree with me that it tastes richer than I expected and at that moment I learnt some few lessons which I will love to share with you today.

 The Moral Of Success Story

1. Never Judge Anything By Its Appearance: This was the first lesson I learnt, never judge a book by its cover. Appearance and reality are two misleading things that could make us fail easily if we do not have a better understanding of how they both work.

The easiest way to fail in life is when you judge a thing by its appearance alone. What this means is that, it doesn’t matter how you started; what the background you came from is, how poor you may be, but how desperate and determined you are to get things done while aiming for success is what matters most.

Forget about your disabilities and individual differences, whether you start small or start dirty, all these does not matter, never look at how you start but where you are heading to should be your aim and focus, be positively desperate to achieve your aim without plotting evil against anyone. Let your focus be on what you are aiming at, this can also be pointed to the inside of the pot, in the illustration above.

2. Patience: Though I was so hungry and I was discouraged. But patience made me ate and realize how rich the beans was. This simply implies that patience is the key whenever we aim at success.

Patience is the key, no matter how long the beans stays on fire, sooner or later it would get done. If I had left without having such patience in me I may not have known these things I am saying to you right now.

It also implies that no matter how hard we work to achieve something in life, it may not come soon, we may not see the signs of progress but with time, gradually our effort will start getting significant and before we know it we will attain success which we are aiming at.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. The commitments you chose to dedicate your time to today, shape the person that you will be tomorrow. – britishschool

Success doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes a lot of time, sacrifice and patience. Only if we wait with patient, then we will reap the fruit of our labour”.

3. Pressure: Another thing I realized was that, the more fuel we put into something the greater and sooner we get results. Just like the pot of beans, the fire burning underneath it didn’t quench nor went off; the seller keeps putting pressure and fueling it because of two things.

1.    The buyer who is hungry.
2.    The seller who wants to make money.

However, both are aiming at something which is success, if it works for the seller it works for me, if the seller succeed so do I.

4. Hope: When we work tirelessly but didn’t get the result it is by nature that our hope may start to fade and may be lost during the course of that, but that shouldn’t be the case, because no matter how long beans stays on fire somehow it must definitely get done.

As I have said earlier our efforts may not count now, but when we have something good we are aiming at and we are sure off, it is better we do not lose hope of success so as not to lose sight of the success which we are aiming at.

When we read this short article, we may have some additional things that we have reflected on, which I may not have mentioned. I employ and urge us all to apply those things by incorporating them into our journey in life while we keep aiming at success. Never forget hardwork, patience, perseverance and consistency is the major keys to hold while aiming at success, and above all Never Give Up.

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