What Are The Impressions And Clicks In Dating And Why It Matters In Relationships

Impression And Clicks In Dating Resulting In Relationships

Most people admire others, but they failed to approach them and resulting such approach to a click even after creating so much impressions on them. Impression and click fails most especially when there is a long distance in the relationship.

A Click is a final stage after impressions and approach has being made. It generally means an acceptance at the inception of a relationship.
So, how many of our impressions results to an approach or clicks?
Dating is sometime meaningful when two people get along well but before dating occurs, impressions and clicks matters a lot.
If impressions and clicks don’t come first then, there could be no chance of having anyone we admire.

Have you ever wondered why people fall in love with someone but could not approach them?
This happens between two different people, sometimes the lady will fall in love with a guy and vice versa but they could not approach them as a result of impression not turning into click.

Here, I will define what impressions and clicks are, so that we can relate it to how it matters and how important it is in a dating and why it matters in a relationship.

 What is impression?

Impressions are ways in which we admire people or things but failed to approach them.

 What are impressions in dating?

Impressions in dating are sensitive and emotional feeling and thoughts of attractiveness and gaining of a person’s attention in the quest of dating and hoping of being in a relationship with them.
It is good to create an impression on a person with the hope of it resulting to an approach; on the other hand for both people to get along smoothly, (that is, the person who crushes and the person who is crushed on both create an impression before an approach).

There is something also called first impression in dating. Among other things, first impression comprises of peoples appearance, character, attitude, race, language, accent, posture and voice.

“In 2011 and 2012, I went on 101 dates with 52 different men. It was part of a social experiment that I designed while in school at UC Berkeley. One of the greatest takeaways from my experiment is that first impression matters a lot”. – According to businessinsider


Creating Impressions

We can easily create impressions without an interaction, approach or clicks but we can not approach without impressions in and outside of relationships.
It is not every impression that results to a click but all clicks must have at least an impression no matter how little it is.

In psychology, a first impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person. Impression accuracy varies depending on the observer and the target (person, object, scene, etc.) being observed. – Wikipedia

 Instances of Creating Impression

We might have been a victim of having a crush on someone, with the mindset of dating the person and making it result in a relationship but eventually it didn’t work.

In a scenario where by a guy meets a lady for the first time and starts crushing on her, as he wishes the lady could be his lover; This is most times interpreted that he has a crush on her.

But then people mistake crushing for someone with impression.


Difference Between Impression And Crush

Impression comes before crushing on someone, when we see a person; we get impressed by somethings, perhaps the person’s smartness, beauty, posture, bravery, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, strength or other attributes. These are what gives us an impression of what a person is made up of or how compatible we are with them.

After the impression has been created, then we start to crush on them.
Guess you might want to know what crushing is?
Crushing in dating is an act of passing through the stage of creating impressions before an approach that would result to a click.
However, one thing is to creating an impression on someone and another thing is to approach that person we have an impression on.

The approach however results to a click.

What is a click and how does it work in dating?

A click is more or less an approach after an impression has been created, an impression always come before a click.

Why does an impression not result into a click or approach?

There are some things we wish to have but we can not have them, why?

1. Because They May Not Be Meant For UsOn this part, many people are naturally not meant for us, but by chance we get to meet these sets of people and somehow they leave without leaving an impression on us or saying goodbye.

We should not feel bad about this; we have to let them go because they only came to play a role, perhaps just to showcase themselves.
2. Because We Do Not Give It A TryEverybody can create an impression about someone they love, you can see a person and fall in love at first sight based on the impressions you have, but failing to approach the person is the wrong thing to do, because the feelings might be mutual after all.

Approaching a person and telling them how you feel is not a crime, it is a way of appreciating them. But note, when you are approaching someone try as much as possible to approach them in the right manner so that it would not lead to an embarrassment at the end.

3. Because We Are Scared Of The OutcomeBeing scared of the outcome after creating so much impression is just a waste of time, many people will take their time to admire others but at the end they find it hard to approach them because they are scared of what the outcome would be.

Nevertheless, we should never give up on ourselves; most people are scared because of the status of the other person, so they fail to approach them.

When craving for success especially in a relationship, being scared is one thing we should try to avoid or eliminate totally from our mindset.

4. Because We Are Shy To Approach ThemShyness is a major factor that affects people and it hinders them from not being able to meet or connect with the right partner.  We have once written about how shyness affects people’s life.

While we are shy to meet people, it gives us no chance of success as long as relationship is concerned but when we take self-disgrace and self-humiliation out of our minds, there could be higher chance of success in our relationships attempt.

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