Update And Upgrade: The Modern Way Forward To A Successful Life

The Way Forward

Gone are the days when people do not need to know much about everything, infact; as at then if you don’t know anything you can live a comfortable life by eventually becoming a successful person.

As at then, information has not gone this viral yet people can still become who they want to be with hardwork and some application of common sense and wisdom.

On the contrary, nowadays, everything has changed due to time. Now, people need to update and upgrade themselves if they truly want to succeed, if you don’t upgrade yourself, then you are on your own.
Notwithstanding, we should know what updating and upgrading is all about.

What Do We Mean By Updating And Upgrading?

Updating and upgrading is a systematical way of developing, blending or improving ourselves into recent actions or information.

It is just like using a smart phone, although many people do not really know the importance of this gadget but thankfully enough we have once discussed about it here.

We do not need to digress too far from our discussion. That being said, on one hand.

Upgrading is the process of replacing a product with a newer version of the same product – Wikipedia

Updating is a way of improving and fitting oneself into something new such as information for instance.
Upgrading on the other hand is a way by which we accept, accommodate and adapt to new and recent way of life or life style into our present way of life.
This is always a civilized life though, by doing this, we somehow eliminate our old or primitive ways to a civilized one.
I Hope this is clear enough? If so let us move on

 The Advantage Of Constantly Updating And Upgrading

Constantly updating and upgrading ourselves gives us a better chance to stand out among others. To be successful these days do not only take hardwork anymore.

Because life evolves around Information as its source of knowledge, though hardwork and consistency is key, but that does not guarantee or determine how successful a person can become.

We were once told that knowledge is power, but knowledge without information in this very generation of science and technology is absolutely useless.

So, if you want to know then you have got to keep learning. How do you keep learning? By educating.

In this modern age, you don’t have to go to school before you can be educated.

Here is how….
The Internet have made everything easier that you can stand out among learned people. All you have to do is to take advantage of the internet. 

With proper exposure to the internet through the means of science and technology to sourcing for information, people who goes to college may not stand chance or be able to compete with  you who didn’t go.

Don’t get me wrong here.

It is not that education is not important, infact sourcing for information through the internet and schooling are both ways of acquiring knowledge, in this regard, this is the main and primary purpose of education – knowledge acquisition. 

“What you seek for you know, what you do not seek you do not know; nevertheless, what you know does sticks but what you do not know do not come”.

This is how information works. People who keep seeking for information automatically end up updating and upgrading themselves to what is invoke.

But people who don’t, get stocked in the middle, right in their own thought. They never advance but stay primitive and might not be able to stand out among their friend or people around them. In fact their success rate is limited or zero.

People like this will always keep struggling with life, they will work hard but at the end, they may have nothing to show for it.

“It will get to a point in time when this people will seek, yet they will not see, they will ask yet nothing will be given to them”.

There will be no one to help them because while others were busy sourcing for information by updating and upgrading themselves to new things, they were busy working hard to make a life where there is none.

“You see, live is full of stages, all that matters to be successful is how you understand and progress through this stages”

At the end most people would have left the stage they currently are, before we realise; then, it might be too late to catch up as we remain stuck in our own thought.

People who update and upgrade themselves follow the trend of life, when life moves they move with it, people who do not, eventually get lost. They might not get lost in their thoughts alone but in the world itself.

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