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Parent Love For Their Children

Are you one of the loving parents out there reading this post or aspiring to be one? We appreciate you. This is an experience you need to know and also pass to others. Kindly share after reading. Parental Love And Experience

 Parental Experience

One thing we should appreciate our parents for is that after taking so many responsibilities; as they walk through hell to make things right for us and despite all the challenges and tribulations they may have encountered they still come to us with smiley faces like nothing ever happened. – This is what is called parental love.

Through the sunny and raining days, rough, tough and difficult journey in life, parents are the soul conductors of our lives as they guide us through the path they believe is best for us.

In every way we have to give credits to our parents, most especially and importantly the ones who never cease to perform their responsibilities.

 Parental Experiences

Somehow we should have heard about how some of our parents go through hell just to cater for our needs.
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In a bid to lead their children through the right part, it is painful that some parents end up losing their lives in the process.
Some parents walk through hell just to make things right for their children, most especially the good ones.

 Parental Responsibilities

When we mean the good parents, we literally mean the ones who do the parenting job right. There are some people who call themselves parents but in the practical aspects they are not. As they chose not to bother or care about our wellbeing and not even bother to know how we have been surviving they neglect us by staying away from their responsibilities.
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Responsibility is what makes a parent special from another parent. These are the types of parent that take total responsibilities of their children without complaint.
There are some who could not take total but average responsibilities for their children, this does not mean that they are irresponsible but they can’t perform their full responsibilities because they are the less privilege ones. We have ones discussed on how good and evil leads the world.

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The try and manage to take care of their children the best way they can, but due to the fact that children do not really understand the pain and pressure their parent go through, they eventually put blames on their parent and tell them they are not caring enough.
But good for does children who do not appreciate their parent’s efforts, because your parent can not offer or provide you everything you need does not mean they are not caring. It is only because we as children do not understand the hell they walk through to provide the little they could.
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The third sets of parent are the ones who never want to take responsibilities, some of these ones have the resources but yet they do not know how to train up a child.
They don’t understand what parental care is all about and they don’t wish to understand, they even make life difficult for their children not to freely express themselves as they do not give their children the right to speak for themselves.
“If you don’t know a thing; ask. If you don’t understand seek. This is the reason why parents are called parents”.
One thing we should take note of is that, our parent’s personal struggle before they gave birth to us and after is someworth of priceless experience. We cannot get anywhere.

 Parental Struggles

Parent’s struggles are always unique and that is why their stories are not the same when you ask different parents about what they have passed through in life just to take care of us.
It is best to take this mentality off our mind; no parent is evil, always have this in mind.

However, among the good ones there are others who are not just willing to take responsibilities as parents.
This may not be their fault though; the society must have shaped them into who are what they are.
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One thing we should note is that, every one of us was once a child before we grew to become an adult and started to have our own families respectively.
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The truth is that every good parent wants the best for us, though we may not see or understand their efforts now but as we grow with time we would understand their efforts on us as we keep gaining experiences and exposure in life.

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