Inception: Hard Beginning And What Determines Breakthrough While Craving For Success

How Hard Things Could Be From The Inception

Everything good does not come so easy; so as breakthrough at the very beginning in time of inception will not come without a fight or a challenge.

Inception is a starting point a fragile and delicate stage in life where we have to be very careful of in our quest not to fail.

In every starting point, it is normal that at most times of inception, people somehow tend to ignore us even our families included.
At the initial stages of our lives, things may not work out as we have envisaged; it may be difficult and even more challenging than we have thought, even our friends and family would reject us at this very time.


 The Turn Around

The Starting point of a thing is called inception. This period is a time when we keep pushing but may not find the expected results, instead of getting the results we so desire, we end up in moment of embarrassment and failure.
Most people put their effort mostly into their careers and in the pursuit of things that matters to them but at the long run they realise that the struggle, hustle and hardwork they have put into those things seem not to work.
In this circumstance, we begin to ask ourselves where we have gotten it all wrong. Did I not make the right plan or the best strategy to make my visions and dreams come to reality?

At some point, we begin to ask ourselves if we are different from the others who are excelling in life or if we have not done enough to make a positive turn around.

 The Challenging Part of Life

Well, I will say, the time of inception is the most challenging part of life for people who crave for success, because the process of craving for success, at this point everything we do seems new and fragile, if not careful in a matter of seconds, we may unconsciously destroy all that we have laboured and worked so hard to get.

But still everything good does not come easy, since good and evil leads the world to create a balance to humanity and the human race at large, every man most be prepared personally tackle their challenges.

The very beginning of a thing could be very challenging and frustrating which could lead to self-disgrace and self-humiliation.
At this time, we are bound to lose and people will surely call us a loser but we should remember; “once a loser is not always a loser”.

People will humiliate you but don’t humiliate yourself, try all possible means to break the poverty mindset, don’t be shy or timid to defend yourself. Shyness will never make you grow especially in the time of inception.

People will challenge you directly and indirectly, they will argue with you but try as much as possible to always stand your ground and to win every argument that comes your way but have it at the back of your mind that you can’t win all.
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Learn how to stay positive and motivated at all times; Positivity is one of the top major factors to succeed. However, we also need to careful understand the criteria for success.

 Prepare For The Protest

The initial point of a thing, especially the new things may seem very horrible, challenging and frustrating.
Why is this so?
Because every good thing leading to success may never come without contention.

To succeed in life is not something we plan overnight; there must be a good strategy and plans attached to it.
The thing is that life does not give easily, before you can take from life you must be prepared for a protest.

But remember we may not be able to defeat life itself when it comes to achieving our dreams but we can always fight back as many times as we can.

The truth is we can not defect life or nature but we can frustrate and convince life to surrender to us.
If like frustrate you in your quest to succeed, take your turn and frustrate life with a convincing approach by trying over again
But how possible is this.
From the time being, everything designed in the world is all naturally meant for us humans, but there is a system with which things works.

Taking away religious belief thought system; every man is entitled to whatever he wants but naturally we are not free to get some of these goodies of life even when they are free.
Sometimes we have what we do not need and sometimes we need what we do not have”.
Why is this so?

The simple answer is to create balance to the world, to know the essence of life, to know the worth of life, to understand the value of human existence, to appreciate what life is made of even when we do not know the in-depth of most things.
That is why everything comes in opposites because if everything is good, life will later become boring and meaningless but if there is a twist In life where things are in opposites such as good and evil, there will always be a reason for our existence and then we would appreciate life for what it is.

All we need to do is to keep fighting for what we need in life.
And remember; “When life knocks you to your knees, get up, start all over again and never give up” – what is yours will be yours, if you are tenacious in getting it.
We once wrote on a topic; if you are so smart why aren’t you so rich? Turns out it just chance or luck.

Life gives consistently and only the determined people get what they want, apart from people who succeed through luck, but the effort we put in, the hardwork, endurance and patience we put in at the time of inception matters most.
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