How To Turn Your Vendors Into Customer: Monday Morning Vibes

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Turning your vendor into a client is a trick of making more profit and creating a strong foundation for your brand in the business world; a way to start the Monday morning vibes. Business Quote

Have you thought of this?

What is the essence of others making profit while we are not? How long are we to stay in the shackle and shadows of others in the business world? How well are we craving to make our biz a success?

 Who is a vendor?

“A vendor is a person or a company that supplies goods to the people. To make it simpler, we may take the example of vendors from our daily lives. For example, the ice-cream seller in the street is a vendor, a shopkeeper is a vendor that sells many products, or if we go onto a larger scale AmazoneBayOLX etc. are the vendors that provide goods to the customers”. – Quora

Vendor is a person who sells things to us, we are the buyer who consumes their products, but do you know you can really turn your vendor to your potential customer. 

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Imagine a world where we buy and sell within our circle of business. We buy from people; they also buy from us in return.

LinkedIn gave the difference between a vendor and a supplier here

That sounds cool right?
But how possible is this?

This is quite possible and this is what we are about to get enlightened on.

 The Possibilities

Have we ever patronized someone and the same person asks us of our occupation or sells and then patronizes our business?

Hum! I doubt many who are into business have somehow experienced this.
Business is a way and means of buying and selling of goods and services, a means of exchanging values between people.

To venture into business is to have the mindset of making profit; as profit is the ultimate reason why people are into business; however our intentions may be quite different as to what level of profit or value we want to make for ourselves.
Nevertheless, the level of making profit in business is one thing that makes business a success or failure.

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 The New Era In Business

The era of our vendors making profit while we are not making is over, we should change our mindset and notion about business and how we can make others benefit from us.

What if they do not need what we sell? The answer is simple and straightforward, if they don’t need what we sell a friend of theirs might.
“Turn Vendor To Client” is a method by which everyone makes profit on every sale. A way people buy from us and we in return patronizes them.

However, this is not something that comes just simple and easy but having a positive mindset and mandating a seller or vendor to know what we do as a business person is also important.

We are in a world where everybody finds a means of surviving, while in the process they care less about other people’s progress, our wellbeing or how we tend to survive, all they care about is how to take advantage of us and how they could make more profit for themselves.

 Human Ego

It is by nature that humans are egoistic, an act of selfish interest, “me, myself and I”. In this act they turn the world into a system in which the poor get poorer and the rich become richer resulting in poverty mentality.

Though, we can say that the world is a place filled with imperfection, where good and evil leads the world, sometimes we taste the good side of life and another time we taste the opposite.

Still, the problem of the world remains unchanged as many people hold on to what they know; they remain primitive to their own strategies and ideas, believing in their intuition to solve their problem for them, this increases the rate of poverty.

We have long gone to say goodbye to this way of life as new things keep evolving everyday through science and technology; we can easily reach information from within the comfort of our home via the internet.

Every piece of information is there for us online, pay little to get them; we can easily reach them through the means of our smart phones and other gadgets.

Are you finding a means to make a living?

 Starting A Business

Start a business today, a business you are proud and happy with, it may not cost much, people may insult or abuse you for what you do but if you think you can make it through such business then, I earnestly advise you to keep it up, start something today.

If you start small people may not patronize your biz but with time, you grow and get more experienced and exposed to new things.

Remember, it is what you know you will know. If you don’t take a step to try something new; leave your comfort zone, and try everything.
Nobody will help you if you do not help yourself – most great people you see today started with nothing.

How To Turn Your Vendor Into Potential Customer

This is how you will make money from your business
No matter how small, the size or quality of your business all that matters is “making profit”.

How do you make profit?

You have people who you buy things from right? When we buy our vendor they call us their customers; in return we have somehow gained trust from them”.
These sellers are your first audience and you can always convert them to your customers or client.

You know when vendors trust and believe in us, as we buy things from them, they sometimes tell us to pay when next we have the money as a sign of trust.
Now that we have gained their trust, what is next?

Covert your potential vendors to customers by building confidence and approach:
The next step is to approach them with confidence. It is quite simple, once you have built the confidence in your seller, approach them and tell them what you do for a living or sell and tell them why you choose to buy from them rather than buying from others and why they should buy from you.

 Give Them A Condition

Never tell them directly by giving conditions to buy your product but give them a condition they will never refuse, if you do that they may get pissed off and go away, you have to find a means of convincing them by giving them a good, sound and valid reason why they should buy from you.

You can use this format.

After buying from them you can approach them warmly by saying:

I love your products and I wish I could get more from you as time goes on.  Actually, I have something for you and I think you may like it, it is a very good product (state the name of your product). I will be very pleased if you can give it a try or introduce it to a friend.
Thank You.
Sound simple and straightforward, by telling all your vendors what you sell you will automatically gain new customers, and not only that; your intimacy and closeness gives a strong relationship as they become your customer and you also theirs.

With this you will see that there will be great changes in your business growth, as you make more profit and gain more ground.

I hope this is helpful, every comment and suggestion are all welcome.

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